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The Iron Butt Association is a 70,000+ member group of hard-core – yet safety-minded – riders who have ridden long miles. To become a member, riders submit documentation showing they rode a minimum of 1000 miles in a 24-hour period.

Tour of Honor is a proud supporter of the IBA and the Tour lends itself well to achieving the goal of riding 1,000 miles in a day (aka SaddleSore 1000 or SS1K). Whether it's your first attempt or your 10th, this is a way to extend "riding with a purpose" to....well...."riding with two purposes."

There are two rides recognized by the Tour of Honor, the TOUR OF HONOR SADDLESORE and the TOUR OF HONOR SADDLESORE-EXTREME. These rides are not for novices, and must conform to the IBA rules mentioned below.

The TOUR OF HONOR SADDLESORE is a 1000-mile ride in 24 hours, visiting at least four (4) ToH memorial sites during the ride.

The TOUR OF HONOR SADDLESORE-EXTREME is a 1000-mile ride in 24 hours, visiting all seven (7) of one state's selected memorial sites, OR any seven (7) sites in a region. The starting and ending points can be outside the state/region.

NOTE: Credit for more strenuous rides like Bun Burner Golds (1500 miles in 24 hours) will not be allowed because of safety factors and detracting from the TOH experience.

Your TOH-IBA ride will be recognized on the IBA website, and you'll receive a special certificate reflecting both accomplishments. You must include proof of visiting at least seven TOH sites, in addition to your verification by the IBA, to qualify for this special IBA ride.

NOTE: Have the Tour of Honor portion verified BEFORE submitting to the Iron Butt Association. When submitting IBA documentation, provide the verification email from TOH scorers. And ALWAYS let the scorers know ahead of time that you're submitting for IBA purposes, otherwise they'll need to verify your visits a second time. And nobody wants that.

If it's your first attempt at an IBA ride, a certain amount of preparation is encouraged. We suggest that you first read the 25 Tips for Long Distance Motorcycling, then read the requirements for submission to the IBA. The start and finish times, odometer readings, fuel receipts, all have to be witnessed at the beginning and end of your ride. They are then verified under strict IBA standards, because if it was easy, everyone would be doing it.

Combine the Iron Butt ride with snapping photos at TOH sites and it may seem a bit daunting by the end of the day, but like other extreme events in your life, you'll always remember your first SaddleSore 1000.

Good luck and RIDE SAFE!

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