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Veterans Cemeteries

The challenge is to visit NATIONAL and STATE Veterans Cemeteries across the nation during daytime hours, without artificial illumination.

TWO photos will be required for each visit, one near the entrance and the other WITHIN the cemetery by going beyond the main gate, either by riding respectfully on designated roadways, or by walking in.

Each photo submitted by a rider should clearly show the rider flag and motorcycle* as follows:

Photo A) - The GATES or Main Entrance of the qualifying cemetery and signage
Photo B) - Taken from within the cemetery, one of the following: a flag grouping, a monument, or a grouping of headstones.

Vet Cemeteries Rules Photo One

*If your motorcycle can't safely fit in both photos due to local restrictions, access, and/or related to safety concerns, the motorcycle must be clearly visible in one of the two photos being submitted.

Parking on sidewalks or lawns without express permission of caretakers and/or local law enforcement is not approved by the Tour of Honor .

There are two types of cemeteries for the purpose of this ride: National Cemeteries and State Veterans Cemeteries, both considered hallowed ground that provide final resting places for our military veterans.

The Department of Veterans Affairs' National Cemetery Administration maintains 155 National Cemeteries in 42 states. In addition to the National Cemeteries, many states have established State Veterans Cemeteries. Eligibility is similar to Department of VA National Cemeteries, but may include residency requirements. Even though they may have been established or improved with Government funds through the VA's Veterans Cemetery Grants Program, State Veterans Cemeteries are run solely by the states.

Veterans sections in private cemeteries and new finds are not eligible for this ride. New finds may be held for possible inclusion in the future.

There will be three basic levels of finishers:
Bronze Level Finisher - 10 or more different Cemeteries verified
Silver Level Finisher - 20 or more different Cemeteries verified
Gold Level Finisher - 30 or more different Cemeteries verified

Highly motivated riders can reach an even higher level:
Slow Hand Salute Level - 50 or more different Cemeteries verified

Veterans Cemeteries map

Click on the map above for an interactive map of known National and State Cemeteries. Click here for a GPX file (rev. 3/9/23), and an up-to-date listing by state here. Map, GPX file and list provided by Eric Marshall, Tour of Honor scorer.

NOTE: This ride category has “Restrictions”. Only Daytime photos will be scored regardless of access. Most cemetery location hours are Sunrise to Sunset, seven days a week, but there are exceptions. It is important that you review each location as a number of them have specific hours and certain days of the week where they are open for visits.

Be advised several state locations close the entrance gates while graveside services are in progress and you may have to wait until they are concluded to enter. It is up to riders to pre-scout locations to determine access.

Photos of closed gates or barricades in lieu of Photo B as defined above will not be scored.

If you'd like your photos considered for use in the database as the sample photo for a specific cemetery, submit them in Landscape (horizontal) format in at least medium resolution. Be sure to include several photos taken from various angles. You can email those separately as attachments to [email protected]

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