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9-11 Memorial List

This is a list of all 9-11 Memorials currently in the Tour of Honor database. There is currently a total of 1301.

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ID Name Description Address City State GPS Restrictions
ID Name Description Address City State GPS Restrictions
911-0001 9/11 Memorial Plaza Memorial Sculpture representing Twin Towers Jackson and North Main Streets Hattiesburg MS 31.328637,-89.293232 None
911-0002 FSHP 9/11 Memorial In front of Florida State Highway Patrol Office 150 W. Stumpfield Road Pensacola FL 30.481572,-87.251663 None
911-0003 Apex 9/11 Memorial Across street from Apex Fire Department Station 1 Apex NC 35.731842,-78.850944 None
911-0004 First Responders Remembrance Memorial Outside Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center 1101 Lincoln Street Columbia SC 33.998274,-81.038146 None
911-0005 Remembering the Assaults on Our Country 9/11 Memorial to 9/11 and also to those from the county who have served their country 100 E. Commerce Street Wetumpka AL 32.536983,-86.204767 None
911-0006 Washington Irving Park 9/11 Memorial Access: 7:30am-11:30pm - Sitting on a pedestal, a piece of twisted metal is covered with rust is the final resting place for a part of the World Trade Center Twin Towers. 13835 S Memorial Dr. Bixby OK 35.963044,-95.887009 Park
911-0007 Conway FD 9/11 Memorial Dedicated on the 15th anniversary of 9/11 attacks, this memorial serves as a reminder to never forget those souls that were lost on that day. 1401 Caldwell St. Conway AR 35.089953,-92.443254 None
911-0008 Patriot Memorial Memorial with artifact 12190 Forest Hill Blvd Wellington FL 26.654960,-80.23702 None
911-0009 9/11 Fire Fighter Memorial 12inch X 8inch Piece of Steel from the World Trade Center - Inside the Fire House? 6990 E. Fulton Ada Township MI 42.958798,-85.495898 Office
911-0010 Never Forget Monument Fragment of steel from the Twin Towers, displayed inside Central Fire Station's main entrance. 1155 Exeter Rd. Bloomfield Township MI 42.578056,-83.28419 Office
911-0011 Fire Fighters World Trade Center 9/11 Memorial Steel column from the World Trade Center 19' 6" long and weighs 14,992 - next to Brown City Area Fire and Rescue 4090 Main St. Brown City MI 43.212812,-82.983797 None
911-0012 9/11 Memorial Steel from the World Trade Center, located on the Mott Community College campus 1401 East Court St. Flint MI 43.019542,-83.672471 None
911-0013 9/11 Memorial Piece of steel from the North Tower of the World Trade. Located in Veterans Memorial Park. 195 W. Vienna St. Clio MI 43.177172,-83.736449 None
911-0014 9/11 Memorial Delhi Township Large Rock Memorial with a piece of steel on the rock from the World Trade Center as well as Shanks Ville,PA Corner of Holt Rd and Aurelius Rd Delhi MI 42.640503,-84.523159 None
911-0015 9/11 Memorial The memorial features a 14-foot: 6,800-pound steel beam from the World Trade Center displayed on a concrete base in Pease Park, Southeast corner of EMU's campus Corner of Perrin and Cross St. Ypsilanti MI 42.246145,-83.620957 None
911-0016 9/11 Memorial Monument that incorporates a beam from the World Trade Center 23600 Liberty Farmington MI 42.465373,-83.378124 None
911-0017 World Trade Center Steel Beam Steel from the World Trade Center 210 W. Genesee Frankenmuth MI 43.335999,-83.74017 None
911-0019 9/11 Fire Fighter Memorial Artifact on stone column in infintity pool with granite tablets engraved with names of all the firefighters killed in the Twin Towers on 9/11/2001 6401 West Lake St. Glen Arbor MI 44.895857,-85.985649 None
911-0020 9/11 Memorial I-beam From World Trade Center North Tower by Amvets Post 57 19730 Harper Ave. Harper Woods MI 42.433250,-82.921964 None
911-0021 9/11 Memorial 80 Ib steel one beam part of World Trade Center on 9/11/2001. On Display inside Station 1. 6345 23 Mile Road Shelby Township MI 42.669763,-83.049043 Office
911-0022 NFHS 9/11 Memorial Outdoor Classroom Metal sculpture incorporating a girder from the Twin Towers. Located at North Farmingtion High School, so access is easier when school is out. 32900 West 13 Mile Rd Farmington Hills MI 42.515135,-83.376447 None
911-0023 9/11 Memorial - in Park by Oak Forest FD Memorial with artifact in park setting next to the Oak Forest Fire Department, Station 1 5620 James Dr Oak Forest IL 41.610805,-87.756958 None
911-0024 Remembrance Memorial The memorial was designed with an elevated square concrete base, upon which a 10-foot tall, 980 lb. I-beam from the World Trade Center wreckage was placed. Located in Remembrance Plaza, at Corner of Michigan Avenue and Grand Avenue 100 N. Grand Ave Lansing MI 42.734013,-84.550287 None
911-0025 9/11 Memorial Located at Two Rivers Park, near Portland Riverwalk Portland Riverwalk Portland MI 42.871388,-84.901773 None
911-0026 9/11 Memorial Large piece of steel from the World Trade Center suspended from four beams. 615 W. Grand River Brighton MI 42.534167,-83.783218 None
911-0027 RISE - 9/11 Memorial Sculpture The sculpture depicts first responders who are holding up a piece of the steel beam from the World Trade Center -On permanent display in the lobby of the Alamance County Offices building, open 8AM - 5PM, Monday-Friday 124 W Elm Street Graham NC 36.069175,-79.401797 Office
911-0028 9/11 Memorial Located at the Highland Falls Memorial Park Veterans Way and Main Street Highland Falls NY 41.368741,-73.965912 None
911-0029 Michael Carlo Memorial Bench Bench in honor of firefighter Michael Carlo, who was lost at Ground Zero on September 11, 2001 Boardwalk, 1 Grand Blvd. Long Beach NY 40.583877,-73.685281 None
911-0030 9/11 Memorial Located at Williams Park, and available dawn to dusk. This is a quiet small town and the memorial is located on a residential street. Be respectful when visiting and be aware of children playing in the street. 113 E Stone Street Gibsonburg OH 41.386721,-83.318975 Park
911-0031 9/11 Memorial Along a high traffic road, so use American Legion parking lot for access. 206 Wildlife Lodge Road Lower Burrellf PA 40.582598,-79.711062 None
911-0032 Moses Lake Civic Center 9/11 Memorial Located at Civic Center Park. Accessible 24/7, but daylight recommended due to limited lighting. 418 E 5th Avenue Moses Lake WA 47.131249,-119.271005 None
911-0033 9/11 Memorial Located at Spring Hill Cemetery, available 8am to dusk. The memorial is near the entrance of the cemetery. Parking on the grass is not allowed. 1427 Norway Avenue Huntington WV 38.411085,-82.416854 Cemetery
911-0034 War on Terror Memorial Piece of World Trade Center Steel, on a pentagon-shaped granite pedestal. 8AM-8PM. Located at Veterans Park in Holly Springs, NC. Requires walking about 3 football fields along a paved path to access. Park in designated area. 2 photos required. 600 Bikram Drive Holly Springs NC 35.663098,-78.82692 Park
911-0035 9/11 Memorial - Huber Park Huber Park memorial 1700-1752 S Main St Borger TX 35.652206,-101.397669 None
911-0036 9/11 Memorial Located at Assembly Park 430 Main Street Knoxville TN 35.960963,-83.917671 None
911-0037 9/11 Spirit of America Memorial The bronze sculpture features a fireman, a flight attendant, an office worker and a member of the military, holding hands and facing outward. It also incorporates steel from the World Trade Center and stone from the Pentagon. 201 Riverside Dr Cashmere WA 47.523970,-120.46763 None
911-0038 Gila Bend 9/11 Memorial Park Memorial with artifact 201 E Pima St Gila Bend AZ 32.947406,-112.715396 None
911-0039 9/11 Memorial Located on the Arkansas Riverwalk - Limited parking - walking about a block from memorial required to take photo. 101 N Union Ave Pueblo CO 38.264811,-104.611722 Park
911-0040 9/11 Memorial Located at the Alabama Fire Fighter Memorial, next to the Alabama Fire College 2501 Phoenix Drive Tuscaloosa AL 33.120711,-87.568967 None
911-0041 9/11 Remembrance Garden The memorial has two steel girders from the World Trade Center 1925 E. Third St. Winslow AZ 35.015313,-110.679614 None
911-0042 9/11 Memorial at Liberty Point Open 6AM - 11PM 1398 S Liberty Point Blvd. Pueblo West CO 38.285193,-104.723993 Park
911-0043 9/11 Memorial Liberty Park 268 N Apopka Ave. Inverness FL 28.840517,-82.32978 None
911-0044 9/11 Memorial Rockville Fire Dept. 24001 Fire Hall Ln. Rockville MN 45.472064,-94.325903 None
911-0045 9/11 Memorial Memorial in park setting with artifact S. Washington St. and W. Jefferson St. Clinton MO 38.369720,-93.777522 None
911-0046 9/11 WTC Memorial Mounted on the front edge of the large granite block is a 3-foot section of I-beam from the fallen World Trade Center 1751 College Ave. Elko NV 40.843817,-115.752755 None
911-0047 Firefighters 9/11 Memorial Memorial with artifact 200 Highland Ave. Cambridge OH 40.024740,-81.583106 None
911-0048 9/11 Memorial Warren County Memorial Park Preston Rd. and Pennsylvania Ave. W Warren PA 41.838747,-79.188821 None
911-0049 9/11 WTC Memorial Plaza Boiling Springs FD 5020 Pelham Rd. Greenville SC 34.857340,-82.256852 None
911-0050 9/11 Memorial Two pictures on the marker depict the twin towers of the world trade center, and the pentagon building 5400S and Charlotte Ave. Kearns UT 40.652958,-112.007139 None
911-0051 9/11 Memorial In Memory of September 11, 2001 The Day That Changed Our Lives NE 4th and Cedar Streets Camas WA 45.585856,-122.404247 None
911-0052 9/11 Memorial South King Fire & Rescue Station 64 3700 S 320th St. Federal Way WA 47.315281,-122.286965 None
911-0053 Patriots’ Garden Located outside the main entrance to the County Administration Building 4 Moore Road Cape May NJ 39.101328,-74.803164 None
911-0054 9/11 Memorial - Firefighters Memorial Artifact located on the boardwalk, behind the Firefighter statue, across from the Ocean City Boardwalk Arch. 6 N Division Street Ocean City MD 38.331397,-75.085402 None
911-0055 9/11 Memorial Cos Cob Park; Hours: dawn - dusk 22 Sound Shore Drive Greenwich CT 41.028100,-73.597534 Park
911-0056 9/11 Community Memorial The Falmouth Fire Department’s Community Memorial is a 300-pound piece of twisted steel from the World Trade Center in New York 399 Main Street Falmouth MA 41.552117,-70.611304 None
911-0057 9/11 Memorial At the west end of the Rockland Public Safety (Fire Department) building, next to the Gen Berry pumper truck pavilion. 118 Park St Rockland ME 44.101614,-69.116824 None
911-0058 9/11 Memorial Clarkesville Fire Department, on front of building. 303 Adams Street Clarkesville GA 34.615963,-83.52443 None
911-0059 Elkton 9/11 Memorial Located in Stonewall Park 197 N Terrace Avenue Elkton VA 38.413561,-78.622569 None
911-0060 9/11 Memorial In front of Fire Station 515 W Swannanoa Avenue Liberty NC 35.851819,-79.580496 None
911-0061 9/11 Memorial Air Mobility Command Museum; Open Tues-Sun, 9-4. 1301 Heritage Road Dover AFB DE 39.118314,-75.45637 Military Base
911-0062 Town of Beekman Remembrance Park A memorial with a steel artifact mounted on a pentagonal base.

Inscription reads:
We will not waiver, we will not tire, we will not falter, and we will not fail. Peace and Freedom will prevail.

4 Main St Poughquag - Beekman NY 41.611223,-73.681288 None
911-0063 9/11 Memorial Fire Station No. 1; Downtown, on the southwest corner of S. Market St. and E. Calhoun St. 105 South Market Street Salem VA 37.292057,-80.056579 None
911-0064 9/11 Memorial Chicory Square Park Between Federal Street and Bland Street Bluefield, WV Chicory Square Park Bluefield WV 37.268797,-81.222263 None
911-0065 9/11 Memorial Memorial Park 421 W Ohio St Indianapolis IN 39.770061,-86.165807 None
911-0066 9/11 Memorial Antenna Base Antenna, manufactured in Quincy, from top of Word Trade Center Tower 1 - It is the result of the hard work of Eagle Scout James Ryan Keller, of Troop 99 730 Maine Street Quincy IL 39.931822,-91.404107 None
911-0067 9/11 Emergency Responders Memorial Emergency Responders Memorial is designed as a monument to honor the citizens and emergency responders who died that tragic day. West State Street and Kilburn Avenue Rockford IL 42.274105,-89.102011 None
911-0068 9/11 Memorial Sunrise to Sunset Daily - memorial just north of the parking area - features a bronze statue of a firefighter holding a little girl and a series of five bronze plaques underneath the words “Unity,” “Remembrance” and “Hope.” 920 S 50 W Kaysville UT 41.020389,-111.941209 Park
911-0069 Police and Firefighters 9/11 Memorial Memorial includes artifact 6184 Pearl Rd Parma Heights OH 41.393419,-81.758588 None
911-0070 9/11 Memorial Located at The Shoppes of Parma - north side between Dick's Sporting Goods and Fast Eddie's restaurant. 8253 W Ridgewood Dr Parma OH 41.382478,-81.740701 None
911-0071 9/11 Memorial Memorial in the Old Fort Boise Park 1008 E. Stockton Rd. Parma ID 43.780329,-116.932882 None
911-0072 9/11 - WTC Memorial Memorial with artifact US-395 and Hildebrand Blvd Kennewick WA 46.179130,-119.185133 None
911-0073 9/11 Memorial Small monument at the Cairo Road entrance to Noble Park. Noble Park Trace Paducah KY 37.093659,-88.636726 None
911-0074 Paducah Global War on Terrorism Memorial Located on the Clark Street side of Dolly McNutt Plaza Clark Street Paducah KY 37.083078,-88.598139 None
911-0075 9/11 Memorial - Texas State Cemetery two steel columns from Ground Zero - Dawn to Dusk 909 Navasota St Austin TX 30.266594,-97.725867 Cemetery
911-0076 9/11 Memorial Capen Hose Fire Museum 237 Main St. South Brockport NY 43.209555,-77.940138 None
911-0077 9/11 Fallen Hero's Memorial Designed and constructed to honor all of the men and women from the state of Alabama who have died while serving our county since September 11 2001, terrorist attack on the United States. Battleship Memorial Park 2703 Battleship Parkway Mobile AL 30.682782,-88.016925 Park
911-0078 9/11 Liberty Garden Memorial 9/11 Liberty Garden is part of the Memorial Walk, a block-long greenway in downtown Birmingham 300 19th St North Birmingham AL 33.516233,-86.80895 None
911-0079 9/11 Memorial - Let Us Not Forget Eagle Scout project located in Honey Bee Park in Robertsdale Milwaukee and Michigan St Robertsdale AL 30.556783,-87.7104 None
911-0080 9/11 Memorial Four granite panels with names of those lost surround a piece of steel from the World Trade Center in this memorial - Civic Center Dr Gilbert AZ 33.331778,-111.788433 None
911-0081 9/11 Memorial Simple memorial in front of the local Chamber of Commerce Front St and Avenue A Salome AZ 33.780750,-113.615633 None
911-0082 9/11 Arizona Heroes Memorial memorial to Phoenix fire fighters who went to New York city to aid in the recovery efforts adjacent to the Arizona Veterans Memorial 434 Whitewater Dr Bullhead AZ 35.094212,-114.634687 None
911-0083 9/11 Memorial In front of Washington Township Fire Station 93 5825 Brand Road Dublin OH 40.126183,-83.147515 None
911-0084 Moon Township 9/11 Memorial At Moon Township Memorial Garden 1000 Beaver Grade Rd Moon PA 40.504366,-80.207439 None
911-0085 Chesapeake 9/11 Memorial Memorial in remembrance of the 9/11 tragedy with a steel beam from the World Trade Center as well as a rock from Shanksville and limestone from the Pentagon. 900 City Park Drive Chesapeake VA 36.752147,-76.226603 None
911-0086 9/11 Memorial American Legion Post 16 1301 Greenview Dr. Lynchburg VA 37.338083,-79.223281 None
911-0087 9/11 Memorial Gold Beach High School 29516 Ellensburg Ave. Gold Beach OR 42.408581,-124.421347 None
911-0088 Banner of Service - 9/11 Memorial Fire Station Number 18 - do not park in driveway. 120 E. Lincoln Rd. Spokane WA 47.729215,-117.407878 None
911-0089 Fire Department New York 9/11 Memorial #12 on the linked PDF map - On the National Museum of the Marine Corps Marine Trail - honors the Marines who were killed in the 2001 attack on the World Trade Center. Includes steel beams from one of the towers National Museum of the Marine Corps 1775 Semper Fidelis Wy Triangle VA 38.540601,-77.343814 Museum
911-0090 9/11 Memorial Kansas 9/11 Memorial - Overland Park Fire Training Center 12401 Hemlock St Overland Park KS 38.902684,-94.683104 None
911-0091 9/11 Memorial Anthony Memorial Park W Main St and S Lawrence Ave Anthony KS 37.151703,-98.038305 None
911-0092 9/11 Memorial "Rememberance and Rebirth" 9/11 memorial at the Eagle Rock Observation Deck in West Orange Crest Drive West Orange NJ 40.803066,-74.23838 None
911-0093 9/11 Memorial Memorial in front of City Hall Hawley and State Street Binghamton NY 42.096580,-75.912271 None
911-0094 Nassau County 9/11 Memorial Eisenhower Park in East Meadow - walking required - west side of park lake - This is a large park with many memorials Park Blvd & Merrick Ave East Meadow NY 40.734115,-73.580355 Park
911-0095 9/11 Memorial 15-foot, 575-pound twisted steel beam recovered from one of the Twin Towers in Mesquite Freedom Park 1527 N Galloway Ave Mesquite TX 32.783829,-96.603174 None
911-0096 9/11 Memorial Tyrrell Park Memorial just south of the Beaumont Botanical Gardens main buildings 6088 Babe Zaharias Dr Beaumont TX 30.022482,-94.146631 None
911-0097 WE SHALL NEVER FORGET - 9/11 Memorial memorial pays homage to the victims of the terror attacks on 9/11 N Crescent Blvd & Rogers Ave Pennsauken Township NJ 39.955731,-75.058 None
911-0098 9/11 Monument Phenix City Riverwalk Phenix City Riverwalk Phenix City AL 32.464764,-84.999018 None
911-0099 The Garden of Reflection 9/11 Memorial Garden 1950 Woodside Road Yardley - Lower Makefield PA 40.255887,-74.888866 None
911-0100 9/11 Memorial 9/11 memorial includes artifact next to the Norwalk Fire Department 1100 Chatham Ave Norwalk IA 41.486681,-93.67608 None
911-0101 9/11 Memorial of Maryland Located in front of World Trade Center Baltimore 401 East Pratt Street Baltimore MD 39.286262,-76.609723 None
911-0102 9/11 Memorial Grave marker in park on left side of Police Department 154 W Railroad St Pembroke GA 32.135467,-81.624 None
911-0103 9/11 Memorial In parking lot at Center Moriches Fire Department 301 Montauk Hwy Center Moriches NY 40.800507,-72.790629 None
911-0104 9/11 Memorial Town Park at Point Lookout Point Lookout NY 40.588112,-73.585141 None
911-0105 Town of Babylon 9/11 Hometown Memorial Located at Cedar Beach - admission may be required - walking required Approx 4 miles west from Robert Moses Causeway or 11 miles east from Meadowbrook Babylon NY 40.633303,-73.337606 Park
911-0106 9/11 Memorial Locate at Fire Station 5 - Las Vegas Fire and Rescue 1020 Hinson St. Las Vegas NV 36.160455,-115.195477 None
911-0107 9/11 Trade Center Memorial Located at US Border Patrol Alpine Station 3003 US-90 Alpine TX 30.348955,-103.70169 None
911-0108 9/11 Memorial Located in front of the Fire Hall/Community Center with 24/7 Public Access. 589 Broad Creek Rd New Bern NC 35.080843,-76.949394 None
911-0109 9/11 Memorial Havelock Police Department 2 Governmental Ave Havelock NC 34.875625,-76.902834 None
911-0110 9/11 Memorial Piece of steel in front of Atlantic Beach Fire Station 34 125 W Fort Macon Rd Atlantic Beach NC 34.700933,-76.739788 None
911-0111 9/11 Memorial Shanksville Volunteer Fire Company 625 North St Shanksville PA 40.017691,-78.90623 None
911-0112 Flight 93 National Memorial Flight 93 National Memorial - Park hours Sunrise - Sunset - Visitors Center Hours 9AM - 5PM daily. Free Admission 6424 Lincoln Hwy Stoystown PA 40.078905,-78.88715 Park
911-0113 9/11 Memorial Steel Beams 214 Fort Hunter Road Amsterdam (Florida) NY 42.892248,-74.225156 None
911-0114 9/11 Memorial - LAFD World Trade Center Memorial A piece of the WTC honoring the firefighters in front of the US Naval and Marine Corp Reserve Center 1700 Stadium Way Los Angeles CA 34.069111,-118.243131 None
911-0115 9/11 Memorial Behind the Eastlake PD - includes 2 beams from the Trade Center, part of a lamp post, and granite pieces from the lobby 35150 Lakeshore Blvd Eastlake OH 41.662260,-81.43673 None
911-0116 9/11 Memorial - East Fishkill Fire Dept "We Will Never Forget" memorial plaque with a WTC beam cross and a cross made of rebar sit near the flagpole. 2502 NY-52 Hopewell Junction NY 41.552093,-73.791454 None
911-0117 New Paltz September 11 Memorial New Paltz September 11 Memorial contains a steel artifact from the North Tower and stanchion from the South Tower Promenade. A printed flag (Flag of Honor) with the names of those lost is the centerpiece. Henry W Dubois Dr and New Paltz Bypass New Paltz NY 41.745548,-74.064695 None
911-0118 Harrison 9/11 Memorial Steel Beams adjacent to USPS 427 Harrison Ave Harrison NJ 40.746550,-74.15488 None
911-0119 Fenton Heroes Memorial memorial dedicated to firefighters, policemen, veterans, and the victims of 9/11 - 2 photos required Fenton City Park Larkin Williams Rd and Sweaney Rd Fenton MO 38.525590,-90.43666 None
911-0120 Beverly Hills 9/11 Memorial Garden Located on the grounds of the Beverly Hills Fire Department. Centers around a twisted steel member of the original World Trade Center. 445 N Rexford Dr Beverly Hills CA 34.072172,-118.399293 None
911-0121 The National 9/11 Pentagon Memorial A stark gravel field filled with 184 molded and cantilevered concrete, granite, and stainless steel benches, placed along the trajectory of Flight 77. Each bench, or “Memorial Unit,” is engraved with the name and birth of victims. CURRENTLY CLOSED 1 N Rotary Rd Arlington VA 38.870257,-77.059184 Park
911-0122 Moving Memories Located at the Wesley Bolin Memorial Plaza near the State Capitol in Phoenix, “Moving Memories” is a concrete disc topped by an elevated ring of stainless steel and laser cut with 54 quotes related to the attack. 1700 W Washington St Phoenix AZ 33.448585,-112.093807 None
911-0123 Semper Memento Located at Heisler Park Sculpture Garden. Comprises two steel beams from the original World Trade Center angled above a stainless steel sphere, supported by a pentagon-shaped concrete base. 375 Cliff Dr Laguna Beach CA 33.543634,-117.792234 None
911-0124 9/11 Memorial Bench Located near the corner of Pier Avenue and Valley Drive. Pier Ave Hermosa Beach CA 33.864476,-118.395253 None
911-0125 9/11 Memorial Located at Manhattan Beach Fire Department, Station 1. Two steel beams that the Fire Department received from the World Trade Center site. 400 15th St Manhattan Beach CA 33.888042,-118.409296 None
911-0126 9/11 Flight Crew Memorial A 14-foot-tall bronze sculpture, representing the pilots, flight attendants, and passengers of the flights that went down on 9/11. 1000 Texan Trail Grapevine TX 32.940983,-97.065088 None
911-0127 9/11 Memorial Located near Terminal A of Boston Logan International Airport Logan Memorial Way Boston MA 42.366257,-71.022571 None
911-0128 Liberty Garden - Santee Rest Areas North and South Bound Santee Rest Areas - just north of Exit 98 on I-95 - Pick one as both locations only count as one visit Just north of Exit 98 - I-95 Santee SC 33.494864,-80.46577 None
911-0129 The Rising An 80-foot-tall stainless steel sculpture, comprised of thousands of feet of welded steel. Kensico Dam Plaza Valhalla NY 41.072354,-73.765625 None
911-0130 Empty Sky Memorial Twin stainless steel-clad walls, whose lengths equal those of the sides of the Twin Towers, directed toward the World Trade Center site across the river. 1 Audrey Zapp Dr Jersey City NJ 40.708232,-74.035326 None
911-0131 Postcards 9/11 Memorial Perched on Staten Island’s North Shore, it is dedicated to the 275 Staten Islanders who died on September 11, and features two fiberglass structures representing folded postcards, presumably being sent to lost loved ones. Bank Street, Staten Island, NY 10301 Staten Island NY 40.646740,-74.0766 None
911-0132 9/11 Memorial Plaza Designed by local artist Mark Fuller, this tribute features a three-story-tall, bent steel column from the WTC’s South Tower, rising above a landscaped garden, a brick walkway, and 8-foot-tall glass panels etched with the names of 9/11 victims. 5089 Northlake Blvd Palm Beach Gardens FL 26.809436,-80.116262 None
911-0133 CMDR Dan Shanower 9/11 Memorial This memorial, perched on the City’s Riverwalk, is made from 100 pounds of debris from the Pentagon, granite from the part of Pennsylvania where United 93 crashed, a steel beam from the World Trade Center, and an Eternal Flame. 400 S Eagle St Naperville IL 41.771307,-88.152136 None
911-0134 9/11 Memorial - Highland Fire District Headquarters 9/11 Memorial in front of the Highland Fire District Headquarters and Police Departmnet, dedicated on the 10th anniversary, includes a steel artifact from the Twin Towers. 25 Milton Ave Highland NY 41.716791,-73.963522 None
911-0135 Arkansas 9/11 Memorial Located on the grounds of the El Dorado Conference Center, the Arkansas 9/11 Memorial is not a monument that is intended to be looked at and admired from afar. It is designed to be touched, walked under, stood within, and experienced. 311 S. West Ave El Dorado AR 33.209388,-92.664783 None
911-0136 Searcy FD 9/11 Memorial Dedicated on 9/11/2011 This piece of steel, once supporting the World Trade Center, serves as a reminder of the courage and resiliency of The United States of America and her people. It stands in memory of the 343 Firefighters who lost their lives 501 W. Beebe Capps Expy Searcy AR 35.243673,-91.740868 None
911-0137 9/11 Memorial Located on the corner of Elm St. and Martin Luther King Dr. 501 S Elm St Greensboro NC 36.067281,-79.790547 None
911-0138 Camden FD 9/11 Memorial A simple grey granite memorial with a piece of steel from the World Trade Centers honors the heroic actions of the men and women of the New York City Fire Department on 11 Sep 2001 140 Van Buren Ave Camden AR 33.586471,-92.831587 None
911-0139 9/11 Memorial Located next to Chatham County Justice Center on US Highway 501 129 Sanford Rd Pittsboro NC 35.718422,-79.178237 None
911-0140 Mountain Brook FD 9/11 Memorial This piece of steel serves as an offering of remembrance to the sacrifices made by those first responders that went into harm's way on that September day 101 Tibbett St Mountain Brook AL 33.501687,-86.756402 None
911-0141 9/11 Memorial Located at the Cornelius-Lemley Fire Station 1 19729 S Main St Cornelius NC 35.478227,-80.856013 None
911-0142 9/11 Memorial Moody City Park - This piece of steel from the World Trade Centers sits on top of two granite pillars representing the two towers 600 Park Ave Moody AL 33.589197,-86.493462 None
911-0143 9/11 Memorial Located at Lejeune Memorial Gardens Montford Landing Rd Jacksonville NC 34.747056,-77.414848 None
911-0144 9/11 Memorial Located at the City of Wilmington Empie Park Fire Station 3403 Park Ave Wilmington NC 34.219914,-77.905048 None
911-0145 9/11 Memorial - Oldwick Volunteer Fire Company The memorial is a result of an Eagle Scout project by Ben Kurzrock. The permanent 9/11 memorial consists of the partial steel beam positioned between two pillars which simulate the original positions of the World Trade Center towers. Part of the service project also includes a walkway around the memorial, plaque with dedication and a new flagpole in front of the memorial. 188 Oldwick Rd Whitehouse Station NJ 40.664751,-74.749794 None
911-0146 9/11 Memorial Located on the 29th Avenue side of Broadway at the Beach Myrtle Beach SC 33.717057,-78.876123 None
911-0147 9/11 Memorial Located at the back of Florence Veterans Park Woody Jones Blvd Florence SC 34.185026,-79.834934 None
911-0148 9/11 Memorial Located in front of Dekalb County Police and Fire & Rescue Buildings. The memorial shows a phoenix wing that is rising out of the ashes from behind a piece of steel from one of the Towers. 175 W. Exchange Pl. Tucker GA 33.841448,-84.245635 None
911-0149 9/11 Memorial Two steel beams retrieved from Ground Zero represent the two World Trade Center towers 215 Polk St Lafayette LA 30.225034,-92.017655 None
911-0150 9/11 Memorial Two steel beams from the World Trade Center towers and a piece of limestone from the Pentagon Bord du Lac Dr Lake Charles LA 30.225434,-93.22352 None
911-0151 9/11 Memorial A memorial to the fallen on 9/11/2001, dedication on 9/11/2011. This includes a replica of the Twin Towers along with a mangled piece of steel from the New York Towers. 261 Robertson Ave Tallapoosa GA 33.749035,-85.290594 None
911-0152 9/11 Memorial This twisted section of steel is a portion of an exterior panel used on floors 101-104 of one of the towers. Town Center Ave Suwanee GA 34.056979,-84.064053 None
911-0153 9/11 Memorial The long steel beam was salvaged from what was left of the World Trade Center Tower 2. In front of the beam is a sculpture of four “Fearless Champions,” as the artist Becky Ault named the piece. 1900 N 20th St Tampa - Ybor City FL 27.961125,-82.436869 None
911-0154 9/11 Memorial Two hands fashioned from thousands of dove-like cutouts, carries a steel girder from the World Trade Center just as emergency personnel carried victims on September 11, 2001. A dove represents each victim. 8838 E Valley Blvd Rosemead CA 34.080539,-118.076641 None
911-0155 FREEDOM TOWERS Memorial Located in the Veterans Memorial Park, on Hwy. 311 in front of Southdown Plantation Museum Little Bayou Black Dr Houma LA 29.589200,-90.738167 None
911-0156 WHEN TERROR STRIKES Mural Located at the Oswego Town Volunteer Fire Department 640 Co Rte 20 Oswego NY 43.413883,-76.5623 None
911-0157 Pagosa Fire Protection 9/11 Memorial Steel from the World Trade Centers 191 N Pagosa Blvd Pagosa Springs CO 37.256706,-107.080118 None
911-0158 9/11 Memorial Located outside the gate at Fort Carson, a steel beam bent, but unbroken 6012 Nelson Blvd Colorado Springs - Fort Carson CO 38.737900,-104.806879 None
911-0159 Aspen FD 9/11 Memorial Piece of WTC from the North Tower has been cut into a likeness of the Twin Towers outside the Aspen Fire Station. Solid bands on each tower indicate the point of impact of American Airlines Flight 11 and United Airlines Flight 175. 420 E Hopkins Ave Aspen CO 39.189779,-106.818674 None
911-0160 9/11 Memorial Located on the east side of Broomfield Community Park - A piece of the Twin Towers is incorporated in this monument that commemorates both the first responders and private citizens who reached out to care for one another. Spader Way Broomfield CO 39.918776,-105.067184 None
911-0161 Belleville FD Station 4 9/11 Memorial A 7,106.9 pound, 35.25 foot long steel column from the fallen World Trace Center in New York. It is supported by two concrete structures that are representative of the Twin Towers that once stood at the World Trade Center. 1125 S Illinois St Belleville IL 38.499700,-89.984903 None
911-0162 Holiday Shores FD 9/11 Memorial This piece of twisted steel honors the memory 343 NYC Firefighters, 37 Port Authority Police Officers, 23 NYC Police Officers 93 Holiday Dam Rd Edwardsville IL 38.913867,-89.943966 None
911-0163 Coal City FD 9/11 Memorial Two steal beams recovered from the towers represent the towers themselves. 1455 S Berta Rd Coal City IL 41.267010,-88.265873 None
911-0164 Henderson FD 9/11 Memorial This piece of steel from the World Trade Centers is hung between to blocks representing the Twin Towers 343 Starlite Dr Henderson KY 37.863294,-87.557286 None
911-0165 9/11 Memorial Small steel artifact from the World Trade Center. 3845 S Griffith Ave Owensboro KY 37.735463,-87.12471 None
911-0166 Kentucky 9/11 Memorial Located on the ground of the Kentucky Veterans Cemetery, this piece of steel was recovered from the World Trade Center 2501 N Dixie Blvd Radcliff KY 37.868612,-85.96169 None
911-0167 9/11 Memorial This 17-foot steel box beam that fell from the North Tower of the World Trade Center 136 S Main St Greenville KY 37.199880,-87.178156 None
911-0168 9/11 Memorial Located at the Martin Co. Fire Station # 21 3290 SW Mapp Rd Palm City FL 27.165200,-80.269533 None
911-0169 “May We Never Forget” Mural Located on the corner of Hwy. 9 & Marshall Streets on the Ace Hardware building 202 Main St Rock Rapids IA 43.431883,-96.167017 None
911-0170 “The World Family” Sculpture Located on the lawn just to the east of the driveway at Flannegan Western Company in Emmetsburg Hwy 18 Emmetsburg IA 43.111700,-94.665517 None
911-0171 9/11 Memorial This memorial includes a steel beam recovered from Ground Zero that serves as the focal point of the memorial. 1695 Missouri State Rd Arnold MO 38.442056,-90.402411 None
911-0172 9/11 Memoral Flag Mural Simple mural on the side of a business honoring the lives lost on 9/11 221 Main Street Varina IA 42.658317,-94.89905 None
911-0173 9/11 Memorial This 17-foot, 22 ton steel beam recovered from the World Trade Center, is dedicated to America's First Responders 100 N Main St O'Fallon MO 38.811433,-90.697071 None
911-0174 The SPIRIT OF FREEDOM 9/11 Memorial This Memorial has steel recovered from the World Trade Center was dedicated on Sept. 11, 2003, in memory of those killed. The memorial weighs 13 tons. on a very busy Overpass ... use caution !!! Median, Winghaven Boulevard and Highway 40/61 O'Fallon MO 38.750015,-90.752029 None
911-0175 9/11 Memorial The 9/11 Memorial Plaque is on ground to the right of the airman's memorial Southwest Watson Avenue Beaverton OR 45.481767,-122.8065 None
911-0176 9/11 Memorial Located in front of the Euless Fire Department Administration Building 201 N Ector Dr Euless TX 32.840795,-97.092028 None
911-0177 9/11 Memorial The 911 Memorial is placed on the south side of the Thompson Falls Rural Fire Department 1811 W Main St Thompson Falls MT 47.599233,-115.359667 None
911-0178 Clyde FD 9/11 Memorial Two pieces of steel recovered from The World Trade Center 8531 Carolina Blvd Clyde NC 35.532568,-82.913645 None
911-0179 9/11 Memorial Clock 9/11 Memorial Clock located along Lincoln Hwy across the street from Central City Public Library Central City NE 41.116217,-97.99952 None
911-0181 9/11 Memorial Located inside of the Denver Firefighters Museum Open Tuesday - Sunday 10am - 4pm 1326 Tremont Place Denver CO 39.740767,-104.992717 Museum
911-0182 9/11 Memorial Located in Hidden Shores Village, next to the Colorado river Yuma AZ 32.882767,-114.458733 Private Property
911-0183 9/11 Bench A bench dedicated to the victims of 9/11. It is located in front of the Colusa Courthouse. 547 Market St Colusa CA 39.214017,-122.009133 None
911-0184 9/11 Carillon This memorial is a small Clock Tower outside the Municipal Offices 23 E Buffalo St Churchville NY 43.104000,-77.883367 None
911-0185 9/11 Cross This statute is located near St. Paul’s Chapel of Trinity Church near the 9/11 memorial Church St New York NY 40.712467,-74.0097 None
911-0186 9/11 Dedication Plaque This dedication plaque is located on the Pickaway County Courthouse 207 S Court St Circleville OH 39.600600,-82.946017 None
911-0187 9/11 Firefighters Memorial Located in front of the Arkansas City Fire Department 115 S D St Arkansas City KS 37.061233,-97.034233 None
911-0188 9/11 Firefighters Memorial Bell Tower A memorial to the firefighters who died on 9/11 stands in front of the Denton Firefighters Museum at the Central Fire Station 323 E Hickory St Denton TX 33.214417,-97.128683 None
911-0189 9/11 Heroes Walk This 9/11 memorial is on the east end of Red Horse Park, near the boundary street Cibolo Trail 1100 North Blvd Universal City TX 29.556567,-98.29635 None
911-0190 9/11 Memorial Located in front of the Plover Fire Department - Twin Tower artifact by the flag pole 2400 Post Rd Plover WI 44.462567,-89.5436 None
911-0191 9/11 Marker A black marble memorial in Forest Park Glendale NY 40.702806,-73.86775 None
911-0192 New Hackensack FD 9/11 Memorial This is a 15 ft piece of steel recovered from the World Trade Center 217 Myers Corners Rd Wappingers Falls NY 41.606550,-73.872174 None
911-0193 9/11 Memorial This 13 ft piece of steel is the centerpiece of the park named after the first Dutchess County soldier killed in the War on Terror Sergeant Palmateer Way Wappingers Falls NY 41.579547,-73.909428 None
911-0194 Manchester FD 9/11 Memorial This piece of steel from the World Trade Centers honors all that answered The Final Alarm 331 Tolland Turnpike Manchester CT 41.810575,-72.52128 None
911-0195 9/11 Memorial Sculpture created from nearly four tons of steel recovered from the World Trade Center Pawnee Park Dr Columbus NE 41.419039,-97.369044 None
911-0196 9/11 Memorial This 23 ft piece of steel is from Tower One, 23rd floor elevator shaft 19 Kimball Hill Rd Hudson NH 42.768327,-71.403064 None
911-0197 9/11 Memorial Several pieces of steel from the World Trade Center 149 N Main St Belen NM 34.661368,-106.776926 None
911-0198 9/11 Memorial 12-foot long piece of structural steel from one of the World Trade Center Twin Towers 6303 Harrison Ave Cincinnati OH 39.186025,-84.652579 None
911-0199 Wauseon FD 9/11 Memorial Memorial to those lost on 9/11 - Fulton County Fairgrounds - may have restricted access 8514 OH-108 Wauseon, Clinton Township OH 41.599078,-84.151125 None
911-0200 Northern Kentucky 9/11 Memorial In the shape of a pentagon at the base, the Memorial pays tribute to five groups deeply affected on that historic day, including firefighters, police, the airline industry, civilians and the Pentagon. 800 Buttermilk Pike Crescent Springs KY 39.055850,-84.586296 None
911-0201 9/11 Memorial Park At the Fire Station 4’s entrance is a 9/11 memorial park that features a steel beam from the south tower of the World Trade Center. The beam was donated to the city in 2011 following the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001. Plano Pkwy and Destination Dr The Colony TX 33.068295,-96.862447 None
911-0202 9/11 Memorial Twin Towers memorial as part of the Veterans Memorial Park 600 N Patricia St Lacy Lakeview TX 31.636716,-97.103882 None
911-0203 9/11 Memorial Fallen Heroes Plaza - Twin Towers memorial adjacent to a 9/11 memorial playground featuring firefighter and police themed equipment 1500 N 15th St Coeur d'Alene ID 47.690280,-116.76223 None
911-0204 Dewitt 9/11 Memorial Memorial made from a Steel Column from the World Trade Center 5400 Butternut Dr Dewitt NY 43.046110,-76.05013 None
911-0205 9/11 Memorial A small memorial adjacent to the Shasta Lake Fire District bldg contains part of a steel I beam from the twin towers. 4126 Ashby Ct Shasta Lake CA 40.680552,-122.371866 None
911-0206 9/11 Memorial Located within the Iowa Firefighters Memorial is a rusted I-beam and plaque as a memorial to those who perished in the Trade Towers tragedy. 900 1st Ave Coralville IA 41.690728,-91.566022 None
911-0207 Streetsboro FD 9/11 Memorial A piece of steel from the World Trade Center 9184 Cleveland Canton Rd Streetsboro OH 41.241206,-81.344451 None
911-0208 Cumberland County FD 9/11 Memorial A piece of steel from the World Trade Center next to the Cumberland County Fire Department 1391 Livingston Rd Crossville TN 35.968196,-85.042915 None
911-0209 9/11 Memorial Located at the Tennessee Fallen Firefighter Memorial it has a piece of steel from the World Trade Center - M-F 8am -4pm 2161 Unionville Deason Rd Bell Buckle TN 35.607041,-86.505291 School
911-0210 9/11 Memorial A piece of steel from the World Trade Center between two granite columns 111 S Main St Cynthiana KY 38.389739,-84.298055 None
911-0211 9/11 Memorial Across from the Fire Museum of Texas, this small piece of the World Trade Center is a reminder to NEVER FORGET 400 Walnut St Beaumont TX 30.085852,-94.098946 None
911-0212 9/11 Memorial A piece of steel from the World Trade Center surrounded by 5 panels with stars for every victim of 9/11 401 Municipal Dr Kennedale TX 32.648135,-97.22496 None
911-0213 9/11 Memorial - Veterans Memorial Park Steel from the World Trade Center 3101 Harvey Rd College Station TX 30.642176,-96.294684 None
911-0214 Ponderosa Volunteer FD 9/11 Memorial An artifact from the World Trade Center in front of the Ponderosa Volunteer Fire Department 4362 Louetta Rd Spring TX 30.044855,-95.48122 None
911-0215 9/11 Memorial The September 11 Memorial in Newport, KY includes steel from the World Trade Center. It is located in front of the World Peace Bell Center. 403 York St Newport KY 39.092254,-84.495982 None
911-0216 9/11 Memorial STRINGHAM PARK MEMORIAL PLAZA Forever remembering the innocent lives lost on SEPTEMBER 11,2001. The Rotary Clubs of Lagrange 2007 78 Stringham Rd Lagrange NY 41.655400,-73.7962 None
911-0217 9/11 Memorial Memorial Garden with a beam from the towers Central Drive and S Liberty Dr Stony Point NY 41.226080,-73.98675 None
911-0218 9/11 Memorial 9/11 memorial located along Seneca Lake adjacent to Geneva Community Lakefront Playground 47 Lake Front Dr Geneva NY 42.864870,-76.97957 None
911-0219 9/11 Memorial memorial sculpture is located in downtown Evanston, Wyoming, in historic Depot Square. 920 Front St Evanston WY 41.268410,-110.96445 None
911-0220 9/11 Memorial Union Vale Fire District - We Will Never Forget - Across the road from the Union Vale Firehouse 3373 NY-82 Verbank NY 41.728430,-73.71523 None
911-0221 9/11 Memorial Memorial located next to the Illinois Fallen Firefighters Memorial on the State Capitol grounds 840 S Spring St Springfield IL 39.797910,-89.65572 None
911-0222 Let None Stand Alone 9/11 Memorial A simple memorial near the APC (Armored Personnel Carrier) honoring those that lost their lives 9100 Dayton Pike Soddy-Daisy TN 35.229856,-85.210505 None
911-0223 We WIll Not Forget 9/11 Memorial a monument in Friendship Plaza by the information center flag pole E Cherokee Ave and S Public Square Cartersville GA 34.165780,-84.79583 None
911-0224 Flight 93 Memorial Walk 93 Stones with reflective plates on the front indicate anyone could have been on that plane, and the unfinished backs indicate an unfinished life. A short walk is required as parking is across the road Dyer St and Smith St Union City CA 37.597493,-122.071339 None
911-0225 9/11 Memorial In front of FD Station 66 - "In Memory of FDNY Your Selfless Courage and Dedication Will Never be Forgotten" 13707 Peyton Dr Chino Hills CA 34.003759,-117.733477 None
911-0226 9/11 Memorial Memorial plaque and flagpole adjacent to the New Milford Train Station parking lot. Patriots Way New Milford CT 41.577560,-73.41386 None
911-0227 VFW 9/11 Memorial VFW Post 10088 and the Ladies Auxiliary have erected a 911 memorial flanked by memorials to those who have served in Afghanistan and Iraq post 911. Market St and Riversdale Dr North Grosvenor Dale CT 41.984250,-71.896517 None
911-0228 9/11 Memorial Sport Center William J. Pitkin Community Center houses the 9/11 Memorial Sports Center and memorial 30 Greenfield St Wethersfield CT 41.715838,-72.674773 None
911-0229 Napa 9/11 Memorial Garden arge panels and beans of steel with the history of the event and the names of the victims in small park in downtown Napa 1100 Main St Napa CA 38.299700,-122.286397 None
911-0230 9/11 Memorial Fountain artifacts from both the World Trade Center and the Pentagon in front of LAFD Station #88 5101 N. Sepulveda Blvd. Sherman Oaks CA 34.163067,-118.466383 None
911-0231 Always Remember 9/11 Memorial I-Beam from the Towers and plaque inside the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library 40 Presidential Dr Simi Valley CA 34.259848,-118.819851 Museum
911-0232 9/11 Memorial Just south of the Oldham County Courthouse, tribute to 9/11 beside the parking lot to the Milburn-Price Culture Museum (open Wed and Fri, 9-5)) 100 S Main St Vega TX 35.245733,-102.428533 None
911-0233 9/11 Memorial Clock Tower A clock tower in front of the Raritan Township Municipal Building with a plaque dedicated to the Raritan Township residents who lost their lives on 9/11. 1 Municipal Dr Flemington NJ 40.503677,-74.872839 None
911-0234 9/11 Memorial The memorial features a steel artifact from the World Trade Center towers that were attacked on Sept. 11, 2001.

The memorial site is located near the squad's banquet hall entrance on the south side of the squad headquarters on Alexander Avenue on the driveway leading to Phillips-Barber Family Health Center.

Lambertville-New Hope Ambulance & Rescue Squad - 70 Alexander Ave Lambertville NJ 40.375210,-74.942323 None
911-0235 9/11 Memorial - Greenwood Lake Fire Department Memorial in front of the Fire Department that includes an artifact from the WTC Greenwood Lake Fire Department - 17 Mountain Lakes Ln Greenwood Lake NY 41.232455,-74.287429 None
911-0236 9/11 Memorial Polished black twin towers memorialize the seven Warwick residents who were killed during the attacks on the World Trade Center and the crash of Flight 93. Veteran's Memorial Park Forester Ave & Memorial Park Dr Warwick NY 41.256471,-74.352871 None
911-0237 9/11 Memorial - Montgomery Fire Department Memorial in front of the Fire Department that includes an artifact from the WTC 136 Ward St Montgomery NY 41.526983,-74.235141 None
911-0238 9/11 Memorial September 11, 2002, Newwburgh dedicated a granite memorial commemorating the "broken circle of lives severed by the terrorist attacks" of September 11, 2001. It is located at the top of Park Place on the northern edge of the City. Grand Ave and Park Pl Newburgh NY 41.517055,-74.010383 None
911-0239 9/11 Memorial - Mahwah FD Memorial with artifact located in front of the Mahwah Fire Department - Company 2 60 Island Rd Mahwah NJ 41.098340,-74.15264 None
911-0240 9/11 Memorial Located at the North end of Memorial Park - 9/11 Memorial with 2 elevated steel beams from the WTC. Plaisade Ave and Gorge Rd Cliffside Park NJ 40.820897,-73.988095 None
911-0241 Fairview 9/11 Memorial 9/11 Memorial has a steel artifact with two adjacent pieces of granite from the WTC lobby floor. Parking available in TD bank lot or on Hancock Place. 410 Fairview Ave Fairview NJ 40.812013,-74.002265 None
911-0242 9/11 Memorial Located within 200 feet of the entrance, 9-11 memorial with steel artifact from the WTC.
This location requires a short walk as no motor vehicles are permitted.
Cooper's Pond 115 W Church St Bergenfield NJ 40.929415,-74.00247 Park
911-0243 9/11 Memorial - Tenafly FD A small steel artifact with twin towers (no plaque) is located by the flag poles in front of the Tenafly Fire Department. 100 Riveredge Rd Tenafly NJ 40.927530,-73.967881 None
911-0244 9/11 Memorial This memorial features a piece of World Trade Center steel mounted at the base of a flagpole in an elevated garden outside the Wanaque First Aid Building 5 Melrose Ave Wanaque Nj 41.052381,-74.28655 None
911-0245 9/11 Memorial Park A steel artifact with memorial below that reads: God Bless America, We will always remember Those Lost on Sept 11, 2001
dedicated to John E Bulaga, Jr., Wanaque, NJ
Union Ave and Ringwood Ave Haskell NJ 41.017985,-74.296994 None
911-0246 9/11 Memorial This steel artifact and nicely engraved memorial can be found in a serene garden setting next to the front entrance of the church.

Memorial reads:
May God grant eternal rest to those who died and courage to all who seek peace. In memory of Robert "Robbie" Zampieri and all who died on that tragic day September 11, 2001

1799 Hamburg Turnpike Wayne NJ 40.972571,-74.264895 Other
911-0247 9/11 Memorial - St Elizabeth Church A small steel artifact is mounted on twin towers. The memorial is inscribed as follows:
This piece of steel from the World Trade Center is dedicated to the memory of the Wycoff residents lost in the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001.
700 Wyckoff Ave Wyckoff NJ 41.015398,-74.170035 Other
911-0258 9/11 Memorial Simple 9/11 memorial on the grounds of the Homer, NY FD and Town Office 41 Main St Homer NY 42.634800,-76.17859 None
911-0260 9/11 Memorial Memorial 9/11 Cross Cut From The World Trade Center New York City 9/11/01 - Memorial on church grounds and access may be limited during mass 10755 North 124th. St. Scottsdale AZ 33.585931,-111.813153 Private Property
911-0265 9/11 Memorial 9/11 memorial near the Kings Mountain Volunteer Fire Brigade building contains a piece of steel from the World Trade Center. 13899 Skyline Boulevard Woodside CA 37.436017,-122.320433 None
911-0268 Madison FD 9/11 Memorial this memorial includes two pieces of steel set vertically, side by side. 26 N Center St Rexburg ID 43.826927,-111.783785 None
911-0270 9/11 Memorial This memorial is located in the International Peace Garden on the border between North Dakota, United States, and Manitoba, Canada. The memorial is made up of ten pieces of WTC steel and is situated between the Peace Chapel and Bell Tower. 10939 Highway 281 Dunseith ND 48.998925,-100.063574 Other
911-0295 9/11 Memorial Pavilion Stone pavilion constructed on the front lawn of the Tewksbury Public Library and is surrounded by a walkway that contains 2,973 bricks, or pavers, each one bearing the name of a victim who perished as a result of the attacks Main and Chandler Streets Tewksbury MA 42.606583,-71.225868 None
911-0303 9/11 Memorial A 9/11 Memorial at the Blake School's Spirit Plaza next to their football stadium 110 Blake Rd S Hopkins MN 44.922830,-93.39066 School
911-0307 9/11 Memorial is part of the Freedom Walk in George Washington Park by the library 110 S Silver St Centralia WA 46.716122,-122.956306 None
911-0308 9/11 Memorial on a bumpout on the Roosevelt Hwy between South Hero and Sand Bar State Park, memorial flag and pole to those who lost their lives in the attacks of September 11, 2001 Roosevelt Hwy Milton - South Hero VT 44.628880,-73.24853 None
911-0317 9/11 Memorial Aka the "Teardrop Memorial" - Open daily from dawn to dusk - Monument gifted by the Russian government as a memorial to the victims of the 9/11 attacks. 51 Port Terminal Blvd Bayonne NJ 40.663713,-74.069246 Park
911-0322 9/11 Memorial Monument with artifact from the World Trade Center Hermann Rd and Willow Ave North Bruswick Township NJ 40.467402,-74.457431 None
911-0329 9/11 Memorial pocket park with large 9/11 memorial plaque N Main St and Lewis St Kennesaw GA 34.024132,-84.615104 None
911-0340 9/11 Memorial Found in Silver Park, this symbolic memorial is a completely unique design and the only one in the country made with aluminum debris 2930 S Union Ave Alliance OH 40.893500,-81.10336 None
911-0344 9/11 Memorial Benches Freedom Memorial Park next to American Legion Post 357 - War memorial and 9/11 memorial benches S R 1033 and Bogart ST Hallstead PA 41.969530,-75.751399 None
911-0377 9/11 Memorial 9/11 Memorial is in front of Fire Headquarters in Newton Centre with a piece of the Towers Steel 1164 Centre St Newton Centre MA 42.332645,-71.193704 None
911-0382 9/11 Memorial - The Eternal Flame monument and a plaque and in front ofCity Hall in the capitol district of downtown Honolulu 520 S King St Honolulu HI 21.305040,-157.857665 None
911-0398 9/11 Memorial Firefighters Park, two concrete towers about four feet tall,with a piece of steel from the north tower 2500 Rock Island Rd Margate FL 26.258724,-80.221671 None
911-0407 9/11 Memorial 9/11 Memorial at Windermere - Windermere Town Hall grounds 520 Main St Windermere FL 28.494726,-81.535504 None
911-0413 9/11 Memorial Memorial located between the Bakersfield Fire and Police Department 1315 Buena Vista Rd Bakersfield CA 35.343019,-119.128561 None
911-0421 9/11 Memorial "9/11 A Day To Remember - polished granite memorial honors the victims and first responders of 9/11 133 W Baltimore St. Taneytown MD 39.663238,-77.180692 None
911-0423 9/11 Memorial Memorial plaque on the base of the flagpole on the Huerfano County Courthouse lawn E 4th and Main Sts. Walsenburg CO 37.624745,-104.78166 None
911-0425 9/11 Memorial Located in historic Wright Park, Dodge City’s Liberty Garden was designed as a place of remembrance and solitude. 108 4th Ave Dodge City KS 37.749689,-100.02073 None
911-0435 9/11 Memorial Steel from the towers in front of Dennis FD Headquarters Station Dennis Fire Dept HQ 883 Main St West Dennis MA 41.667777,-70.150591 None
911-0458 9/11 Memorial - Cemetery Near the entrance to Highland Memorial Park - Cemetery location - Dawn to Dusk 33100 N Hunt Club Rd Libertyville IL 42.343467,-87.964333 None
911-0459 9/11 Memorial - Marine Corps League Aero Park Aero Park - 907 Boomer Street Watertown WI 43.174283,-88.717783 None
911-0476 9/11 Memorial Steel Artifact incorporated in memorial sculpture in front of Pinellas Suncoast Fire & Rescue Bldg 304 1st St Indian Rocks Beach FL 27.881160,-82.84976 None
911-0479 9/11 Memorial - SITE CLOSED CLOSED - NOT AVAILABLE - NOT BEING SCORED AT THIS TIME- Memorial adjacent veterans memorial in Tropical Park - Walking required - Sunrise to Sunset 7900 SW 40th St Miami FL 25.728442,-80.321503 Park
911-0480 9/11 Memorial "All Gave Some, Some Gave All" memorial on Nanticoke Fire Department corner 2 E Ridge St Nanticoke PA 41.199295,-76.001372 None
911-0498 9/11 Memorial Located in Baumann Park, memorial with artifact Baumann Park Cherry Valley IL 42.230989,-88.957905 Park
911-0508 9/11 Memorial inside front door of Fire Department 1000 N Midlothian Rd Mundelein IL 42.278983,-88.019492 Office
911-0514 9/11 Memorial - Freedom Park Freedom Memorial and World Trade Center Steel - hours 8am to Sunset 1515 Golden Gate Pkwy Naples FL 26.173999,-81.787798 Park
911-0522 9/11 Memorial - WE WILL REMEMBER Memorial in median of access road to MINNTAC, mine that provided most of the iron used for the World Trade Center 8819 Old Highway 169 Mountain Iron MN 47.539006,-92.614452 None
911-0530 9/11 Memorial - San Angelo 9/11 with charred artifact - Tiered Plaza by the Concho River 18 E Ave A San Angelo TX 31.457868,-100.432754 None
911-0531 9/11 Memorial 9/11 Memorial - Mt Tabor Park 1550 E Paulding Dr Dallas GA 33.946544,-84.770893 None
911-0557 9/11 Memorial Parking lot entrance to the Peter & Julie Cummings Library, steel artifact from the WTC is part of this 9/11 memorial 2551 SW Matheson Ave Palm City FL 27.173814,-80.277321 None
911-0574 9/11 Memorial Florida State Fire College - A simple plaque reminds us of the number of Firefighters that gaves their lives to save others 11655 NW Gainesville Rd Ocala FL 29.320677,-82.194756 None
911-0578 9/11 Memorial Memorial Plaque at the entrance to Eternal Valley Memorial Park & Mortuary 23287 Sierra Hwy Santa Clarita - Newhall CA 34.362622,-118.507946 Cemetery
911-0593 9/11 Memorial Plaque Memorial Plaque at the base of the flag pole 300 N Railroad Ave Lake Park GA 30.683057,-83.182133 None
911-0595 IN HONOR AND REMEMBRANCE 9/11 Memorial Plaque Woodmen of the World Plaque - mounted on flag pole base by the Veterans Memorial - Laton Hill VFD Laton Hill VFD 44 Nathan Jordan Rd Chatom AL 31.488805,-88.368845 None
911-0604 9/11 Memorial memorial by the flag pole at The Waters Edge Lighthouse near the boat launch 2 Freemans Bridge Road Glenville- Schenectady NY 42.831379,-73.930266 None
911-0617 9/11 Memorial - Plantation FD Memorial with artifact next to the Volunteer Firefighter Memorial - Central FD 550 NW 65th Ave Plantation FL 26.128422,-80.236655 None
911-0630 9/11 Memorial Twin Tower Memorial in green space near the Verona Municipal Building - east side of park 600 Bloomfield Avenue Verona NJ 40.832225,-74.245786 None
911-0632 9/11 Memorial Global War on Terrorism - Twin Towers New York Etching - Veterans Park Veterans Park Dr & Don Michael Dr Florence AL 34.812258,-87.62378 None
911-0634 IN HONOR AND REMEMBRANCE 9/11 Memorial Plaque Woodmen of the World Plaque - mounted on flag pole base - Center Community Center 682 Center Rd SE Cartersville GA 34.199356,-84.741279 None
911-0637 9/11 Memorial - King-Lockhart Park 9/11 artifact in King Lockhart Park - south end 10609 S Western Ave Chicago IL 41.700090,-87.681071 None
911-0638 9/11 Memorial Memorial with artifact outside the Crazy Horse Memorial visitors center 12151 Ave of the Chiefs West Custer Township SD 43.827648,-103.632087 Park
911-0641 9/11 Memorial Plaque Memorial plaque at the base of the flagpoles on the east side of City Hall E Laurens St and N Harper St Laurens SC 34.499826,-82.013654 None
911-0643 9/11 Memorial - Midway Fire Rescue "Lest We Forget" Memorial with artifact next to the Fire Department 67 St Paul's Pl Pawleys Island SC 33.486103,-79.098537 None
911-0669 9/11 Memorial Memorial Garden with artifact facing Germonds Rd - North side of Albertus Magnus High School 798 NY-304 Bardonia NY 41.120568,-73.992059 None
911-0671 9/11 Memorial - Montezuma FD This memorial location is in front of the Montezuma City Offices and Fire Department. It includes a WTC artifact and plaque, mounted on piece of limestone. 501 E Main St Montezuma IA 41.585515,-92.522189 None
911-0677 9/11 Memorial - WE WILL NEVER FORGET Memorial plaque near the entrance to Battleship Cove 5 Water St Fall River MA 41.704771,-71.162069 None
911-0682 9/11 Memorial - Darlington Volunteer Fire Co Memorial with artifact in front of the Darlington Volunteer Fire Co 1520 Whiteford Rd Dublin - Street MD 39.648165,-76.266916 None
911-0686 9/11 Memorial The base of the flag pole serves as a memorial to those who perished on 9/11. It is shaped a pentagon to honor those members of service who died in Washington attack. Around the stone is listed the countries of the victims. 305 E Church St Laurinburg NC 34.772928,-79.45974 None
911-0693 9/11 Memorial - Loma Linda Fire Station 251 Memorial with artifact in front of Loma Linda Fire Station 251 11325 Loma Linda Dr Loma Linda CA 34.047593,-117.247829 None
911-0694 9/11 Memorial Homemade 9/11 memorial, viewable from a public street 24/7. 400 Benjamin St Romeo MI 42.799564,-83.024212 None
911-0732 9/11 Memorial - Sea Gate Marina Memorial with artifact on pentagon shaped base - Eagle Scout project dedicated in 2019 729 Sea Gate Dr Newport - Sea Gate NC 34.850858,-76.692376 None
911-0736 9/11 Memorial - Elkhart Fire Station 1 Memorial with artifact next to the entrance to Elkhart Fire Station 1 500 East St Elkhart IN 41.684400,-85.967753 None
911-0738 9/11 Memorial - Warren County Complex 9/11 Memorial located between Warren County Sheriff's and the Commns Pleas Court bldg's on Memorial Dr 500 Justice Dr Lebanon OH 39.425302,-84.199301 None
911-0740 9/11 Memorial Plaque Memorial on the grounds in front of the Boyle County Courthouse W Main St and N 4th St Danville KY 37.646070,-84.773807 None
911-0746 9/11 Memorial - inside Heartland Fire & Rescue Station 10 Memorial artifact inside the Admin Office door (east side) Heartland Fire & Rescue Station 10 7853 Central Ave Lemon Grove CA 32.738835,-117.029845 Office
911-0749 9/11 Memorial - Veterans Park Fountain Valley memorial against terrorism 17601 Los Alamos St Fountain Valley CA 33.707164,-117.950389 None
911-0762 9/11 Memorial Plaque - Med Center Memorial plaque near the entrance to the Kaiser Permanente San Jose Medical Center 250 Hospital Pkwy San Jose CA 37.239365,-121.800542 None
911-0771 9/11 Memorial Plaque - City Hall Memorial plaque by flag poles of Monterey Park City Hall 320 W Newmark Ave Monterey Park CA 34.059427,-118.125894 None
911-0773 9/11 Memorial Mural - Fire Fighters Academy Memorial Mural on the east side of the training tower - photograph from the east side outside the fence 2400 E Orangewood Ave Anaheim CA 33.795261,-117.880842 Private Property
911-0782 9/11 Memorial - West Pierce Fire and Rescue Station 31 Memorial with artifact at West Pierce Fire and Rescue Station 31 3631 Drexler Dr University Place WA 47.224728,-122.535246 None
911-0807 9/11 Memorial Mural We Will Never Forget 911 painted on retaining wall - limited parking a block away on Luedtke Ave. 1900 Rupert Blvd Racine WI 42.726911,-87.806016 Park
911-0809 9/11 Memorial Memorial with artifact in park setting 1306 Fond Du Lac Ave Kewaskum WI 43.521583,-88.229139 None
911-0820 9/11 Memorial Mural 9/11 mural on side of bldg - corner of bldg has been repaired and small part of mural is missing - 2229 E 12th St Davenport IA 41.531967,-90.544141 None
911-0831 9/11 Memorial - Pleasant Hill Library Memorial artifact - Limited hours - normally resides at the Pleasant Hill, Iowa Fire and EMS but currently located inside next door at the library during renovations until complete (est Sept 2021) 5151 Maple Drive Pleasant Hill IA 41.597376,-93.514823 Office
911-0834 9/11 Memorial - Conor Park Memorial with artifact at Conor Park 650 McLean Ave Yonkers NY 40.909074,-73.878219 None
911-0838 IN HONOR AND REMEMBRANCE 9/11 Memorial Plaque Woodmen of the World Plaque - mounted on flag pole base in front of Piney Fire Department 1 5368 Old Tennessee 111 Spencer TN 35.623866,-85.454804 None
911-0841 9/11 Memorial - Iowa Falls Fire Station Memorial artifact located inside the Iowa Falls Fire Station - Daytime hours recommended 218 S River St Iowa Falls IA 42.514556,-93.270528 Office
911-0866 9/11 Memorial - Bosselman Travel Center Memorial with artifact inside in a display case in the hallway between the truck stop and the attached Thunder Road Grill 3335 W Wood River Rd Grand Island NE 40.830702,-98.380536 Other
911-0869 9/11 Memorial - Dracut Fire Depart Memorial with artifact in front of Dracut Fire Department-Station 2 15 Jones Ave Dracut MA 42.686406,-71.274162 None
911-0880 9/11 Memorial - Naval Station Fire Dept/ Police Dept Memorial with artifact in front of the Naval Station Fire Dept/ Police Dept - military base restrictions apply 1 Simonpietri Dr Newport - RI 41.527470,-71.309462 None
911-0886 9/11 Memorial Bench - Bentley Library Memorial Bench for Capt. Giammona by the entrance to the Bentley Memorial Library 206 Bolton Center Rd Bolton CT 41.771592,-72.435345 None
911-0896 9/11 Memorial - Holmdel Fire Company #2 Memorial with artifact in front between the bay doors of the Holmdel Fire Company #2 11 Centerville Rd Holmdel NJ 40.411256,-74.156456 None
911-0898 9/11 Memorial - SJ AFB Fire Station (inside) 343 Memorial Helment - Display case in the Seymour Johnson AFB Fire Station lobby - military base Jabara Ave Seymour Johnson AFB - Goldsbor NC 35.345083,-77.963216 Military Base
911-0901 9/11 Memorial - Watch Hill Fire Department Memorial artifact nestled in among the collection of the fire hydrants - north side parking area 222 Watch Hill Rd Westerly RI 41.317640,-71.848332 None
911-0905 9/11 Memorial - Heard County Complex Memorial with artifact by the Heard County Fire & Emergency Services Headquarters Bldg 11816 GA-100 Franklin GA 33.291410,-85.117184 None
911-0925 9/11 Memorial - Namozine Vol Fire Dept Memorial with artifact in front of the Namozine Vol Fire Department 3913 Pelham St Petersburg VA 37.218161,-77.456893 None
911-0934 9/11 Memorial 9/11 memorial artifact is at the end of Pier 86 behind the Concorde. Refer to linked URL for admission and hours. Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum 640 W 46th St New York NY 40.765556,-74.002282 Museum
911-0935 9/11 Memorial 9/11 memorial with mural, gazebo and pentagon shaped stone plaque 1143 E Main St (New Road & E Main Street) Shrub Oak NY 41.329551,-73.830628 None
911-0937 9/11 Memorial On the grounds of Greymoor, Franciscan Friars of the Atonement - a Cross constructed of steel and ash from the WTC 40 Franciscan Way Garrison NY 41.351218,-73.919198 Private Property
911-0938 9/11 Memorial - Riverfront Green Park Memorial with steel artifact and firefighter memorial along the Hudson River in Peekskill NY Hudson Ave Peekskill NY 41.285696,-73.931592 None
911-0946 9/11 Memorial - Providence Volunteer Fire Co Memorial with artifact at the rear of the Providence Volunteer Fire Co 1416 Providence Rd Towson MD 39.423359,-76.564886 None
911-0955 9/11 Memorial - Omaha City Hall - On the Wings of Angels 9/11 Memorial sculpture in front of City Hall 1819 Farnam St Omaha NE 41.257396,-95.940941 None
911-0957 9/11 Memorial - Kansas Firefighters Museum (inside) Sculpture inside the museum of Mychal Judge, Chaplin for the Fire Dept being carried away by firefighters on 9/11 - Limited hours Saturday 11AM–3PM 1300 S Broadway St Wichita KS 37.669670,-97.335268 Museum
911-0963 9/11 Memorial - Castle Rock - Fire and Rescue Memorial with artifact in front of the Castle Rock Fire Dept 300 Perry St Castle Rock CO 39.372569,-104.858542 None
911-0967 ‘Reaching Through the Shadow’ 9/11 Memorial Memorial with artifact is a life-size bronze statue of a woman reaching through the shadow of grief toward a sense of hope and healing. 1/2 mile hike 1 Van Wyck St Croton-On-Hudson, NY 41.211429,-73.904772 Park
911-0970 9/11 Memorial Plaque Memorial plaque in the Scarsdale American Legion Memorial Garden 332 Mamaroneck Rd Scarsdale NY 40.979601,-73.762416 None
911-0971 9/11 Memorial - Suffern Police Department Eagle Scout project and steel artifact along with stone towers. 61 Washington Ave Suffern NY 41.114387,-74.149889 None
911-0972 9/11 Memorial - Rockland Community College A short walk to a sculpture made with steel artifacts. Tile inserts around the memorial spell out Love One Another 145 College Rd Suffern NY 41.134429,-74.085474 Park
911-0975 9/11 Memorial - Pearl River High School Memorial with steel artifacts at Pearl River High School - an Eagle Scout Project and a Girl Scout Gold Award Project 275 E Central Ave Pearl River NY 41.062060,-74.009842 None
911-0980 9/11 Memorial - CVCVAC Eagle Scout Project & steel 9/11 artifact at Congers - Valley Cottage Volunteer Ambulance Corps Inc 122 Kings Hwy Congers NY 41.143083,-73.946389 None
911-0984 9/11 Memorial - Liberty Park simple memorial dedicated to the residents of White Plains who perished on 9/11 Lake St & Horton Mill Rd White Plains NY 41.044050,-73.750381 None
911-0985 9/11 Memorial Plaque - American Legion small plaque at the base of the statue of liberty in front of American Legion Walter L Fox Post 2 835 S Bay Rd Dover DE 39.147129,-75.500988 None
911-0996 9/11 Memorial - 101st Airborne Division HQ 9/11 Memorial display with small artifact inside HQ Lobby hallway. Mon thru Fri, 0900 to 1700. 2700 Indiana Ave Fort Campbell KY 36.642926,-87.455109 Military Base
911-1000 9/11 Memorial - Massachusetts Department of Fire Services Memorial with artifact - Escort required to visit secured rear courtyard where this memorial is located - 2 photos requred 1 State Rd Stow MA 42.394976,-71.47624 Private Property
911-1005 9/11 Memorial Inside the lobby - 9/11 Memorial includes multiple artifacts - Ring bell for access to area with display 2420 Fontaine Ave Ext Charlottesville VA 38.025883,-78.520399 Office
911-1015 9/11 Memorial Plaque Memorial Park in Saddle River has a monument at the base of the flagpole honoring 9/11 Memorial Park E Allendale Rd & E Saddle River Rd Saddle River NJ 41.031703,-74.099813 Park
911-1017 9/11 Memorial - Community Park Kiwanis 9/11 Memorial - Five residents of Chester, NY, plus all who died that day in the Towers, Pentagon, and in Pennsylvania are honored on two aluminum towers and plaques. 19 Vadala Rd Chester NY 41.358567,-74.271818 None
911-1025 9/11 Memorial In a park type setting across from the Fire Department, a memorial inspired by the Heroes of September 11th 357 Tequesta Dr Tequesta FL 26.958990,-80.093108 Park
911-1032 Riverwalk 9/11 Monument 221 SW 1st Ave CU-1 Fort Laudeerdale FL 26.118750,-80.144500 None
911-1038 9/11 Memorial - Ocean Springs City Fire Department Memorial Display is located inside in the Fire House - If door is not open, ring the bell. 1018 Porter Ave Ocean Springs MS 30.409048,-88.764355 Office
911-1047 9/11 Memorial Plaque Memorial Plaque by the entrance to the funeral home by the flag pole Davis Funeral Home 6200 S Eastern Ave Las Vegas NV 36.078598,-115.118336 Private Property
911-1050 Fireman's Park 9/11 Memorial artifact located in Fireman's Park - Green space on Borough of Hopatcong lawn Hopatchung Rd and River Styx Rd Hopatcong NJ 40.933670,-74.659847 None
911-1059 9/11 Memorial - Bill Howard Memorial Park 1135 W Main St Louisville KY 38.258344,-85.769600 Park
911-1065 9/11 Memorial - Fireman's Park Fireman's Park 727 Front St Union Beach NJ 40.449269,-74.167645 Park
911-1080 9/11 Memorial - Mountain Home An artifact from the Twin Towers is suspended between two 6-foot-tall concrete pillars designed to look like the Twin Towers sitting on a base that has the words “Never Forget” Veterans Plaza 614 S Main St Mountain Home AR 36.335207,-92.385679 Park
911-1093 9/11 Memorial - Nanuet This stone memorial to Nanuet residents who lost their lives on 9/11 is found far SW corner of the parking lot behind the Middle School. Nanuet Middle School 143 Church St Nanuet NY 41.088463,-74.001719 School
911-1105 9/11 Memorial Plaque Dedicated to the two Washington Township residents who perished in the attacks, a plaque is affixed to a stone in Veterans Square behind the Washington Twp Police Department. 352 Pascack Rd Township of Washington NJ 40.987145,-74.063820 None
911-1106 9/11 Memorial Plaque Memorial plaque attached to a boulder, located behind shrubbery near the southwest corner (Dayton St) of this park, remembers local residents who perished at the WTC Van Neste Square Memorial Park Dayton St and Oak St Ridgewood NJ 40.978619,-74.117900 Park
911-1108 9/11 Memorial Plaque - Haverstraw Village Hall A Day Not To Be Forgotten 9/11 memorial outside of the Haverstraw Village Hall Haverstraw Village Hall 40 New Main St Haverstraw NY 41.196560,-73.966316 None
911-1111 9/11 Memorial - Oradell FD A square shaped steel artifact is flanked by fire plug fountains in the center of a brick walkway. Oradell Fire Department 335 Kinderkamack Rd Oradell NJ 40.952056,-74.032162 None
911-1121 9/11 Memorial 9/11 Memorial next to the entrance to the City Hall parking lot Village Hall 7607 College Drive Palos Heights IL 41.674636,-87.807589 None
911-1124 9/11 Memorial - Oak Creek FD 9/11 Memorial in Oak Creek,WI in front of the Oak Creek fire department. Oak Creek Fire Department 7000 S 6th St Oak Creek WI 42.916917,-87.919228 None
911-1142 Global War on Terrorism Memorial Ross Plaza Park 1500 Ross Loop DuPont WA 47.09149,-122.64292 Park
911-1150 9/11 Memorial Memorial in front of Fire Department includes WTC steel artifact Washington Fire Co 1800 Burlington Ave Delanco NJ 40.055330,-74.943370 None
911-1154 Hoboken 9/11 Memorial A place to honor and to remember the fifty-six citizens of Hoboken killed in the attacks of September 11, 2001. Pier A Park 1st St and Sinatra Dr Hoboken NJ 40.737191,-74.027327 Park
911-1159 May We Never Forget Fair Haven Fire Department 3 North Park Place Fair Haven VT 43.595055,-73.266968 None
911-1160 Sayreville 9/11 Memorial Burke's Park 630 Washington Road Sayreville NJ 40.462605,-74.324362 Park
911-1188 North Attleborough 9/11 Memorial Obelisk Washington and Park St Median North Attleborough MA 41.98938,-71.331007 None
911-1191 Kalamazoo 9/11 Memorial Plaque Bronson Park 200 South Rose Street Kalamazoo MI 42.290222,-85.584881 Park
911-1199 FDNY Miniature - Sept 11 Memorial Perrysburg Fire Station 38 140 W Indiana Ave Perrysburg OH 41.55615,-83.629742 None
911-1214 9/11 Memorial Plaque - Gaffney FD Gaffney Fire Department 205 North Limestone Street Gaffney SC 35.074114,-81.648519 None
911-1226 9-11 Memorial - Giddings FD Pair of artifacts, mounted on a pentagon shaped concrete base, are included in this memorial located in front of the Giddings Fire Department Giddings Fire Department 151 W Independence St Giddings TX 30.189674,-96.936431 None
911-1234 9-11 Memorial - Orlando FD Memorial artifact inside the Fire Station lobby Orlando Fire Dept 53 W Central Blvd Orlando FL 28.541959,-81.380238 Office
911-1238 9-11 Memorial - Safety Harbor FD Safety Harbor Fire Department 737 Main St Safety Harbor FL 27.990636,-82.694644 None
911-1261 9-11 Memorial The sculpture, which is in the Sunset Beach Town Park, contains a piece of steel from one of the Twin Towers. Sunset Beach Park 206 Sunset Blvd N Sunset Beach NC 33.884203,-78.510497 Park
911-1275 9-11 Memorial Memorial overlooking the Hudson River towards Manhattan River View Park 7800 Boulevard E North Bergen NJ 40.797472,-73.997682 Park
911-1278 9/11 Memorial - Calverton Granite momument with a 9/11 memorial plaque 30 Riley Avenue Calverton NY 40.929004,-72.747423 Park
911-1280 9-11 Memorial - Blue Freedom This memorial is created from a piece of concrete foundation wall originally surrounding the twin towers. Similar to its sister at the Fire Museum in Key West. VFW Post 3911 2200 N Roosevelt Ave Key West FL 24.560568,-81.779553 None
911-1287 9-11 Memorial Memorial with limestone block recovered from the Pentagon attack site, outer wall. Located about 50 yards east of the Middle East Memorial Middle East Conflicts Wall Memorial 200 Riverfront Dr Marseilles IL 41.324633,-88.711074 Park
911-1295 9-11 Memorial - Berlin This memorial is comprised of three large steel artifacts. Kensington VFD 880 Farmington Ave Berlin CT 41.633712,-72.765419 None
911-0259 9/11 Memorial Memorial consisting of two stones, one with text, the other with a depiction of the Towers. In park across the street from City Hall 203 4th Ave SE Red Bay AL 34.440530,-88.14253 None
911-0263 9/11 Memorial On south side of the Tracy Fire Dept, an authentic rivet from the World Trade Center. On the plaque around the rivet is engraved, "Lest we forget. 9.11.01. Rivet from World Trade Center." 835 N Central Ave Tracy CA 37.736917,-121.426083 None
911-0282 9/11 Memorial 9/11 memorial by Boy Scout Troop 257 located in the Veterans Memorial Tamaimi Trail and S Biscayne Dr North Port FL 27.045090,-82.24751 None
911-0292 9/11 Memorial Plaque - UNITED WE STAND UNITED WE STAND plaque at the base of the flagpole at the W R Hatfield Elementary School 2051 Texan Dr Justin TX 33.029943,-97.31779 School
911-0300 9/11 Memorial Memorial located in Hagerstown City Park includes a twisted steel beam from the World Trade Center. Highland Ave and Key St Hagerstown MD 39.639024,-77.73077 None
911-0323 9/11 Memorial Monument with artifact from the World Trade Center 100 Top of the World Way Green Brook Township NJ 40.605761,-74.497244 None
911-0337 9/11 Memorial Sundial Located in Freedom Park - a simple plaque attached to a square piece of granite on the ground in front of the gigantic boulder which reads: September 11, 2001 Remember, Reflect, Respond 86 Union St Medford NJ 39.896741,-74.832953 None
911-0346 9/11 Memorial Memorial to 911 and the fallen Heroes including plaque honoring Michael Scott Carlo College Drive and S Prospect St Nanticoke PA 41.191752,-75.997203 None
911-0351 9/11 Memorial - TO LIFT A NATION TO LIFT A NATION sculpture by Stan Watts - a recreation of the famous photo by Thomas E. Franklin taken at Ground Zero on 9/11 and is dedicated to all the firefighters that died in the tragedy
Nearby, in the same park is the National Fallen Firefighters Memorial. A stone monument with the traditional symbol of the fire service, a Maltese Cross on top and an eternal flame at the base built in 1981.

NOTE: This location is a FEMA training facility on federal property and changes in security may affect visiting hours. Call 301-447-1000 for current information. Access to the memorials, located about 1/4 mile from the gate, is accessible only on foot at the time of this writing.
16825 S Seton Ave Emmitsburg MD 39.694273,-77.326556 Park
911-0353 9/11 Memorial Hazlet Township 9/11 Memorial honors twelve residents or former residents of Hazlet who perished in the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center. 1776 Union Ave Hazlet NJ 40.421481,-74.159575 None
911-0356 Meredith L. Whalen Memorial Bench Located in Heritage Park, which is open 6AM - 10PM, daily. Bench dedicated to Meredith Whalen, who was kill in the World Trade Center on 9/11. 1150 S Canton Center Rd Canton MI 42.298197,-83.490514 Park
911-0363 9/11 First Responders Last Call Memorial Toledo Memorial Park - Access 8:30AM-4:30PM - The memorial was dedicated on September 10th, 2016. The cornerstone of the section is a surviving beam from the wreckage of the World Trade Center that serves as a symbol and reminder of a first responder 6382 Monroe St Sylvania OH 41.723083,-83.692083 Cemetery
911-0366 9/11 Memorial Liberty Park - A 9/11 Memorial I-beam and tribute to Veterans and First Responders 315 S Main St Burns WY 41.188790,-104.35883 None
911-0370 9/11 Memorial Small granite memorial to the victims of 9/11 located at the front of the Cicero, NY Fire Department. 5761 W Seymour St Cicero NY 43.175620,-76.120421 None
911-0372 9/11 Memorial - Gainesville Fire Department NEW HOME - A short section of metal from the World Trade Center is displayed in front of the Gainesville Firehouse. 308 N Culberson St Gainesville TX 33.627175,-97.150429 None
911-0373 9/11 Memorial Memorial Tribute Garden - Enfield Fire Station - Include steel beams 199 Weymouth Rd Enfield CT 41.948486,-72.566395 None
911-0384 9/11 Memorial Section of Steel from Twin Towers in the Ackerman Jr High Peace Garden - best time to visit during NON-School hours 350 SE 13th Ave Canby OR 45.252904,-122.684576 School
911-0391 9/11 Memorial Rutherford County Sheriff's Office grounds - 3,000-pound I-beam from the North Tower with three posts supporting the beam. Each representative of the firefighters, law enforcement officers and emergency medical personnel who all gave their lives. 940 New Salem Hwy Murfreesboro TN 35.837048,-86.411469 None
911-0403 9/11 Memorial Memorial adjacent to Fenton FD - South lawn 205 E Caroline St Fenton MI 42.796756,-83.703116 None
911-0405 9/11 Memorial Freezeout Hill Memorial Hwy ID 16 Emmett ID 43.844205,-116.468169 None
911-0408 9/11 Memorial Lukens Steel's Steelworkers 9/11 Memorial - access from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Blvd facing parking lot 52 South 1st Avenue Coatsville PA 39.980950,-75.82354 None
911-0414 9/11 Memorial Steel Beam in front of Fire Station 2 - Dedicated to Honor and Remember Those Who Lost Their Lives Auburn Fire Station 902 S Grandstaff Drive Auburn IN 41.362064,-85.07097 None
911-0415 9/11 Memorial Daniel Crisman Park - Privately sponsored and maintained - Open 24/7 - also includes memorial as a tribute to the 343 Firefighters who gave their lives to save others. 2300 Ridge Rd Montrose PA 41.801742,-75.898112 None
911-0417 9/11 Citizen Soldier Monument This memorials honors the Citizen Soldier on 9/11 - Firefighters, EMT’s, Police Officers, Nurses, Doctors and others who came to the aid of those in need - River Country Plaza Truck Stop 641 Hwy 27 South Cadott WI 44.936884,-91.146792 None
911-0428 9/11 Memorial Two pieces of steel from ground zero - Veterans Memorial Center Brevard Veterans Memorial Center 400 S Sykes Creek Pkwy Merritt Island FL 28.351384,-80.682818 Park
911-0430 9/11 Memorial Ferry Ride required to access this simple memorial in front of Anderson Island General Store 10202 Eckenstam Johnson Rd Anderson Island WA 47.165100,-122.6995 Private Property
911-0433 9/11 Memorial in front of the Centerville-Osterville-Marstons Mills Fire-Rescue and Emergency Services Bldg 1875 Falmouth Road Centerville MA 41.655772,-70.35521 None
911-0447 9/11 Memorial We Will Never Forget Memorial adjacent to Lisbon Town Hall - Includes steel artifact W234N8676 Woodside Road Lisbon WI 43.174538,-88.21118 None
911-0456 9/11 Memorial - Never Forget Memorial Park adjacent to the Waucaonda Village Police Department Memorial Park 309 S Main St Wauconda IL 42.258296,-88.139103 None
911-0471 9/11 Memorial Steel artifact in neighborhood traffic island 401 Long Beach Road Island Park NY 40.607207,-73.654529 None
911-0477 9/11 Memorial Memorial located in Friendship Park 16434 Redington Dr Redington Beach FL 27.814984,-82.81772 None
911-0507 9/11 Memorial A 110-foot flag pole (representing the 110 floors of the World Trade Center) with a 30-foot by 50-foot American flag. 2655 Sycamore Dr. Morris IL 41.385001,-88.422942 None
911-0512 9/11 Memorial - Livingston Field Remembers some local little league coaches lost in the Tower collapse. Downtown area Livingston Field Park Leavitt and Polk Sts Chicago IL 41.871589,-87.681314 None
911-0518 9/11 Memorial - King of Prussia Fire Company Memorial next to King of Prussia Fire Company include steel artifacts 170 Allendale Road King of Prussia PA 40.091252,-75.383407 None
911-0520 9/11 Memorial - Gardens at Olive Branch Cemetery North end of the X shaped percola, pentagon shape raised bed with eternal flame and Twin Tower Steel 1605 South State Road 135 Greenwood IN 39.594225,-86.158462 None
911-0534 9/11 Memorial - We will never forget Memorial Fountain - National Memorial Park (cemetery) 7482 Lee Hwy. Falls Church VA 38.876269,-77.199402 Cemetery
911-0542 9/11 Memorial - includes steel artifact Memorial Garden on east side of the Indian Harbor Beach VFD Station 56 1116 Pine Tree Dr. Indian Harbour Beach FL 28.152167,-80.594265 None
911-0545 9/11 Memorial Twin Tower artifact - Historic Letterkenny Chapel and Franklin County Veterans and 9/11 Memorial Park 2171 Carbough Ave Chambersburg PA 39.996110,-77.656281 None
911-0546 9/11 Memorial - Elmwood Park Glass sculpture is formed from shards of broken glass fused into a replica of one of the World Trade Center towers. 71 Main St. Danbury CT 41.390240,-73.44801 None
911-0551 9/11 Tibute - Reflect & Remember The memorial contains a piece of steel from the World Trade Center, a block of Limestone from the Pentagon and a stone from Stonycreek Pennsylvania. A scale model of the trade center and story plaques are also present 12143 Buchanan Trail East Rouzerville PA 39.738629,-77.517986 None
911-0555 9/11 Memorial A piece of the World Trade Center Church Ave and Milwee St Longwood FL 28.701045,-81.350236 None
911-0562 9/11 Memorial An artifact from one of the towers adjacent to Middletown South Fire District 445 Randolph Rd Middletown CT 41.533353,-72.629958 None
911-0569 9/11 Memorial - We Will Never Forget Memorial at the base of flag pole, next to Palatka City Hall 201 N 2nd St Palatka FL 29.647608,-81.629555 None
911-0572 9/11 Memorial Memorial Park - short walk to memorial that honors hero of Flight 93 5001 Bollinger Canyon Rd San Ramon CA 37.758754,-121.968445 None
911-0584 9/11 Whale Sculptures Consist of 4 large whales named Glory, Hope, Faith, and Grace and large American Flag - Daytime visit recommended - The front yard sculptures can be viewed from the parking lot across the street. 2546 Centerville Tallahassee FL 30.484973,-84.229616 Private Property
911-0605 9/11 Memorial Small park with two steel railroad lines salvaged from debris below the Twin Towers and monument next to the Town Hall Front St and Bath St Ballston Spa NY 43.002584,-73.851171 None
911-0621 9/11 Memorial Plaque 9/11 Memorial Plaque included in the Lordsburg Memorial Park 4th and Main Sts. Lordsburg NM 32.348130,-108.70894 None
911-0622 9/11 Memorial 9/11 Memorial in the Old Glory Memorial park - next to Statue of Liberty 9550 Gateway N Blvd El Paso TX 31.883566,-106.439127 None
911-0633 IN HONOR AND REMEMBRANCE 9/11 Memorial Plaque Woodmen of the World Plaque - mounted on flag pole base - Hamilton Crossing Park 109 Kingston Hwy 293 NW Cartersville GA 34.233323,-84.865179 None
911-0655 Medford Lakes 9/11 Memorial Small park setting near municipal cabin - includes artifact from the WTC on pedestal sitting on pentagon shaped base Stokes Road and Minnetonka Trail Medford Lakes NJ 39.862651,-74.805149 None
911-0665 9/11 Memorial Memorial artifact - south west lawn of St Paul's On the Green St Paul Place and Park Street Norwalk CT 41.120142,-73.408019 None
911-0668 9/11 Memorial - Woodbridge Volunteer Fire Department Memorial with artifact in front of Woodbridge Volunteer Fire Department 100 Center Rd Woodbridge CT 41.352779,-73.01189 None
911-0673 IN HONOR AND REMEMBRANCE 9/11 Memorial Plaque Woodmen of the World Plaque - mounted on flag pole base in front of Holly Springs Baptist Church Cemetery 11001 Long Creek Hwy Westminster SC 34.701984,-83.191536 None
911-0685 Scotland County 9/11 Memorial The monument shaped to represent the twin towers. A plaque is attached to the stone and commemorates the locations of the terrorist attack on the United States. 212 Biggs St Laurinburg NC 34.775617,-79.460283 None
911-0702 Freedom's Steadfast Angel of Love Sculpture representing peace and hope - incorporates WTC steel, pieces of fire equipment and rocks from the Flight 93 crash site. 23 W Calle Concordia Oro Valley - Tucson AZ 32.375498,-110.968485 None
911-0706 9/11 Memorial Plaque 9/11 memorial plaque with a small piece of the Pentagon inside a display case in the US Veterans Memorial Museum 2060A Airport Rd SW Huntsville AL 34.692082,-86.585983 Museum
911-0720 9/11 Memorial Memorial with artifact in front of the Mastic Fire Department Sub Station 1 Sunrise Service Rd N Shirley NY 40.809050,-72.859989 None
911-0735 9/11 Memorial - Osolo Twp Fire Department Memorial with artifact adjacent to the Osolo Twp Fire Department - west side of bldg 24936 Buddy St Elkhart IN 41.722104,-85.945904 None
911-0737 9/11 Memorial - Kettering Central Park Sculpture made from Indiana limestone and welded steel is a memorial to the attack on the WTC Lincoln Park Blvd and Ackerman Blvd Kettering - Dayton OH 39.696704,-84.153946 None
911-0768 9/11 Memorial - Chandler Fire Department Memorial artifact in covered breezeway, near entrance to the Chandler Fire Department Admin Bldg 151 E Boston St Chandler AZ 33.302159,-111.838967 None
911-0777 9/11 Memorial - Provo Fire Department Station #3 "We Will Never Forget Our Heroes" memorial adjacent to Fire Station facing the Provo River 601 Columbia Ln Provo UT 40.250989,-111.669815 None
911-0787 9/11 Memorial Plaque - Goat Hill Scenic Overlook Memorial plaque on the base of the flagpole at Goat Hill Scenic Overlook 140 N 5th St Raton NM 36.904294,-104.445024 Park
911-0789 9/11 Memorial - Ft Douglas Military Museum Utah Fallen Warrior Memorial 9/11 Sculpture 32 Potter St SLC - Fort Douglas UT 40.763793,-111.833009 Museum
911-0791 9/11 Memorial Plaque - New Brighton Public Safety Memorial Plaque in front of the flag poles of the New Brighton Public Safety Bldg 785 Old Hwy 8 NW New Brighton MN 45.062497,-93.192985 None
911-0795 9/11 Memorial Waterfront Park The 9/11 Memorial includes an artifact is dedicated to all those touched by the events of September 11, 2001. Hours 400 N. Francis St. Port Angeles WA 48.116585,-123.418124 Park
911-0802 9/11 Memorial Memorial in green space on the east side of the the Sugar Creek Police Department - facing N Sterling Ave 1001 Heroes Way Sugar Creek MO 39.118957,-94.444669 None
911-0815 9/11 Memorial - Gouverneur Village Park 9/11 Memorial Plaque on arch in the Gouverneur Village Park Main St and Church St Gouverneur NY 44.335381,-75.467816 Construction
911-0816 9/11 Memorial - Phillips County courthouse 911 memorial with artifact on the SW corner of the Phillips County courthouse lawn 301 State St Phillipsburg KS 39.756174,-99.324269 None
911-0833 9/11 Memorial - Welcome Home Veterans Memorial artifact B-0023 inside the Welcome Home Veterans at Richard's Coffee Shop - Mon Sat 7am 3pm
The artifact is now on display in the store front window.
165 N Main St Mooresville NC 35.583183,-80.81161 Private Property
911-0842 9/11 Memorial - Medina Fire Department Station 1 Memorial with artifact on lawn just south of the Medina Fire Department 300 W Reagan Pkwy Medina OH 41.155192,-81.869043 None
911-0843 9/11 Memorial - Stow City Hall Memorial with artifact in front of City Hall under the flag pole 3760 Darrow Rd Stow OH 41.167652,-81.441522 None
911-0854 9/11 Memorial - Glasgow Fire Department Memorial with artifact in front of the Glasgow Fire Department - aka "Emergency Responders Memorial" 203 S Broadway St Glasgow KY 36.994173,-85.91173 None
911-0861 9/11 Memorial - Brewster Fire Department An Eagle Scout Project by Andrew Gordon - Memorial with artifact in garden setting on the north lawn of the Brewster Fire Department 515 NY-312 Brewster NY 41.433438,-73.609468 None
911-0862 9/11 Memorial Plaque - Kent Town Hall Memorial plaque on large stone near the flag pole of the Kent Town Hall 41 Kent Green Blvd Kent CT 41.726443,-73.472266 None
911-0875 9/11 Memorial - Freeport Police & Fire Dept Memorial and artifact on the northern most corner of the Police and Fire Department property Main St and West St Freeport ME 43.854511,-70.106988 None
911-0879 9/11 Memorial - Bristol Fire Department Memorial with artifact by the front door of the Bristol Fire Department. FD lieutenant mentioned that this memorial still has paper embedded in it from 9/11. 4 Annawamscutt Dr Bristol RI 41.686386,-71.261064 None
911-0881 9/11 Memorial - Patriots Memorial Memorial to Naval War College Students and Alumni Who Gave Their Lives at the Pentagon - military base restrictions apply - Cushing Rd Newport RI 41.508806,-71.328722 Military Base
911-0883 9/11 Memorial Clock SW corner of the Dawson County Courthouse lawn, clock is a memorial to the victims of September 11, 2001 N Washington St and E 7th St Lexington NE 40.779994,-99.741364 None
911-0908 IN HONOR AND REMEMBRANCE 9/11 Memorial Plaque Woodmen of the World Plaque - Left column of VFW board next to the flag pole 335 Court St Smithland KY 37.138996,-88.403699 None
911-0915 9/11 Memorial Memorial artifact inside the Legacy Museum On Main - limited hours - M-F: 9am-5pm 136 Main Street LaGrange GA 33.037503,-85.031317 Museum
911-0921 9/11 Memorial Homemade 9/11 memorial, east side of the property at the intersection of WV-891 and Dry Ridge Rd 1406 WV-891 Cameron WV 39.874742,-80.532008 None
911-0936 9/11 Memorial - Rose Hills Memorial Park Memorial with steel artifacts and a memorial plaque - Rose Hills Memorial Park 100 Mill St Putnam Valley NY 41.351364,-73.834857 Cemetery
911-0941 9/11 Memorial - Tinicum Township Fire Co Memorial located in front of the Tinicum Township Fire Co 99 Wanamaker Ave Essington PA 39.862180,-75.300841 None
911-0945 9/11 Memorial Girl Scout Plaque Memorial Park - ‘Girl Scout Rock’ Myrtle Blvd & Vine St Larchmont NY 40.934629,-73.759632 None
911-0951 9/11 Memorial Plaque - Stafford County Government Center Memorial plaque next to the entrance to the Stafford County Government Center 1300 Courthouse Rd Stafford VA 38.423217,-77.409611 None
911-0966 9/11 Memorial - Haverstraw Elks Lodge Memorial with artifact in front of Haverstraw Elks Lodge No. 877 877 Elks Dr Haverstraw NY 41.193716,-73.960452 None
911-0976 9/11 Memorial 10 foot black stone has an angled hole that will allow sunlight to reflect off a piece of the WTC at exactly 8:46 every September 11th 10 Closter Dock Rd Closter NJ 40.977969,-73.96809 None
911-0978 9/11 Memorial Plaque - Western Hwy Memorial plaque on stone by flagpole Western Hwy S (CR 15) & Bogart Place Tappan NY 41.033693,-73.952214 None
911-0981 9/11 Memorial Plaque - West Haverstraw Village Hall Memorial (Eagle Scout Project) in front of West Haverstraw Village Hall and Community Center 130 Samsondale Ave West Haverstraw NY 41.203505,-73.972435 None
911-0983 9/11 Memorial Plaque Memorial plaque on rock at Louis Engel Waterfront Park - facing the Hudson River 25 Westerly Rd Ossining NY 41.156070,-73.870029 None
911-0987 IN HONOR AND REMEMBRANCE 9/11 Memorial Plaque Woodmen of the World Plaque - mounted on flag pole base in front of Harkers Island Elementary School 1163 Island Rd Harkers Island NC 34.693724,-76.552404 None
911-0989 9/11 Memorial 1/100th scale of the original Twin Towers on pentagon shaped base - Daytime visits OK'd on private property - 6229 Harding Pike West Meade TN 36.094503,-86.880879 Private Property
911-0250 9/11 Memorial - Edgewater Fire Department Memorial with artifact on the east side of the Fire Department facing Rhode Island St. Edgewater Fire Department 1605 S Ridgewood Ave Edgewater FL 28.976145,-80.89703 None
911-1029 9/11 Memorial - PD Memorial with artifact in park like setting on the east side of the Totawa Police Department Totawa Police Department 537 Totowa Rd Totowa NJ 40.903710,-74.217307 Park
911-1043 9/11 Memorial - Wichita Airport Terminal We Will Never Forget memorial with artifact cut from item G-0143, inside the airport terminal in the public area 2277 Eisenhower Airport Pkwy Wichita KS 37.654062,-97.430822 Airport
911-1045 9/11 Memorial - Williamsburg FD S Broadway and W Val Verde Ave Williamsburg, Village of NM 33.118210,-107.287750 Park
911-1092 9/11 Memorial - Global War on Terror Paver Paver located on the base of the Veterans Bell Tower in Rising Sun, Indiana Veterans Bell Tower S. Front and 2nd Sts Rising Sun IN 38.94672,-84.85170 Park
911-1115 9/11 Memorial - Raritan Boro FD A section of steel I-beam was cut from the remains of the Twin Towers sits next to the drive of the Fire Department Raritan Boro Fire Department 611 N Thompson St Raritan NJ 40.575180,-74.634386 None
911-1117 9/11 Memorial Fountain Memorial fountain with pair of steel crosses, artifacts from the twin towers. Wilmore Park E Main St & 1st Ave Little Falls NJ 40.880658,-74.224323 Park
911-1118 9/11 Memorial - FA Squad Large artifact rests between masonry columns in front of the flagpole of the Totowa First Aid Squad Totowa First Aid Squad Mitchell Ave & Totowa Rd. Totowa NJ 40.904403,-74.213324 None
911-1119 9/11 Memorial - KofC Monument with a small artifact in front of the Knights of Columbus Knights of Columbus 400 Totowa Rd Totowa NJ 40.904965,-74.212042 None
911-1125 9/11 Memorial A Steel artifact for this 9/11 Memorial can be found behind the railing in front of West Milford Museum West Milford Museum 1477 Union Valley Rd West Milford NJ 41.129975,-74.369977 Museum
911-1141 IN HONOR AND REMEMBRANCE 9/11 Memorial Plaque Woodmen of the World Plaque - mounted on flag pole base in front of Morgantown Fire Department Morgantown Fire Department 228 S High St Morgantown WV 39.623733,-79.961383 None
911-1171 World Trade Center Monument Prince William County Government Complex 1 County Complex Court Woodbridge VA 38.679533,-77.351917 None
911-1177 9/11 Memorial Lakeland Veterans Memorial Park 141 Lake Beulah Drive Lakeland FL 28.040195,-81.966381 Park
911-1178 Orange County 9-11 Memorial Heritage Square Park 65 E Central Boulevard Orlando FL 28.54229,-81.377753 Park
911-1185 9-11 Memorial - KVFD Kensington VFD 10620 CT Ave Kensington MD 39.030122,-77.075996 None
911-1186 September 11 Memorial Plaque Charles County Office Complex 200 Baltimore St La Plata MD 38.530525,-76.981081 None
911-1196 9/11 Memorial Plaque Memorial Gardens Cemetery 18260 Coshocton Ave Mount Vernon OH 40.410769,-82.420147 Cemetery
911-1198 9/11 Memorial Ottoville Fire Department 102 W Canal St Ottoville OH 40.932441,-84.339239 None
911-1205 9/11 Memorial Plaque West Laurel Hill 215 Belmont Avenue Lower Merion Township PA 40.00983,-75.224512 Cemetery
911-1213 Never Forget - 9/11 Memorial - Hartsville FD Hartsville Fire Co 1195 York Road Warminster Township PA 40.226395,-75.094421 None
911-1216 9/11 Memorial Plaque 9/11 Memorial Plaque located next to the office entrance. Raleigh Memorial Park 7501 Glenwood Ave Raleigh NC 35.866067,-78.719942 Cemetery
911-1229 9-11 Memorial - Oak Hill FD Memorial with artifact located across from the flagpole in front of the Oak Hill Fire Station 301 Oak Hill Fire Station 301 9256 Circle Dr Austin TX 30.239356,-97.919408 None
911-1232 9-11 Memorial Memorial with artifact in plaza next to the Fire Department Jeffersontown Fire Department 10540 Watterson Trail Jeffersontown KY 38.195057,-85.563876 None
911-1236 Tarpon Springs 9-11 Memorial Tarpon Springs Public Safety Facility 444 Huey Ave Tarpon Springs FL 28.142649,-82.744483 None
911-1237 9-11 Memorial - Oldsmar FD Oldsmar Fire Department 225 Pine Ave N Oldsmar FL 28.044294,-82.670726 None
911-1247 9-11 Memorial Memorial monument at the base of the flag pole near the picnic tables. Barnes Building Parking Lot #1 Summer St and Pumphouse Rd Boston MA 42.345110,-71.040560 Private Property
911-1251 9-11 Memorial Memorial in memory of the lives lost on 9/11 - Main St and East Broadway Port Jefferson NY 40.946785,-73.069166 None
911-1252 9-11 Memorial Plaque Memorial Plaque mounted on the Veterans wall near the static displays Town Park 100 Municipal Dr. Ball LA 31.406898,-92.410349 Park
911-1260 9-11 Memorial A small granite stone has the twin towers etched on it along with an inscription:

In Memory of All those Lost on September 11, 2001
Briarcliff Manor Fire Dept. & Policemans Benevolent Assoc.

Briarcliff Manor Fire Department 1111 Pleasantville Rd Briarcliff Manor NY 41.148725,-73.828718 None
911-1263 9-11 Memorial Memorial just inside the gates to the cemetery Hillcrest Memorial Park & Mortuary 9101 Kern Canyon Rd Bakersfield CA 35.379562,-118.903154 Cemetery
911-1276 9-11 Memorial - Derby Green Memorial and steel artifact from the world trade center site Derby Green 106 Elizabeth St Derby CT 41.322185,-73.089307 Park
911-1290 IN HONOR AND REMEMBRANCE 9/11 Memorial Plaque Woodmen of the World Plaque - in front of the Church of Grady County Church of Grady County 1400 South Broad St. Cairo GA 30.861049,-84.208874 Private Property
911-1293 IN HONOR AND REMEMBRANCE 9/11 Memorial Plaque Woodmen of the World Plaque at the base of the flag pole. Moultrie Municipal Airport 189 Airport Dr Moultrie GA 31.087891,-83.805412 Airport
911-0249 9/11 Memorial - Montvale Fire Dept A memorial plaza in the driveway of the FD with benches and plaques surrounding a steel artifact. 35 W Grand Ave Montvale NJ 41.040630,-74.032327 None
911-0254 9/11 Beam Memorial Memorial to Local Flight Crew is located in front of the West Stafford Fire Department 144 W Stafford Rd Stafford CT 41.968871,-72.344215 None
911-0262 9/11 Memorial a memorial in the form of a large fire helmet the number "343" on the shield in front of their district headquarters, Fire Station 361 861 Barstow Rd Barstow CA 34.888700,-117.022756 None
911-0269 9/11 Memorial A fifteen-foot beam from the World Trade Center is lifted and surrounded by four steel circular steel loops. In front of it is a low wall with all of the names of the first responders lost on 9/11. It is adjacent to our Municipal Fallen Firefighters 1791 Shoreline Dr Boise ID 43.617639,-116.223973 None
911-0271 9/11 Memorial A piece of steel from the World Trade Center Seely Loop Carson City NV 39.170226,-119.75341 None
911-0277 9/11 Memorial In front of the Susanville FD Flag Pole, a memorial to 9/11 1505 Main St Susanville CA 40.416351,-120.651916 None
911-0281 IN HONOR AND REMEMBRANCE 9/11 Memorial Plaque Woodmen of the World Plaque - In front of the flag pole, Pomona Park Vol FD 109 Worcester Rd Pomona Park FL 29.495700,-81.592016 None
911-0285 9/11 Memorial At the Curlew Hills Memorial Gardens - memorial has 2 granite pieces in shape of the Twin Towers with a piece of steel from the World Trade Center 1750 Curlew Road Palm Harbor FL 28.051744,-82.753781 Cemetery
911-0286 9/11 Memorial A memorial for the disasters of September 11, 2001 in Wild Meadows Trace by the City of Elmhurst, IL. Spring Rd and Prairie Path Lane Elmhurst IL 41.885480,-87.94945 None
911-0289 9/11 Memorial Plaque in front of the Circut Court Bldg that capture the events of 9/11 20 E Main St Nashville IN 39.207290,-86.24677 None
911-0302 The Shrine of Remembrance 9/11 memorial plaque - Michigan Memorial Park Cemetery 32163 W Huron River Dr Flat Rock - New Boston MI 42.119650,-83.34726 Cemetery
911-0315 9/11 Memorial Tiffin Police and Fire All Patriots Memorial S Washington St and Frost Pkwy Tiffin OH 41.118372,-83.176908 None
911-0331 9/11 Memorial 9/11 memorial is a 20' high obelisk in a traffic island where Route 10/202 meets North Elm Street - Bronze plaque at the bottom honors 3 local residents that perished that day. 96-90 US-202 Westfield MA 42.131792,-72.743603 None
911-0333 9/11 Memorial Constructed just east of the entrance of the Health Sciences Building, the memorial with a piece of steel from the WTC will stand as a witness to the memory of those who lost their lives on Sept. 11, 2001 3803 Central Ave Billings MT 45.771809,-108.615017 None
911-0338 9/11 Memorial This memorial includes a 12-foot, 1,500 pound beam from the World Trade Center and sits upon a pentagon shaped base. 1996 Recreation Center Drive Morganville - Marlboro Townshi NJ 40.327935,-74.264066 Park
911-0339 Freedom Grove 9/11 Memorial The memorial includes an artifact from the WTC - a place for reflection and remembrance in the center of limestone cornerstones that mark the footprint of one of the Towers 1500 S US Highway 68 Urbana OH 40.091957,-83.756347 None
911-0360 9/11 Memorial Located at the Southeast corner of the Franklin County Courthouse. A small landscaped area and engraved stone marker to remember those who were killed on 9/11/01. 300 E Main St Union MO 38.444958,-91.005796 None
911-0362 9/11 Memorial Park 9/11 Memorial Park, home of a beam acquired from the WTC, celebrates our nation’s capacity to survive and overcome adversity and at the same time symbolize the renewal and resolve of a nation which came together on that fateful day. S 1st St. & W Marvin Schwan Memorial Dr. Marshall MN 44.446175,-95.788678 None
911-0379 9/11 Memorial Steel from the Towers included in this memorial - NW corner of the Jasper County Courthouse lawn E Lamar St and N Main St Jasper TX 30.921507,-94.000451 None
911-0381 9/11 Memorial Section of rail line that ran under the Twin Towers displayed in front of Berks Military History Museum 198 E Wyomissing Mohnton PA 40.287604,-75.978961 None
911-0383 9/11 Memorial - Hope Rising Bronze Memorial in front of Sandy City Hall 10000 Centennial Parkway Sandy UT 40.569940,-111.895391 None
911-0394 9/11 Memorial 9/11 memorial open building located in Madeira Beach Causeway Park 424 Tom Stuart Causeway Madeira Beach FL 27.805330,-82.796979 None
911-0395 9/11 Memorial Behind Historic Town Hall - Brick and marble monument for fire fighters, police and military 105 S 100 E Pleasant Grove UT 40.362233,-111.738263 None
911-0410 9/11 Memorial Memorial on the Big Timbers Museum grounds 7515 US-50 West Lamar CO 38.115299,-102.61867 None
911-0418 9/11 Memorial Canby Fire District 62 221 S. Pine St. Canby OR 45.264435,-122.682407 None
911-0429 9/11 Memorial In front of Yuma Fire station #1 353 S 3rd Ave Yuma AZ 32.720484,-114.623008 None
911-0438 9/11 Memorial Memorial in front of the Jackson Fire and Rescue Bldg 525 S Hope St Jackson MO 37.377617,-89.66804 None
911-0443 9/11 Memorial - AL Post 392 Memorial with Artifact - American Legion Post 392 Memorial Garden - fenced area normally open @ 2pm daily. ToH Riders welcome 535 Oak Ave Panama City FL 30.157903,-85.664265 Private Property
911-0457 9/11 Memorial Marshall County Courthouse lawn - base of the Statue of Liberty - Memorial Plaque 211 W Madison St Plymouth IN 41.343883,-86.311083 None
911-0461 9/11 Memorial - September 11th Patriots Day ... Lest We Forg Veterans Park - Hours 6am - 10:30pm 206 W Park St Marshfield WI 44.661771,-90.179151 Park
911-0464 9/11 Memorial - Cemetery by the entrance to the Elm Ridge Cemetery Elm Ridge Cemetery 4600 Kilgore AVE Muncie IN 40.181317,-85.440717 None
911-0467 9/11 Memorial - Wall of Remembrance Located in Coney Island on the Western Wall of MCU Park 1904 Surf Ave Brooklyn NY 40.574026,-73.984704 None
911-0475 9/11 Memorial Steel Artifact on Arlington County Fire Station 5 east lawn 1750 S Hayes St Arlington VA 38.857385,-77.057834 None
911-0481 9/11 Memorial Memorial adjacent to flag pole at the Grassy Key Fire Station 59255 Overseas Hwy Marathon FL 24.769011,-80.942599 None
911-0484 9/11 Memorial Steel Artifact on display in front of South Padre Island FD Station 1 107 W Retama St South Padre Island TX 26.110702,-97.169708 None
911-0485 9/11 Memorial Mural American Flag Mural with "In Memory of 9/11-01" painted on side of Mercy Air Transport Bldg 1501 E. Calvada Ave Pahrump NV 36.191523,-115.987057 None
911-0488 9/11 Memorial Mural and Slab Monument Laurent Dareau 9/11 Mural on the north side of Bonita Springs Fire Station 21 - there is also a granite slab from the plaza between the twin towers near the mural. 27490 Old 41 Rd Bonita Springs FL 26.338321,-81.779177 None
911-0516 9/11 Memorial - Stauton Fire Dept Steel artifact adjacent to front door of the Staunton Fire Dept 500 N Augusta St Staunton VA 38.154446,-79.073226 None
911-0526 9/11 Memorial at Arbuckle Commons 9/11 Memorial and Artifact in new residential living development, Arbuckle Commons 328 IN-267 Brownsburg IN 39.848467,-86.397267 None
911-0527 City of Schererville 9/11 Memorial 9/11 Memorial and Artifact in open space near Schererville PD 25 E Joliet St Schererville IN 41.492022,-87.449288 None
911-0532 9/11 Court of Valor - Prospect Hill Cemetery A piece of steel from the World Trade Center sits prominently on top of the monument as silent witness to the tragic events of September 11, 2001 700 N George St York PA 39.979497,-76.741721 Cemetery
911-0535 City of Owego 9/11 Memorial 9/11 Memorial in Hickories Park includes Steel artifact - Hrs 7am-10pm 359 Hickories Park Rd Owego NY 42.091267,-76.225617 Park
911-0539 IN HONOR AND REMEMBRANCE 9/11 Memorial Plaque Woodmen of the World Plaque - mounted on flag pole base by the Hollister Volunteer Fire Department 617 State RD 20 Hollister FL 29.625550,-81.797867 None
911-0554 9/11 Memorial The centerpiece of the memorial is an exterior panel from above the 80th floor of one of the original World Trade Center Towers. The piece is aimed to the North, facing New York City in remembrance of the lives lost on that tragic day. 120 E Main St Apopka FL 28.672739,-81.508462 None
911-0571 9/11 Memorial Heroes Memorial Park - 9/11 memorial Heros Memorial Park 2860 Palm Coast Pkwy NW Palm Coast FL 29.553620,-81.241478 None
911-0591 9/11 Memorial Memorial Plaque in front of the Brentwood Funeral Home 839 1st St Brentwood CA 37.934163,-121.696411 None
911-0600 Livermore Remembers September 11, 2001 Plaque Memorial plaque on the south side facing First St in the Livermore Lizzie Fountain Park 1st and S Livermore Ave Livermore CA 37.681933,-121.768717 None
911-0608 9/11 Memorial Memorial with artifact (shard of limestone from the Pentagon) in Girard Park on the University of Louisiana at Lafayette E St Mary Blvd and Girard Park Dr Lafayette LA 30.210279,-92.016565 None
911-0610 9/11 Memorial Mural Mural on side of building facing Williams Ave pays tribute to those who dedicate their lives to saving the lives of others. 7933 W Park Ave Houma LA 29.599328,-90.719372 None
911-0625 9/11 Memorial Plaque Memorial Plaque in planter on south side of Keaton's Mortuary 1022 E St San Rafael CA 37.974333,-122.53305 None
911-0635 9/11 Memorial (Inside) 9/11 memorial with artifact inside Marathon Fire Department Station 14 8900 Overseas Hwy Marathon FL 24.724579,-81.052066 Office
911-0636 9/11 Memorial On a walking path through the Sandy springs historical site. 135 Hilderbrand Dr Atlanta GA 33.922408,-84.382968 None
911-0640 Oconee 9/11 Memorial Memorial w/artifact - under construction - separate areas to be dedicated to each of the three 9/11 attack sites. N Catherine St and Razorback Lane Walhalla SC 34.785318,-83.054142 Park
911-0644 9/11 Memorial - Southern Manatee Fire Rescue District Memorial with artifact outside the Fire Rescue Admin offices 2451 Trailmate Dr Sarasota FL 27.427036,-82.533815 None
911-0656 9/11 Memorial conflict panel Veterans Park - The War on Terror conflict panel - photos and narrative of 9/11 700 S Irma Blvd Gonzales LA 30.228163,-90.91308 None
911-0662 9/11 Memorial Memorial artifact outside by the Bridgeport Volunteer Fire Department 4 Steelman Ave Bridgeport NJ 39.801539,-75.343847 None
911-0680 9/11 Memorial Mural Backside of the Marquis Theater - parking lot access on Dunlap St 133 East Main St Northville MI 42.431729,-83.482194 None
911-0688 IN HONOR AND REMEMBRANCE 9/11 Memorial Plaque Woodmen of the World Plaque - mounted on flag pole base in front of the Conway County Library. 101 W Church St Morrilton AR 35.150917,-92.745361 None
911-0692 Never Forget 9/11 Memorial 9/11 Memorial in front of the Coon Rapids Fire Station 1 1460 Egret Blvd Coon Rapids MN 45.156208,-93.304186 None
911-0695 9/11 Memorial - Birmingham Fire Department 9/11 steel beam in the FD lobby. Accessible normal business hrs or when FD personnel are present. 572 S Adams Rd Birmingham MI 42.543403,-83.20619 Office
911-0696 9/11 Memorial - Bucks County Justice Center Memorial with artifact - North side of the Bucks County Justice Center - short walk 100 N Main St Doylestown PA 40.312648,-75.131332 Park
911-0710 9/11 Memorial Memorial with artifact - Pana Fire Station 314 E 1st St Pana IL 39.389847,-89.076817 None
911-0715 9/11 Memorial - Peterson AFB Memorial with artifact in front of US Northern Command Bldg 250 Vandenberg St Colorado Springs - Peterson AF CO 38.834984,-104.697924 Military Base
911-0716 9/11 Memorial - High Country Training Center a piece of World Trade Center steel flanked by four I-beams that represent the four hijacked planes used in the attacks. 225 Summit County Rd Frisco CO 39.569407,-106.081765 None
911-0718 9/11 Memorial Memorial located at Market Square Market St and High St Perth Amboy NJ 40.506294,-74.266115 None
911-0724 9/11 Memorial Display Memorial display inside City Hall, formally "Morton Elementary", lobby area across from receptionist - M-F 8am - 4:30pm 222 N Chauncey Ave West Lafayette IN 40.425291,-86.906689 School
911-0733 9/11 Memorial - Veterans Park Stone memorial next to the flag pole in Veterans Park by Langdon Lake 2509 Commerce Blvd Mound MN 44.932750,-93.669333 None
911-0741 Andrew J Benson 9/11 Memorial Memorial with artifact near boat ramp to the Clinch River - 7 am to 10 pm. TVA powerplant area park and boat launch. Steam Plant Rd Kingston TN 35.894738,-84.525849 Park
911-0745 9/11 Memorial Plaque Memorial Plaque to US Army Major Hogan, Jr, - victim of the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon Overlook Dr and Overlook Ave Macon GA 32.866687,-83.686557 None
911-0748 9/11 Memorial - San Diego Fire-Rescue Department Station 21 Memorial with artifact in front of San Diego Fire-Rescue Department Station 21 750 Grand Ave San Diego CA 32.794796,-117.255209 None
911-0750 Jersey City 9/11 Memorial Memorial with artifact on Grand St and the Waterfront Walkway Hudson River Waterfront Walkway Jersey City NJ 40.714801,-74.033257 None
911-0754 9/11 Memorial Plaque - Willow Glen Funeral Home Memorial plaque next to entry door of the Willow Glen Funeral Home 1039 Lincoln Ave San Jose CA 37.311236,-121.903317 None
911-0755 9/11 Memorial - Never Forget plaque on the grounds adjacent to the Civil War Memorial at the Kentucky Virginia Border US 23 and Raven Rock Rd Jenkins KY 37.155463,-82.633561 None
911-0757 IN HONOR AND REMEMBRANCE 9/11 Memorial Plaque Woodmen of the World Plaque - mounted on flag pole base in Popeye's Garden 801 Fayetteville Ave Alma AR 35.476726,-94.221467 None
911-0785 9/11 Memorial - Fire Station 46 Memorial with artifact in front of Fire Station 46 137 N Macleod Ave Arlington WA 48.193486,-122.125046 None
911-0798 9/11 Memorial - Hutchinson Fire Station 7 Memorial with artifact - west side lawn of the Fire Station 3416 E 30th Ave Hutchinson KS 38.087035,-97.870007 None
911-0803 9/11 Memorial Bench - Class of 2001-2002 Memorial bench in center courtyard of Bathgate Elementary School - plaque reads: “In honor of our American Heroes 9/11-01 Dedicated by the Class of 2001-2002” 27642 Napoli Way Mission Viejo CA 33.580489,-117.648735 School
911-0806 9/11 Memorial - Liberty Gardens Memorial that is in memory of fellow Americans who lost their lives September 11th. 29363 Euclid Ave Wickliffe OH 41.607071,-81.473129 None
911-0825 9/11 Fallen Firfighter Memorial - South County Fire Station Memorial with artifact in from on South County Fire Station 17 275 6th Ave N Edmonds WA 47.812824,-122.375135 None
911-0828 9/11 Memorial Plaque - MSC Winona Memorial plaque on stone under large tree - Winona Campus Minnesota State College 1250 Homer Rd Winona MN 44.024536,-91.619534 None
911-0832 9/11 Memorial - We Will Never Forget Memorial in loving memory of Cathy Salter - across from the local McDonalds Lisbon St and 1st St Wellsville OH 40.613838,-80.641714 None
911-0835 9/11 Memorial - GOLD STAR 11 Sculpture includes an artifact, part of the Slurry Wall that protected the WTC from the waters of the Hudson River. 9th St and Monroe Ave Winthrop Harbor IL 42.479163,-87.834288 None
911-0847 Flight 93 Seedpod Memorial Recommend non school hours for visits - The memorial honors those at Shanksville-Stoneycreek School who helped in the aftermath of the Flight 93 crash that happened about a mile away. 1325 Corner Stone Rd Friedens PA 40.014938,-78.898783 School
911-0855 9/11 Memorial - La Grange Fire District Memorial with artifact next to entrance of the La Grange Fire District Company 2 504 Freedom Plains Rd Poughkeepsie NY 41.679139,-73.853349 None
911-0856 9/11 Memorial Mural 9/11 Mural on the E 3rd St street facing side of the Lovell Fire Department 314 Nevada Ave Lovell WY 44.838909,-108.389752 None
911-0859 9/11 Memorial Bench Amy E. Toyen Memorial Bench in parking island across from the entrance to the Avon Free Public Library 281 Country Club Rd Avon CT 41.789815,-72.860005 None
911-0863 9/11 Memorial - Pawling Fire Department Memorial with artifact in front of the Pawling Fire Department South Street Pawling NY 41.552668,-73.60231 None
911-0877 9/11 Memorial - Firefighter's Memorial Park Memorial with artifact located in the Firefighter's Memorial Park Callahan School St and Sherman Farm Rd Burrillville - Harrisville RI 41.969319,-71.678533 None
911-0878 9/11 Memorial - State Capital Bldg (inside) Memorial located inside on the western side of the Capitol Rotunda - Mon thru Fri 08:30 to 17:00 - Park at the meters on the street. 130 Smith Place Providence RI 41.830833,-71.415139 Office
911-0889 9/11 Memorial - National Museum of the Marine Corps Memorial Artifacts inside the National Museum of the Marine Corps - Display also includes Marine Corp flag that was in an office of the Pentagon that was exposed after the plane hit the bldg. National Museum of the Marine Corps 1775 Semper Fidelis Wy Triangle VA 38.544228,-77.343491 Museum
911-0918 9/11 Memorial - Veterans Memorial Park Memorial stone - In memory of the victims of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attack on the United States Cardinal Greenway Richmond IN 39.832115,-84.90018 None
911-0926 9/11 Memorial - Le Claire Fire Department Memorial with artifact on the west lawn of the Le Claire Fire Department 201 N 15th St Le Claire IA 41.598823,-90.362084 None
911-0930 9/11 Memorial - Guice Training Center Memorial with artifact located inside the WJ "Bill" Guice Training Center behind FD Station 11 - business hours M-F 8am-5pm 7810 Hwy 85 N Riverdale GA 33.538583,-84.4155 Office
911-0939 9/11 Memorial - Elmsford Fire Co 1 Memorial with steel artifact next to the Elmsford Fire Co. 1 144 East Main Street Elmsford NY 41.051264,-73.81298 None
911-0944 9/11 Memorial Plaque Memorial Plaque in front of Village of Pelham Manor Fire Dept 4 Penfield Pl Pelham NY 40.890504,-73.804147 None
911-0947 9/11 Memorial - Carroll County Public Safety Training Center Memorial with artifact at the rear of the Carroll County Public Safety Training Center 50 Kate Wagner Rd Westminster MD 39.536752,-76.992191 None
911-0950 9/11 Memorial Plaque - University Park Wells Run University Park Community Memorial Plaque - Parking near the playground - Short hike required - Daylight hours strongly suggested 6600 Wells Pkwy University Park MD 38.971028,-76.946 Park
911-0956 9/11 Memorial - Bennington Fire & Rescue (Inside) Memorial with artifact inside firehouse lobby 10801 N 156th St Bennington NE 41.357598,-96.157253 Office
911-0965 9/11 Memorial - Haverstraw Bay Park Memorial with artifact overlooking the Hudson River - stone pillars with plaques along the walkway leading up to the memorial Haverstraw Bay Park 21 Gagan Rd Haverstraw NY 41.211029,-73.964161 Park
911-0974 9/11 Memorial - St Margaret’s Memorial with steel artifact & Eagle Scout Project located in front of St Margaret’s Parochial School 34 N Magnolia St Pearl River NY 41.059079,-74.027138 Private Property
911-0979 9/11 Memorial Carving - Orangetown Town Hall Engraved old granite stone dedicated to the residents of Rockland County that were lost on 9/11 26 Orangeburg Rd Orangetown NY 41.046285,-73.955496 Construction
911-0988 9/11 Memorial - Hebron Fire Station Hebron Will Never Forget - 343 - September 11, 2001 44 Main St Hebron CT 41.658867,-72.362119 None
911-0993 9/11 Memorial - Lake Ozark Fire Department Memorial with artifact inside the Fire Department Bldg - Mon thru Fri 0800am to 400pm. 1767 Bagnell Dam Blvd Lake Ozark MO 38.194251,-92.642735 Office
911-0994 9/11 Memorial - Little Rock AFB Terminal Memorial artifact mounted on pentagon shaped base - On display inside the Little Rock AFB Passenger Terminal - Mon - Fri 0800am to 1600 pm Bldg 430 on 3rd Street Little Rock AFB AR 34.907388,-92.141747 Military Base
911-0995 9/11 Memorial Memorial with artifact and Flag of Heroes - Display inside MS Fire Academy - Mon thru Thurs, 8am to 4 pm - Call 610-932-2444 to make arrangements to visit 751-1499 Fire Academy Ln Pearl MS 32.247558,-90.091828 Office
911-0997 9/11 Memorial - Main Fire Dept HQ Memorial on the east lawn of the Main Fire Dept HQ 1747 Kentucky Ave Fort Campbell TN 36.617648,-87.447889 Military Base
911-1006 9/11 Memorial - Vista Fire Department Memorial with WTC Steel Beam behind the Vista Fire Dept. Vista Fire Department 377 Smith Ridge Rd South Salem NY 41.214457,-73.515851 None
911-1009 9/11 Memorial Plaques Memorial plaques at the base of the flag poles on either side of the Statue of Liberty - New York New York Hotel and Casino Tropicans Ave and Las Vegas Blvd Las Vegas NV 36.101099,-115.173339 None
911-1011 9/11 Memorial At the Hendersonville Memorial Park, a First Responder and 9/11 memorial was dedicated on 27 October 2020. The stone pedestal supports a section of steel from the World Trade Towers and is dedicated to those that serve and to the 343 Brother Firefighters that gave their lives. 151 E. Main St Hendersonville TN 36.305570,-86.61067 None
911-1018 9/11 Memorial A steel artifact and memorial is located in Heroes's Park next to Highland Town Hall Heroes's Park 4 Proctor Rd Eldred NY 41.526772,-74.884343 None
911-0253 9/11 Memorial Memorial Plaque attached to large stone on private property. 1068 Zion Rd Bellefonte PA 40.914986,-77.756994 Private Property
911-0251 9/11 Memorial on the Riverwalk Large engraved paver honors the Victims and Heroes of the Flights on September 11

A hike of about 150 yards from designated parking ( 30.320091, -81.673089 )

505 Alfred Dupont Pl Jasksonville FL 30.318667,-81.673528 Park
911-0729 IN HONOR AND REMEMBRANCE 9/11 Memorial Plaque Woodmen of the World Plaque - mounted on the base of the flag pole base inside the cemetery - Limited parking Philips - Craig Swamp Cemetery St. Augustine Rd and Lorimier Rd. Jacksonville FL 30.295564,-81.643094 Cemetery
911-1023 CeeCee Ross Lyles 9/11 Memorial CeeCee Ross Lyles was a flight attendant on Flight 93 that crashed in Pennsylvania. A bronze statue depicts her wearing the United Airlines uniform that was unveiled in 2003 facing the Intracoastal Waterway. 700 Indian River Dr Fort Pierce FL 27.454619,-80.323520 Park
911-1036 9/11 Memorial Memorial is located in the NW corner of this cemetery Hill Crest Memorial Park 601 US-80 East Haughton LA 32.559512,-93.622013 Cemetery
911-1039 9/11 Memorial A War on Terror Remembrance Panel as part of the Garner Veterans Memorial, reflects on Sept 11. Garner Veterans Memorial 921 Buffaloe Rd Garner NC 35.675095,-78.68228 Park
911-1052 Howell 9/11 Memorial Five concrete arches that are angled to form a dome are dedicated to Howell residents who died in the 9/11 attacks. Inside the structure is a boulder from Shanksville and a piece of WTC steel mounted on a pedestal.. Preventorium & Old Tavern Roads Howell NJ 40.172967,-74.179882 Park
911-1055 Algona 9/11 Memorial Located adjacent to the FD, this memorial includes an artifact from the WTC Algona Fire Station 707 E State St Algona IA 43.069044,-94.228359 None
911-1071 Troy 9/11 Memorial Park A steel artifact sits in front of an elegant polished black granite memorial with twin towers on top in a small park next to the Hudson River. 471 1st Ave Troy NY 42.771579,-73.680083 Park
911-1072 9/11 Memorial - Defreestville FD A low polished black granite wall provides a dramatic backdrop behind a bench and two steel artifacts. Defreestville Fire Department 350 N Greenbush Rd Troy NY 42.672730,-73.691815 None
911-1084 9/11 Memorial - Never Forgotten This Memorial is dedicated to 3 firefighters that lived and worked in Riverdale, The Bronx, that made the ultimate sacrifice on 9/11. FDNY Engine 52, Ladder 52 4550 Henry Hudson Parkway East The Bronx NY 40.892176,-73.907888 None
911-1090 9/11 Memorial Diorama National Presidential Wax Museum 609 US-16A Keystone SD 43.888268,-103.425974 Museum
911-1091 9/11 Memorial Display Framed Poster entitled "TERROR HITS HOME" and boxed framed folded over piece of metal from the twin towers and below is a pair of gloves used to sort through the rubble by Officer Joaquin Guerrero and his K-9 partner “Rookie”. Castle Museum of Saginaw County History 500 Federal Ave Saginaw MI 43.431076,-83.935499 Museum
911-1120 Laurel Grove 9/11 Memorial A polished black stone stands in the center median of the entrance to the Laurel Grove Memorial Park Laurel Grove Memorial Park 295 Totowa Rd Totowa NJ 40.904237,-74.206635 Cemetery
911-1128 9/11 Memorial Plaque Memorial Plaque on the ground near the walkway by the parking lot Veterans Memorial Park Old 56 Hwy and S Harrison St Olathe KS 38.868283,-94.816625 Park
911-1132 9/11 Memorial Twin Towers on a Pentagon base - Global War on Terror, Dedicated May 27, 2013 Trafford Veterans Memorial Park 501 5th St Trafford PA 40.385540,-79.758381 Park
911-1137 9/11 Memorial Plaque Memorial plaque on the base of the Liberty Bell replica, court house side Brown County Courthouse 100 S Jefferson St Green Bay WI 44.513217,-88.014017 None
911-1145 IN HONOR AND REMEMBRANCE 9/11 Memorial Plaque Woodmen of the World Plaque - mounted on flag pole base in Beckemeyer Park Beckemeyer Park 721 Louis St Beckemeyer IL 38.603550,-89.435717 Park
911-1147 Boonton Township 9/11 Memorial Several WTC artifacts at the base of a flagpole next to the parking lot are found at this 9/11 memorial location RVA Fields 353 Powerville Road Boonton Township NJ 40.933188,-74.428333 Park
911-1152 9/11 Memorial FRANK S. FARLEY SERVICE PLAZA 20 Atlantic City Expy Hamilton Township NJ 39.550590,-74.735560 None
911-1155 Kenilworth 9/11 Memorial Monument with artifact next to the municipal building Kenilworth Muni Bldg 562 Boulevard Kenilworth NJ 40.676178,-74.289088 None
911-1156 Bernards Township 9/11 Memorial A Place to Remember plaque attached to an artifact from the World Trade Center inside a small plaza consisting of stones engraved with names of donors and other messages about September 11th. Dunham Park 234 County Rd 512 Liberty Corner NJ 40.664144,-74.592884 Park
911-1164 9/11 Firefighter Memorial Mural FDNY Engine 281/Ladder 147 1210 Cortelyou Rd Brooklyn NY 40.640051,-73.966734 None
911-1167 Islip 9/11 Memorial Islip Town Hall 655 Main St Islip NY 40.729819,-73.211448 None
911-1175 Middlefield 9/11 Memorial Memorial with artifact by the Volunteer Fire Dept Middlefield VFD 406 Jackson Hill Road Middlefield CT 41.517415,-72.711918 None
911-1180 Swainsboro 9/11 Memorial Pine Brook Nature Park 505 W Main St Swainsboro GA 32.591736,-82.344309 Park
911-1183 World Split Asunder - Sculpture Lafayette Fire Station 5 750 N Creasy Ln Lafayette IN 40.424263,-86.839371 None
911-1203 9/11 Memorial Dimmick Building 920 Court Street Honesdale PA 41.5743,-75.254063 None
911-1210 9/11 Memorial - South Williamsport FD South Williamsport Fire Dept 573 Hasting Street South Williamsport PA 41.229768,-76.990732 None
911-1211 These Granite Towers Represent Warren County Memorial Park 20050 US 6 Warren County PA 41.838732,-79.188824 Park
911-1228 9-11 Memorial Mural - Plano Station 8 A mural painted by Dallas artist Michael McPheeters showcases the events of 9/11 on the north wall in the bay area of Fire Station 8. Plano FD - Station 8 4621 Hedgcoxe Rd Plano TX 33.086857,-96.788164 Office
911-1240 9-11 Memorial - Spokane FD Spokane Fire Department Station 1 44 W Riverside Ave Spokane WA 47.658199,-117.412573 None
911-1243 9-11 Memorial The memorial is in front of the picnic pavilion next to the Fire Station.
The monument includes an artifact from one of the Twin Towers. The piece of steel is surrounded by bricks naming the 343 firefighters that died and their companies respectively. Two twin tower replicas measuring 110 inches high representing the 110 floors of the WTC buildings stand beside the steel section.
Ulster Fire District No. 5 830 Ulster Ave Lincoln Park NY 41.953557,-79.993451 Park
911-1256 9-11 Memorial 9/11 Memorial at Lake View Cemetery lies just inside the Mayfield Road entrance. The memorial features a piece of steel from the World Trade Center, as well as a few pieces of granite. Lake View Cemetery 2580 Mayfield Rd Cleveland Heights OH 41.509308,-81.587879 Cemetery
911-1264 9-11 Memorial Memorial with artifact on the east lawn of the West Bridgewater Fire Department West Bridgewater Fire Department 99 W Center St West Bridgewater MA 42.018660,-71.012660 None
911-1279 9-11 Memorial - Shelter Island Memorial with steel beam from 9/11 on the Shelter Island Fire Dept south lawn. Center Firehouse 49 N Ferry Rd Shelter Island NY 41.069955,-72.339302 None
911-1283 9/11 Memorial - Streamwood Plaque honoring all first responders who came to assist on 9/11. Streamwood Village Hall 301 Irving Park Rd. Streamwood IL 42.010998,-88.172875 Park
911-1284 9/11 Memorial - Palmyra Memorial and flagpoles along with small steel artifact Independence Fire Company 115 W Broad St, Palmyra NJ 40.002993,-75.023426 None
911-1285 9/11 Memorial - Bridgewater Memorial and plaque dedicated to the Bridgewater victims of 9/11 Bridgewater Municipal Complex 100 Commons Way Bridgewater NJ 40.59288,-74.62523 Park
911-1296 9-11 Memorial - Rocky Hill A steel artifact and memorial is located outside Rocky Hill Police Department Rocky Hill PD 699 Old Main St Rocky Hill CT 41.667918,-72.637182 None
911-1297 9-11 Memorial - Foxborough Foxborough MA Public Safety 8 Chestnut St Foxborough MA 42.075006,-71.258622 None
911-1300 9-11 Memorial Plaque - Huntington 9/11 Memorial plaque near the base of the bell tower Spring Hill Cemetery 1427 Norway Avenue Huntington WV 38.411236,-82.417743 Cemetery
911-1303 Neilie Casey Tribute Plaque The memorial is in memory of Neilie Anne Heffernan Casey, who was on AA Flight 11 when terrorists slammed the jet into the North Tower of the WTC. Nobska Lighthouse 233 Nobska Rd Falmouth MA 41.515409,-70.655626 Park
911-1304 9-11 Memorial - St James FD Located on the NE corner of the Fire Department lawn, Woodlawn Ave access, a 9/11 memorial that includes an WTC steel crossmember artifact and plaque on a large rock. St. James Fire Department 221 Jefferson Ave St James NY 40.875114,-73.158316 None
911-1305 9-11 Memorial - Torrington FD Memorial with artifact in front of the Torrington Fire Department Torrington Fire North End Station 889 Main St Torrington CT 41.819006,-73.122165 None
911-1306 9-11 Memorial - Ashland Memorial to 9/11 - SE corner of the courthouse lawn Clay County Courthouse 25 Court Sq Ashland AL 33.274083,-85.835639 None
911-1308 9-11 Memorial - Wrentham An Eagle Scout project by Troy Neubecker located in front of the Wrentham Town Hall  Wrentham Town Hall 79 South St Wrentham MA 42.065359,-71.329448 None
911-1315 9-11 Memorial - Amityville FD East Side of the FD by the flag pole, September 11th Memorial Plaza includes an artifact from the Twin Towers Amityville Fire Department 1306974407 Amityville NY 40.67963,-73.420936 None
911-0256 9/11 Memorial A memorial located in small park next to city hall dedicated to those who lost their lives in the attack on the World Trade Center on 9/11/2001. S Carson St and W1st St Fallon NV 39.474262,-118.778116 None
911-0279 9/11 Memorial Two rectangular pieces of Pikes Peak granite standing on end symbolize the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center urrounded by a concrete border in the shape of a pentagon representing the Pentagon Bldg. US 24 and S Walnut St Woodland Park CO 38.993183,-105.059878 None
911-0299 9/11 Memorial A twisted beam from the World Trade Center mounted on stone blocks 574 Center Street Ludlow MA 42.175692,-72.473091 None
911-0311 9/11 Memorial Elks Lodge 1493, the last steel beam from the WTC has holes in the steel where Ground Zero workers cut out crosses and stars as mementos 900 Wolcott Ave Beacon NY 41.499109,-73.967686 None
911-0318 9/11 Memorial Located in Crestwood Park - Steel from the tower is used in this memorial setting 360 W Crescent Ave Allendale NJ 41.036759,-74.136962 None
911-0327 9/11 Memorial memorial adjacent to the train station 5120 Museum Dr Oak Lawn IL 41.719338,-87.748832 None
911-0330 9/11 Memorial Located at the Hummels Wharf Fire Company, next to main garage doors facing Mill Rd 1869 N Old Trail Selinsgrove PA 40.830916,-76.836923 None
911-0354 Greenwood Cemetery 9/11 Memorial 9/11 Memorial located in cemetery near York, Nebraska. Open dawn to dusk, daily 1000 W 8th St York NE 40.870567,-97.609397 Cemetery
911-0355 9/11 Memorial - Palm Springs Airport Fire Station Memorial with artifact at the base of the flag pole, Airport Fire Station 300 El Cielo Rd Palm Springs CA 33.827380,-116.51041 None
911-0358 9/11 Memorial - Marina DayTime ONLY - Due to recovery efforts from Hurricane Michael - Towers must be visible in submitted photos in the distance - Located at the Panama City Marina. 1 Harrison Ave Panama City FL 30.151018,-85.665729 Private Property
911-0364 9/11 Memorial Embedded in the earth in front of the stone is a section of steel from the World Trade Center. It is placed in a 9 foot 11 inch diameter circle. It’s 40.7 degree angle of rest is the same as the latitude of New York City. 199 County St Attleboro MA 41.937460,-71.294679 None
911-0380 9/11 Memorial Memorial Twin Towers in front of George M. Steinbrenner Field, spring training site for the New York Yankees 1 Steinbrenner Dr Tampa FL 27.979050,-82.507483 None
911-0393 9/11 Memorial A steel beam from the WTC - 9/11 memorial next to the Watauga Fire Department. 5909 Hightower Dr. Watauga TX 32.874400,-97.253499 None
911-0400 9/11 Memorial Memorial is located just inside the entrance of the Valhalla Memorial Park. 10621 Victory Boulevard North Hollywood CA 34.187005,-118.361606 None
911-0406 9/11 Memorial Dec 7 1941 - 9.11.2001 Memorial - Shelby Township Municipal Offices complex 52700 Van Dyke Ave Shelby Township MI 42.682455,-83.03154 None
911-0411 9/11 Memorial We Will Never Forget - Word Park 1st Ave and Neville St Beckley WV 37.775801,-81.191591 None
911-0416 9/11 Memorial Memorial in Washington Park N Main St and W Elm St Cheboygan MI 45.643716,-84.477443 None
911-0437 9/11 Memorial Steel from the towers in front of the Chatham Fire and Rescue Dept 135 Depot Rd Chatham MA 41.685848,-69.962683 None
911-0442 9/11 Memorial Global War on Terror Memorial - a Bronze sculpture by Randy New, features an American Eagle with its talons clutching a piece of steel flooring truss from the World Trade Center Pensacola Veterans Memorial Park 200 S. 9th Avenue Pensacola FL 30.413280,-87.203234 Park
911-0445 9/11 Memorial We Will Never Forget - Memorial in small park - Main and Arch St 201 E Main St Barnesville OH 39.987626,-81.175053 None
911-0449 9/11 Memorial Pikeville Community Park - Memorial to Honor Those Who Have Served in Defense of America 403 W School Rd Pikeville NC 35.501384,-77.983989 None
911-0454 THEY UNITED US AS AMERICANS - 9/11 Memorial Memorial adjacent to the Winona Visitor Center 924 Huff St Winona MN 44.039086,-91.650374 None
911-0460 9/11 Memorial Steel Artifact adjacent to Monroe Fire Department Station 2 1110 18th Ave Monroe WI 42.600533,-89.637333 None
911-0466 9/11 Memorial Memorial on the Tallahassee Fire Department Station #11 grounds 8752 Centerville Road Tallahassee FL 30.561783,-84.148539 None
911-0473 9/11 Memorial - Etching 9/11 War On Terror etching on panel of the Sioux Center Area Veterans Memorial - adjacent to public library 102 S Main Ave Sioux Center IA 43.076573,-96.175083 None
911-0487 9/11 Memorial Memorial with Steel Artifact in Courtyard Park on Main Street 180 East Main Street Smithville MO 39.387234,-94.58022 None
911-0491 9/11 Memorial Police Memorial Park - 7am - 11pm daily 3250 Metro Academy Way Las Vegas NV 36.221691,-115.310606 Park
911-0500 9/11 Memorial - Tri State FD Memorial with artifact in front of Tri-State Fire Station #2 419 Plainfield Rd Darien/Woodridge IL 41.756019,-87.956366 None
911-0515 9/11 Memorial 9/11 Memorial Park - steel artifacts as well as numerous other pieces found in this park setting 1055 S Raccoon Rd. Austintown OH 41.090886,-80.731856 None
911-0536 Pentagon Fire Truck from 9/11 A badly damaged firetruck from the Pentagon inside the Patton Museum - Limited hours and on military post. 4554 Fayette Ave Fort Knox KY 37.896663,-85.974405 Museum
911-0543 9/11 Memorial Steel artifact across from the entrance to the AMC Theatre Complex in The Avenue Viera, underneath 3 flagpoles. 2241 Town Center Ave Melbourne FL 28.242290,-80.72594 None
911-0579 9/11 Memorial - In Memory of Patriots Day Person County Gold Star Memorial 316 S Morgan St Roxboro NC 36.395225,-78.99255 None
911-0580 9/11 Memorial - Global War on Terrorism Red River Valley Veterans Memorial - Conflict Wall panel that depict scenes from that day 2025 S Collegiate Dr Paris TX 33.639689,-95.523475 None
911-0590 9/11 Memorial Twin Tower Artifact in front of the Tice Fire District Bldg Station 201 9351 Workmen Way Fort Myers FL 26.671917,-81.802715 None
911-0592 9/11 Memorial Plaque Memorial Plaque by flagpole - pathway near city offices 1000 Webster St Fairfield CA 38.251999,-122.045269 None
911-0594 9/11 Memorial - Valdosta Memorial in front of the Lowndes County Courthouse Lowndes County Courthouse 101 Central Ave Valdosta GA 30.832304,-83.279139 None
911-0607 9/11 Memorial Memorial with artifact in front of the Balch Springs Police and Fire Complex 12500 Elam Rd Balch Springs TX 32.719023,-96.610976 None
911-0619 9/11 Memorial - Fort Myers Beach FD Station 33 Memorial with artifact in front of Fort Myers Beach Fire Department Station 33 121 Lenell Rd Fort Myers Beach FL 26.415352,-81.899719 None
911-0645 9/11 Memorial Memorial with artifact between the police and fire departments 315 N Lafayette Dr Sumter SC 33.926154,-80.335653 None
911-0646 IN HONOR AND REMEMBRANCE 9/11 Memorial Plaque Woodmen of the World Plaque - mounted on flag pole base in front of Hampton County Courthouse 1 Elm St W Hampton SC 32.866447,-81.109613 None
911-0649 9/11 Memorial Roseville's memorial to 9/11 is located on the grounds of the Civic Center on Vernon Street. 311 Vernon St Roseville CA 38.748350,-121.28435 None
911-0658 9/11 Memorial - Trophy Club FD Memorial with artifact outside the Trophy Club Fire Department 295 Trophy Club Dr Trophy Club TX 32.996970,-97.186973 None
911-0659 9/11 Memorial Limited Hours - 9/11 WTC Artifact and 343 Better Angels Memorial. Located Indoors in Community Center at Volunteer Fire Dept. "Someone is usually here during the day, Mon Wed Thurs, are better" Bronze St and SW 9th St (R63) Greenfield Township, Warren Co IA 41.493492,-93.626509 Office
911-0674 9/11 Memorial - Shamong Memorial with artifact in front of Indian Mills Vol Fire Co.- Shamong 48 Willow Grove Rd Shamong NJ 39.793919,-74.744909 None
911-0681 9/11 Memorial - Cochranville Fire Co Memorial with artifact in front of Cochranville Fire Co 3135 Limestone Rd Cochranville PA 39.891036,-75.922388 None
911-0690 9/11 Memorial with artifacts 180th Fighter Wing, Ohio Air National Guard - Accessible with Picture ID and obtaining a visitors pass. Visitors pass registration is open normal business hrs. 2660 Eber Rd Swanton - Ohio ANG OH 41.587515,-83.793092 Military Base
911-0699 Hero Monument 9/11 Memorial A granite memorial inscribed with HEROES MONUMENT - WE REMEMBER Fair Street and Gleneida Ave Carmel Hamlet NY 41.427163,-73.678937 None
911-0700 9/11 Memorial 9/11 Memorial near the entrance to Turkey Brook Park 39 Flanders Rd Budd Lake NJ 40.866227,-74.725391 None
911-0701 9/11 Memorial - Carmel Town Hall Memorial with artifact - south side of Town Hall 60 McAlpin Ave Mahopac - Carmel NY 41.377256,-73.723661 None
911-0704 9/11 Memorial Bench - Suzanne Calley Suzanne Calley Memorial Bench overlooking Monterey Bay 631 Ocean View Blvd Pacific Grove CA 36.626423,-121.916127 None
911-0705 9/11 Memorial Plaque Memorial Plaque inside Mission Mortuary & Mission Memorial Park 1915 Ord Grove Ave Seaside CA 36.618540,-121.821516 Cemetery
911-0709 9/11 Memorial 9/11 memorial plaque in the Blackwater Conservation Area on the base of the flagpole in the parking lot. 9385 Blackwater Rd Baker LA 30.534554,-91.087319 None
911-0711 9/11 Memorial Memorial with artifact located in the La Quinta Civic Center Park behind the library 78275 Calle Tampico La Quinta CA 33.677700,-116.29805 None
911-0712 9/11 Memorial Memorial with artifact in front of the Deerpark Town Hall 420 US-209 Deerpark - Huguenot NY 41.418017,-74.630333 None
911-0743 9/11 Memorial Plaque - Avondale Estates Memorial Park Walking required as parking is not available next to this small park where the memorial plaque is located N Avondale Rd and N Clarendon Ave Avondale Estates GA 33.776103,-84.267093 Park
911-0761 9/11 Memorial Plaque Memorial plaque at the base of the flag pole between the Cedar Grove Center Fire Company No 1 and the Post Office 525 Pompton Ave Cedar Grove NJ 40.851238,-74.229092 None
911-0764 9/11 Memorial Plaque - Washington Park "Renewed & Rededicated" plaque mounted on a stone next to the Wittenberg Bandshell in Washington Park 104 Park St Wittenberg WI 44.825645,-89.172019 None
911-0772 9/11 Memorial Plaque - Irvine Valley College Campus Memorial plaque in open area between College Library and Performing Arts Center 5500 Irvine Center Dr Irvine CA 33.675370,-117.77884 None
911-0783 9/11 Memorial - Milton Community Park Memorial with artifact - Milton Community Park - Dawn to Dusk Milton Way and 15th Ave Milton WA 47.247806,-122.315139 None
911-0790 9/11 Memorial - Fire Station 1 Memorial at base of large tree near flag pole on the west side of the fire station 211 500 E SLC - Central City UT 40.764639,-111.876546 None
911-0792 REMEMBER 9/11 Memorial Sculpture Memorial Sculpture with artifact by Pat Olson at the entrance to the Grand Junction FD Admin Bldg staff parking lot 625 Ute Ave Grand Junction CO 39.065202,-108.562131 None
911-0794 9/11 Memorial - Brunner Farmhouse Memorial plaque on boulder to the United Flight Crews 175 and 93 - 9/11 Memorial Bench - either one or both - 5 am to 11 pm daily Midway Blvd and Main St Broomfield CO 39.925608,-105.070582 Museum
911-0796 9/11 Memorial Bench Red Memorial Bench with 343 attached honors those that made the ultimate sacrifice for others Aurora Fire Station 5 1141 Laredo St Aurora CO 39.734030,-104.800875 None
911-0808 9/11 Memorial - Inside Milwaukee County War Memorial Center Memorial with artifact inside the War Memorial Center - limited hours 700 N Art Museum Dr Milwaukee WI 43.040500,-87.897444 Museum
911-0829 9/11 Memorial Plaque - Winona Airport Memorial plaque - mounted on stone near base of tree by the loading docks - PlastiComp, Inc - Formerly MSC Southeast Tech Campus 110 Galewski Dr Winona MN 44.072853,-91.706204 None
911-0836 9/11 Memorial - Yorktown Fire Dept Memorial artifact inside the Yorktown Fire Department - Located in classroom and may be accessed when staff is on site. 8905 W Smith St Yorktown IN 40.175100,-85.490015 Office
911-0845 9/11 Memorial - Reliance Fire Company No. 1 Memorial includes artifact in front of the Reliance Fire Company - an Eagle Scout project 501 W 3rd St Berwick PA 41.052553,-76.241725 None
911-0846 9/11 Memorial Plaque - St Pius 9/ll memorial plaque at the base of the flagpole at the St Pius X Church 625 E Haycraft Ave Coeur d'Alene ID 47.702865,-116.776511 None
911-0853 9/11 Memorial - Forksville Vol Fire Co Bldg Signage above the doors across the street on VFD equipment building "NEVER FORGET - 343" Main St and Bridge St Forksville PA 41.487105,-76.602134 None
911-0865 9/11 Memorial - Gedney Park Memorial with artifacts dedicated to the 3 community members who perished on 9/11 as well as the community members who help in the rescue and recovery period. Approx 100 yard hike from parking area 155 Millwood Rd Chappaqua NY 41.188179,-73.793845 Park
911-0912 9/11 Memorial - Barrow County Fire Department (inside) Memorial artifact located inside the Barrow County Fire Dept 222 Pleasant Hill Church Rd NE Winder GA 34.005752,-83.644154 Office
911-0917 9/11 Memorial - Fort Morrow Fire District Memorial with artifact inf front of the Fort Morrow Fire District building 306 N Marion St Waldo OH 40.463787,-83.078308 None
911-0923 9/11 Memorial Plaque - Cumberland Valley Memorial Gardens Memorial plaque at the base of the flagpole - entrance to Cumberland Valley Memorial Gardens 1921 Ritner Hwy Carlisle PA 40.191157,-77.243628 None
911-0929 9/11 Memorial Plaque - Doddridge County Park Memorial Flag pole and plaque - by covered shelter at the end of sidewalk lined by the flags from the armed services - hours currently 11AM–6PM daily 1252 Snowbird Rd West Union WV 39.271390,-80.734386 Park
911-0943 9/11 Memorial Memorial in front of the Mt Vernon City Hall 1 Roosevelt Square Mt Vernon NY 40.912383,-73.838635 None
911-0982 9/11 Memorial - Street Community Center memorial with artifact - Street Community Center Hall of Heroes Thomas J Foley Patriots Garden 31 Zukor Rd New City NY 41.172361,-73.987972 None
911-0998 9/11 Memorial Morgan Hose Volunteer Fire Dept.sign with artifact and plaque N. Main & E Water Street Rock Creek OH 41.660563,-80.860181 None
911-1001 9/11 Memorial - Warbird Park Memorial with artifact - adjacent to the original entrance to Myrtle Beach AFB - coordinates approximate Warbird Memorial Park 564 Farrow Pkwy Myrtle Beach SC 33.661336,-78.927807 Park
911-1008 9/11 Memorial - New Canaan Fire Dept A WTC steel beam and ‘May We Never Forget’ memorial plaque can be found at the the flagpole in front of New Canaan Fire Dept New Canaan Fire Dept 60 Main St New Canaan CT 41.148393,-73.493226 None
911-1019 9/11 Memorial - Smallwood-Mongaup Valley FD A steel artifact with memorial plaque and other small memorial headstones is locate in front of Smallwood-Mongaup Valley Fire Department Smallwood-Mongaup Valley Fire Department 72 Ballard Rd Smallwood-Mongaup Valley NY 41.660989,-74.797856 None
911-1021 Bergen County Police Chiefs Association September 11 Memorial September 11 Memorial can be found on the second floor level near Macy's inside this mall. Listed coordinates are approximate Westfield Garden State Plaza Mall 500 Garden State Plaza Blvd Paramus NJ 40.917541,-74.076037 None
911-0961 9/11 Memorial - Brevard County Fire Rescue Memorial with artifact located on the north lawn of the Brevard County Fire Rescue Station 48 5550 Porada Dr Rockledge FL 28.264817,-80.738294 None
911-1030 9/11 Memorial Plaque 9/11 Memorial plaque mounted in center of the memorial Kern River Valley Cemetery 8441 Burlando Rd. Kernville CA 35.72118,-118.43616 Cemetery
911-1033 9/11 Memorial - City Hall 701 SW 71st Ave North Lauderdale FL 26.222057,-80.221437 None
911-1037 9/11 Memorial Plaque The memorial plaque is attached to a large tree stump Ruby Mckeowan Park 230 W Quitman St Emory TX 32.876325,-95.768650 Park
911-1057 9/11 Memorial - Airport Fire Station ! Memorial is located inside the lobby - May need to ring bell to gain access, preferably during normal business hours Indianapolis International Airport Fire Station 1 N Access Rd Indianapolis IN 39.711716,-86.307831 Office
911-1061 9/11 Memorial Plaque - Chapel Hill Memorial Gardens 4444 W Grand River Ave Lansing MI 42.777417,-84.607814 Cemetery
911-1066 Butler Park 9/11 Memorial Memorial artifact located on Pentagon shaped base in the park near the RR tracks Butler Park 99 Park Pl Butler NJ 41.002115,-74.339354 Park
911-1070 9/11 Memorial - Mechanicville FD A steel artifact can be found by the flagpole. 'Lest We Forget' says it quite simply Mechanicville Fire Department 54 N Main St Mechanicville NY 42.904117,-73.685585 None
911-1074 Fallen Heroes Monument - War on Terrorism Iowa Veterans Cemetery 34024 Veterans Memorial Dr Adel IA 41.544778,-93.950056 Cemetery
911-1076 9/11 Memorial - Darien-Woodridge FD Darien-Woodridge Fire Dept 7550 Lyman Ave Darien-Woodridge IL 41.748791,-88.003140 None
911-1077 9/11 Memorial - Willowbrook PD Located inside the Police Department Lobby - Memorial artifact is what remains of one of the elevators from one of the Towers - Business Hours, dispatch may have to buzz you in Willowbrook Police Department 7760 S Quincy St Willowbrook IL 41.747777,-87.941055 Office
911-1081 9/11 Memorial - Yorktown Hwy Dept Two painted snow plows honoring 9/11 and the First Responders Yorktown Highway Department 281 Underhill Ave Yorktown Heights NY 41.270781,-73.779716 None
911-1086 9/11 Memorial - Stewart Airport A steel artifact and memorial in front of the terminal at Stewart Airport. 1180 1st St New Windsor NY 41.498494,-74.101018 Airport
911-1097 9/11 Memorial - Haworth FD The plaque and steel is set in a pentagon of stone and surrounded by dedicated paving stones in remembrance can be found in front of the Haworth Fire Department Haworth Fire Department 71 Hardenburgh Ave Haworth NJ 40.957988,-73.978021 None
911-1104 9/11 Memorial - Westwood Station A steel artifact is mounted on a boulder at the south end of the train station. Broadway and Park Ave Westwood NJ 40.990441,-74.032555 Park
911-1112 9/11 Memorial - Clarkstown Town Hall Steel artifact is the centerpiece of this memorial dedicated in loving memory of the sons and daughters of Clarkstown who were lost on September 11, 2001. 9/11 Memorial Park Demarest Ave & Maple Ave New City NY 41.146199,-73.988346 Park
911-1144 IN HONOR AND REMEMBRANCE 9/11 Memorial Plaque Woodmen of the World Plaque - mounted by the flag pole base in front of the Jacksonville Museum of Military History Bldg Jacksonville Museum of Military History 100 Veterans Cir Jacksonville AR 34.867456,-92.122648 None
911-1149 9/11 - We Will Never Forget WTC artifact included on top of 9/11 3 sided marker by the flag poles in front of the municipal bldg Cinnaminson Twp Muni Bldg 1621 Riverton Rd Cinnaminson NJ 39.997993,-74.994261 None
911-1151 Township of Hamilton Remembers Memorial near the fountain in the center of the park War Memorial Park 5922 Main St Hamilton Township NJ 39.452225,-74.726883 Park
911-1161 Secaucus 9/11 Memorial Secaucus Library 1379 Paterson Plank Road Secaucus NJ 40.793833,-74.058450 None
911-1163 Angel in Anguish Ocean County Courthouse 101 Hooper Ave Toms River NJ 39.952840,-74.194670 None
911-1174 We Shall Never Forget We Shall Never Forget plaque set on short pillar in the same park near the Stockton Firefighters Memorial Miners Levee 235 N Center St Stockton CA 37.956937,-121.292928 Park
911-1179 9/11 Memorial Elks Lodge #2709 53 Old Kings Road Palm Coast FL 29.565969,-81.224864 Private Property
911-1192 9/11 Memorial Plaque Lovers' Leap 300 Lover's Leap Rd Hannibal MO 39.70402,-91.34701 Park
911-1200 9/11 Memorial Washington Twp FD 18614 Main St Tontogany OH 41.41942,-83.73948 None
911-1207 9/11 Memorial Davis Trail Nay Aug Rd Scranton PA 41.398546,-75.646114 Park
911-1209 9/11 Memorial Hassinger Hall 87 E College Cir Selinsgrove PA 40.798526,-76.870513 Park
911-1215 IN HONOR AND REMEMBRANCE 9/11 Memorial Plaque Woodmen of the World Plaque - mounted on flag pole base, between the eagle and the Iraq & Afghanistan. Monuments, across from the Indian Spring middle school 499 N University Parks Dr Waco TX 31.562149,-97.130753 Park
911-1217 9-11 Memorial Memorial with artifact located at the entrance to the Nassau County Fire Service Academy. Nassau County Fire Service Academy 300 Winding Rd, , NY 11804 Old Bethpage NY 40.752291,-73.446484 None
911-1218 9-11 Memorial The steel, a piece of twisted I-beam from the World Trade Center stands as a reminder of the tragedies that unfolded on September 11, 2001. Three plaques ring the beam in memory of three victims from the surrounding towns. Chestnut Branch Park 579 County Hwy Alt 553 Sewell NJ 39.77317,-75.16152 Park
911-1235 Brooksville 9-11 Memorial Brooksville Public Safety Complex 60 Veteran Ave Brooksville FL 28.554881,-82.400407 None
911-1248 Braintree Remembers 9/11 Braintree Town Hall Mall 1 John F Kennedy Memorial Dr Braintree MA 42.206985,-71.004466 Park
911-1259 9-11 Memorial A piece of a steel beam from Ground Zero is the centerpiece of the memorial in front of the Painesville Fire Station. Painesville City Fire Department 28 Mentor Ave Painesville OH 41.723718,-81.246448 None
911-1262 9-11 Memorial Memorial with artifact by the Bazetta Fire Station next to the flag pole. Bazetta Fire Station 3000 Warren Meadville Rd. Cortland OH 41.299783,-80.754067 None
911-1271 9-11 Memorial Memorial with tower artifact in front of the Jericho VFD Jericho Volunteer Fire Department 411 NY-106 Jericho NY 40.787645,-73.534865 None
911-1294 9-11 Memorial - Donalsonville Memorial honoring locals lost on 9/11 Seminole County Court House 200 S Knox Ave Donalsonville GA 31.042008,-84.88421 None
911-1301 Breezy Point 9/11 Memorial There are a number of pieces that make up this 9/11 area. Select either the Jesus Sculpture holding the twin towers or cross shaped piece of steel from the WTC at the end of the walkway. Rockaway Point Blvd. and B. Breezy Point NY 40.55955,-73.92781 Private Property
911-1302 911 Tribute Park Tribute Park is a space for people in Rockaway Park to reflect on 9/11 - Includes a piece of steel from the North Tower Tribute Park Beach Channel Drive &, Beach 116th St Rockaway Park NY 40.581987,-73.838823 Park
911-1312 9-11 Memorial Stone - Cambridge PD Located on the left (south) side of the entrance to the PD, a memorial stone honors the 23 NYPD and 37 PAPD Officers that made the ultimate sacrifice on 9/11 Cambridge Police Department 125 6th St Cambridge MA 42.367212,-71.085935 None
911-1316 Mariposa County 9-11 Memorial Memorial with artifact located in the Mariposa Art Park - Look for pair of flag poles next to the road (CA-140) Mariposa County Arts Park 5013 CA-140 Mariposa CA 37.48372,-119.964541 Park
911-0267 Marion Volunteer FD 9/11 Memorial Steel from World Trade Center 231 W Main St Marion VA 36.831701,-81.522688 None
911-0273 9/11 Memorial Located in front of the Eisenhower Medical Center building at the base of the flag pole 39000 Bob Hope Dr Rancho Mirage CA 33.763348,-116.406957 None
911-0287 9/11 Memorial Across from the veterans memorial, this memorial is approximately 14' tall from its base to the tip of the flame with the inscription Never Forgotten 115 County Farm Rd Wheaton IL 41.866119,-88.138279 None
911-0293 9/11 Memorial Nesttled between Bossier City Fire Station 1 and Police Dept - Liberty Garden Memorial 2500 Beckett St Bossier City LA 32.525750,-93.71316 None
911-0296 9/11 Memorial Simple memorial plaque at base of flag pole on Bridgewater's Central Square School St and Central Square Bridgewater MA 41.988882,-70.976575 None
911-0297 9/11 Memorial 9/11 Eternal Flame on the West Springfield Town Common Park St. and Elm St. West Springfield MA 42.104594,-72.621555 None
911-0306 9/11 Memorial included as part of the Brooke-Hancock County Veterans Memorial Park 27 Marshaling Yard Dr Weirton WV 40.390714,-80.594074 Park
911-0319 9/11 Memorial located on the Tinton Falls Fire Company grounds 695 Tinton Ave Tinton Falls NJ 40.304029,-74.099188 None
911-0334 9/11 Memorial memorial created by volunteer firefighters by the VFD Building 5th Ave S and 1st St Plains MT 47.456778,-114.88902 None
911-0349 9/11 Memorial Memorial plaque in front of the Williamston Fire Department 120 W Main St Williamston SC 34.618042,-82.480384 None
911-0350 9/11 Memorial plaque depicting the Twin Towers and skyline is located by the entrance to the Bellaire Fire Department. 5101 Jessamine St Bellaire (Houston) TX 29.701944,-95.468795 None
911-0359 9/11 Memorial - remember, reflect, renew Memorial on the corner of the FUMC property 352 S Main St Crown Point IN 41.413102,-87.364178 None
911-0365 9/11 Memorial The San Antonio 9/11 Memorial honors the victims and first responders of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in NYC 6702 New Life Circle San Antonio TX 29.404440,-98.61491 None
911-0386 9/11 Memorial A piece of steel from the Twin Tower in park setting S Main St and Vine St Naples NY 42.613733,-77.4038 None
911-0388 9/11 Memorial Memorial Sundial found in the Redondo Beach Civic Center Complex 415 Diamond St Redondo Beach CA 33.845450,-118.388117 None
911-0402 Spring Lake Fire Department 9/11 Memorial Memorial dedicated to the 343 FDNY Brothers and thousands of civilians who fell in the terrorist attacks of 9/11 123 Maxwell Lane Kingston NY 41.924107,-74.042898 None
911-0409 9/11 Memorial - 1st F15 Eagle 9/11 “First Responder” F-15A Eagle #77-102 - Static Display
Click HERE for additional information
Pacific Coast Air Museum One Air Museum Way Santa Rosa CA 38.506530,-122.802148 Museum
911-0422 9/11 Memorial In front of the fire station, an artifact that was salvaged from the World Trade Center 113 N 8th St. Clear Lake IA 43.139071,-93.378992 None
911-0441 9/11 Memorial included as part of the Michigan Fallen Heroes Memorial 1200 Telegraph Rd Pontiac MI 42.660060,-83.333738 None
911-0470 9/11 Memorial A piece of steel on display in Heritage Park - 6AM 10PM 1701 Bayou Lane Slidell LA 30.278873,-89.783451 Park
911-0482 9/11 Memorial Steel Artifact on display at the Key West Firehouse Museum 1024 Grinnell St Key West FL 24.553788,-81.793121 Museum
911-0495 9/11 Memorial The 911 Memorial was erected by the Aledo Police Benevolent Association to honor the emergency personnel who gave their lives in the service of others on September 11, 2001 SW 2nd St and SW 2nd Ave. Aledo IL 41.200606,-90.750788 None
911-0502 9/11 Memorial East lawn next to the Fireman's Museum 333 W Nebraska Frankfort IL 41.497867,-87.857525 None
911-0513 9/11 Memorial Ridgewood Memorial Park - North Maine FD memorial. Lady Liberty shedding a tear in the memorial is quite moving. Other smaller memorials associated with 9/11 also present. 9900 N Milwaukee Ave Des Plaines IL 42.062672,-87.848808 Park
911-0519 9/11 Memorial - Minquas Fire Company #2 Steel artifact by flagpoles in front of Minquas Fire Company #2 141 Wallace Avenue Downingtown PA 40.012036,-75.703917 None
911-0529 Monroe County 9/11 Memorial 9/11 Memorial on the SE corner of the Monroe County Courthouse lawn - Twin Towers on a Pentagon base. 105 College St Madisonville TN 35.519948,-84.362967 None
911-0537 9/11 Emergency Services Memorial - Pearson Park Daytime Hours - Memorial in Pearson Park - Dedicated to the 2998 Emergency Service Personnel and Civilians Killed in attacks on September 11, 2001 210 W Gordon St. Kinston NC 35.261480,-77.58448 Park
911-0538 9/11 Memorial 9/11 Memorial and Artifact in front of the Anne Arundel County Police Building 8495 Veterans Hwy Millersville MD 39.099389,-76.626297 None
911-0547 9/11 Memorial Next to the Yarmouth PD, memorial garden which includes steel artifact from the towers 340 Higgins Crowell Rd. Yarmouth MA 41.668980,-70.24547 None
911-0553 9/11 Memorial - Clynn County FD Inside Lobby, tower artifact and tribute to firefighter John G. (Chip) Chipura, Engine Company 219, one of 343 firefighters that gave their lives on Sept 11, 2001 in efforts to save others. No Parking in front of Firetrucks. 4310 Community Rd Brunswick GA 31.203527,-81.506431 Office
911-0556 9/11 Memorial 11-foot section of metal girder from the fallen WTC suspended above a fountain in front of the Port St. Lucie Civic Center. 9221 S.E. Civic Center Place Port St. Lucie FL 27.297337,-80.299007 None
911-0558 9/11 Memorial Simple memorial to the Victims of 9/11-01, next to the Sebastian Splash Park 710 Harrison St Sebastian FL 27.808438,-80.464113 None
911-0559 Patriots Park 9/11 Memorial Memorial includes an artifact from the World Trade Tower located at the entrance to Patriots Park 800 Venetia Bay Blvd Venice FL 27.110082,-82.444193 None
911-0567 9/11 Memorial - SPIRIT OF FREEDOM Next to the flag, an eagle entitled the Spirit of Freedom and a Monument dedicated to those who died on flight 93. 616 N. Summit Arkansas City KS 37.069450,-97.038733 None
911-0599 9/11 Memorial Plaque Memorial Plaque next to entry door facing 3rd St. Dimond & Son Needles Mortuary 222 E St Needles CA 34.837978,-114.605801 None
911-0602 Freedom from Terrorism Memorial A tribute to not only all the people who died during the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, but to Aggies who died that day and during the war on terrorism. Coke and Lubbock Streets College Station TX 30.614093,-96.338381 None
911-0614 9/11 Memorial - Rio Vista FD Memorial with artifact in front of the Rio Vista Fire Department 350 Main St Rio Vista CA 38.157592,-121.692724 None
911-0623 Firefighters, Police and EMS Civic Monument Never Forget encircles the The Last Alarm Fire Fighters and Officers Monument 452 3rd Ave W Bradenton FL 27.499142,-82.567488 Construction
911-0631 9/11 Memorial We Will Never Forget - 9/11 Memorial Park - Includes artifact from the towers 18 NJ-53 Morris Plains NJ 40.830382,-74.477801 None
911-0639 9/11 Memorial Plaque Memorial plaque at the base of the flag poles adjacent to the Cornelia Depot 102 Grant Pl Cornelia GA 34.511904,-83.526627 None
911-0647 9/11 Memorial Firefighter sculpture in front of the Newton FD - Engraved brick paver at the base "In Honor of the 343 Firefighters who Died Sept 11 2001 New York" 410 S 2nd Ave W Newton IA 41.698747,-93.0576 None
911-0653 9/11 Memorial Memorial with artifacts in front of the Westmont Fire Company 120 Haddon Ave Haddon Township NJ 39.910994,-75.051131 None
911-0663 9/11 Memorial - Wayside Fire Company Memorial with artifact on south end of the Wayside Fire Company 2 Volunteer Way Tinton Falls NJ 40.244657,-74.095264 None
911-0667 9/11 Memorial - Milford Remembers Memorial behind Milford City Hall next to the pond 110 River St Milford CT 41.225561,-73.058152 None
911-0675 9/11 Memorial Learning Site Diamond in the Pines Park - includes artifact at the base of the Rescue Dog 1883 Route 112 Coram NY 40.887873,-73.009636 None
911-0676 NEVER FORGET 9/11 Memorial Memorial with artifact in front of Hartsville Fire Co. No. 1 1195 York Rd Hartsville - Warminster Townsh PA 40.226385,-75.094394 None
911-0683 9/11 Memorial Memorial with artifact - south side of Aberdeen Festival Park Centennial Lane and Howard St Aberdeen MD 39.511005,-76.163957 None
911-0717 9/11 Memorial - Burke's Park Sayreville 9/11 Memorial - Park in parking lot behind memorial highly encouraged Washington Rd and Lakeview Dr Parlin NJ 40.462643,-74.324376 None
911-0744 IN HONOR AND REMEMBRANCE 9/11 Memorial Plaque Woodmen of the World Plaque - mounted on flag pole base in front of Monroe County Museum 126 E Johnston St Forsyth GA 33.035219,-83.93435 None
911-0759 9/11 Memorial - Hanson Park Memorial artifact inside the Wisconsin State Firefighter Memorial building 2031 2nd Ave S Wisconsin Rapids WI 44.374740,-89.849558 School
911-0765 9/11 Memorial 9/11 memorial located in a small park at NW Oklahoma State University - walking required from parking lot on south side of the park 8th Street and Oklahoma Blvd Alva OK 36.797474,-98.669681 School
911-0767 9/11 Memorial Mural - COST OF FREEDOM 9/11 Mural on the side of the Flatlanders Saloon building on Iowa 10, north end of town 2021 Avenue E Hawarden IA 43.008860,-96.488002 None
911-0775 9/11 Memorial The 9/11 memorial monument at the base of the tower at the Prophet Elias Greek Orthodox Church 5335 S Highland Dr Holladay UT 40.653528,-111.834386 None
911-0776 9/11 Memorial - Bountiful Veterans Park War on Terror Conflict Panel located within the Bountiful Veterans Park 790 100 E Bountiful UT 40.881310,-111.878964 None
911-0786 9/11 Memorial - West Benton Fire Rescue Memorial with artifact - Flagpole in front of Fire Station 310 1200 Grant Ave Prosser WA 46.208907,-119.774695 None
911-0818 9/11 Memorial - Commack High School Memorial with artifact, west end of the Commack High School football field 1 Scholar Ln Commack NY 40.859546,-73.286988 None
911-0826 Saratoga Springs 9/11 Memorial Monument Memorial with artifact in High Rock Spring Park 112 High Rock Ave Saratoga Springs NY 43.086727,-73.78029 None
911-0839 9/11 Memorial - OCU Beam Library Marble memorial on the Oklahoma Christian University campus next to the Beam Library - limited parking LR Wilson Way Edmond OK 35.611923,-97.469015 School
911-0849 9/11 Memorial - Scenic Hudson Park Memorial Plaque, Twin Pillars and Flag pole overlooking the Hudson River - Park hours 6am-10pm 29 Bridge St Irvington NY 41.034485,-73.875181 Park
911-0851 9/11 Memorial - Washingtonville 5 Memorial surrounding flag pole honoring 5 firefighters from the area that lost their lives on 9/11 Ahern Blvd and Washington Blvd Washingtonville NY 41.431469,-74.154039 None
911-0857 9/11 Memorial - Riverfront Park Memorial with artifact, Connecticut Riverwalk and Bikeway - Two photos required - Daylight hours and walking required Hall of Fame Ave and State St Springfield MA 42.097806,-72.590361 Park
911-0887 9/11 Memorial - Milford Fire Dept Memorial artifact on the Milford Fire Department Station 7 south lawn 55 Wheelers Farm Rd Milford CT 41.233235,-73.072105 None
911-0888 9/11 Memorial Cross - Church of The Good Shepherd Artifact Cross of World Trade Center stands in a memorial garden with a buried time capsule with mementos from some of the victims of 9/11 attacks 4967 Broadway New York NY 40.868357,-73.920118 None
911-0891 9/11 Memorial Monument Memorial in small park setting across the street from the Historic Wicoff House Museum 641 Plainsboro Rd Plainsboro Center NJ 40.332889,-74.585472 None
911-0894 9/11 Memorial - AL Raritan Post 23 Across the Street from the American Legion, memorial with artifact overlooking Raritan Bay 81 W Front St. Keyport NJ 40.437276,-74.205171 None
911-0906 9/11 Memorial Mural - Craig Road United We Stand 9/11 Mural - Corner of Craig Rd and Pioneer Way W Craig Rd and N Pioneer Way Las Vegas NV 36.240365,-115.256024 None
911-0916 9/11 Memorial - The Park at City Center Memorial with artifact - Subway tracks from below the WTC E Main St and Arnold Mill Road Woodstock GA 34.101774,-84.518831 None
911-0919 9/11 Memorial - Taylorsville MetroPark Memorial Plaque for Charles E Jones, a passenger killed on AA Flight 11 after striking the 1st WTC building. Approx 1 mile hike from the parking lot (39.877080, -84.169186) - 8-8 daily 2000 US-40 Vandalia OH 39.890083,-84.165806 Park
911-0924 9/11 Memorial - Clermont Fire Station #1 Memorial by the flag pole in front of Clermont Fire Station #1 439 FL-50 Clermont FL 28.551066,-81.762469 None
911-0933 9/11 Memorial - Memorial by flag pole in front of TriState Vacuum and Rental 12267 US Hwy 84 Joaquin TX 31.967772,-94.027654 None
911-0942 9/11 Memorial - Mohegan Volunteer Fire Memorial with artifact - Mohegan Volunteer Fire Association - Jefferson Valley Station 500 Lee Blvd Jefferson Valley NY 41.324629,-73.803423 None
911-0952 9/11 Memorial - Richardsville VFD Memorial with artifact in front of the Richardsville VFD 1185 Richardsville Rd Bowling Green KY 37.096444,-86.464417 None
911-0964 9/11 Memorial - Reidsville Fire Department Memorial with artifact in front of the Reidsville Fire Department 402 S Scales St Reidsville NC 36.357439,-79.664551 None
911-0990 IN HONOR AND REMEMBRANCE 9/11 Memorial Plaque Woodmen of the World Plaque - mounted on flag pole base in front of the Madison County Fire Station 20 Luray Rd Beech Bluff TN 35.596388,-88.631001 None
911-0991 9/11 Memorial - Phelps Grove Park Multiple paver memorial bricks, memorial benches and the 9/11 memorial. 950 E Brookside Dr Springfield MO 37.188967,-93.281431 None
911-0992 9/11 Memorial - Camden County Courthouse Memorial Painting inside the Camden County Courthouse - M-F 8:30am-5pm 1 Ct Cir NW Camdenton MO 38.008253,-92.7456 Office
911-0999 9/11 Memorial - Pokagon Vol Fire Department Memorial with artifact in front of the Pokagon Vol Fire Department 31555 Pokagon Hwy Pokagon Township MI 41.912608,-86.177021 None
911-1007 9/11 Memorial A WTC steel beam and memorial plaque hiding in plain sight, Ridgefield Parks & Recreation hiking path next to the Ridgefield Brook. 195 Danbury Rd Ridgefield CT 41.298243,-73.492797 None
911-1014 9/11 Memorial - Wyckoff Community Park Remembrance Memorial and Freedom Garden - includes a garden area with a flag pole, and at the base, the 11 resident names are inscribed on a large piece of granite. 475 Wyckoff Ave Wyckoff NJ 40.998706,-74.174186 Park
911-1020 Bergen County World Trade Center Memorial The Bergen County, NJ 9/11 Monument is in the Henry Hoebel Area of Overpeck County Park. The sign is on Fort Lee Road near the Overpeck Driveway. Overpeck County Park Overpeck County Park - 50 Fort Lee Rd Leonia NJ 40.868166,-73.994549 None
911-1022 9/11 Memorial - Emerson Fire Dept Located outside of the Emerson Fire Department, this memorial consists of a piece of World Trade Center steel with a black granite cube base. The base is engraved on all four sides: three sides feature images of the individual 9/11 attack sites (the World Trade Center, Pentagon, and the Flight 93 crash site); the fourth side, which includes the inscription, is dedicated to Emerson resident Gary Albero, who died as a result of the attacks on the World Trade Center. Inscription: Dedicated to all of the men and women who lost their lives on September 11, 2001 including Emerson resident Gary Albero, We will never forget, United we stand Emerson Fire Department 146 Thomas Ave Emerson NJ 40.974051,-74.025184 None
911-1027 9/11 Memorial Mural Approx 75' long cinder block wall behind BP Gas station is home to "REMEMBER 911" mural - 4432 12th St West Palm Beach FL 26.721549,-80.109582 None
911-1053 Brooklawn's 9/11 Memorial & Monument a pentagon-shaped base that supports a 9'11" piece of World Trade Center steel. Brooklawn Memorial Park South Hannevig & Maude Avenues Brooklawn NJ 39.877750,-75.121654 Park
911-1058 9/11 Memorial Etching - Martinsville Etching of the 9/11 WTC on the back side of Morgan County Veterans Memorial E Washington St. and S Jefferson St Martinsville IN 39.426513,-86.427448 None
911-1062 9/11 Memorial Plaque - Flushing The Heroes of United Flight 93 memorial plaque found near the base of the Civil War monument Flushing Cemetery 600 Chamberlain St Flushing MI 43.066032,-83.842620 Cemetery
911-1064 9/11 Memorial - Big Rapids FD Memorial with artifact located in front of the Big Rapids Fire Department Big Rapids Fire Department 435 N Michigan Ave Big Rapids MI 43.703118,-85.482310 None
911-1067 9/11 Memorial - Warwick designed by artist Amy Lewis Sweetman, encompasses an I-beam from the World Trade Center gifted to the Village of Warwick by former New York State Senator Thomas P. Morahan. The site features a reflecting pool, benches and landscaping. Stanley Deming Park South Street & Park Way Warwick NY 41.251666,-74.355349 Park
911-1075 Remember 9/11 Stone Ottawa Avenue Cemetery 1601 Ottawa Ave Ottawa IL 41.338611,-88.864917 Cemetery
911-1094 9/11 Memorial Boulder Memorial boulder in Oakes Park near the gazebo Oakes Park 176 Central Ave Old Tappan NJ 41.013359,-73.979333 Park
911-1095 9/11 Memorial Memorial consists of a plaque mounted on a semicircular brick wall flanked by four plaques that each bear the name of a Harrington Park resident lost on 9/11. Highland Field 150 Tappan Rd Harrington Park NJ 40.990041,-73.969381 Park
911-1102 9/11 Memorial - Woodcliff Lake FD Memorial includes artifacts in front of Woodcliff Lake Fire Department Woodcliff Lake Fire Department 180 Pascack Rd Woodcliff Lake NJ 41.021775,-74.048860 None
911-1103 9/11 Memorial - Veterans Park Found in the SW corner of Veterans Park, the memorial is an Eagle Scout project by Eric Stigliano that includes an artifact on top of a polished square base. Hillsdale Ave and Broadway Hillsdale NJ 41.002947,-74.041204 Park
911-1107 9/11 Memorial - Infantry Museum Located outside adjacent to the museum by the "Heritage Walk" this memorial includes an artifact from the WTC National Infantry Museum and Soldier Center 1775 Legacy Way Fort Benning- Columbus GA 32.388975,-84.955592 Park
911-1110 9/11 Memorial - New Milford VFD Twin polished stones display similarly bent steel artifacts with a simple plaque that reads World Trade Center Steel with a (343) Never Forget shield. New Milford Volunteer Fire Company 1 249 Center St New Milford NJ 40.949580,-74.017760 None
911-1114 Freedom High School Sundial Memorial as this is a high school, plan accordingly Freedom High School 15200 Neabsco Mills Road Woodbridge VA 38.621223,-77.288800 School
911-1129 9/11 Memorial - Abington PD Memorial with artifact on the south lawn of the local PD Abington Police Department 215 Central St Abington MA 42.115156,-70.939409 None
911-1134 9/11 Memorial Front yard of private  property - easy photo access from the road 5235 Doolin Run Rd. New Martinsville WV 39.652481,-80.774127 Private Property
911-1136 9/11 Memorial - Aberdeen FD Station #1 Memorial w/artifact on north lawn by Fire Department Aberdeen FD Station #1 490 Lloyd Rd Aberdeen Township NJ 40.405392,-74.215875 None
911-1162 9/11 Memorial Toms River Twp Muni Bldg 33 Washington St Toms River NJ 39.952729,-74.196506 None
911-1172 September 11th Memorial Plaque Oceanside Fire Department 305 N Nevada St Oceanside CA 33.198133,-117.378167 None
911-1231 9/11 Memorial Memorial with artifact in the lobby of Fire Department Odessa Fire Rescue 1100 W 2nd St Odessa TX 31.840204,-102.378882 Office
911-1194 9/11 Memorial Plaque Delphos Fire Department 125 E 2nd St Delphos OH 40.843624,-84.338745 None
911-1195 Global War on Terrorism Veterans Memorial Park 425 1/2 E Central Ave Miamisburg OH 39.641411,-84.284121 Park
911-1197 Attack On America Licking County Court House 1 S Park Pl Newark OH 40.057414,-82.402147 None
911-1219 9/11 Memorial - Acushnet FD Acushnet Fire Department 24 Russell St Acushnet MA 41.683380,-70.908471 None
911-1221 9-11 Memorial - Bowie FD We Remember Memorial with artifact located in front of the Bowie Fire Department Bowie Fire Department 203 Walnut St Bowie TX 33.561014,-97.849365 None
911-1222 9-11 Memorial - Martin County FD 9/11 Memorial Artifact in front of the Martin County Fire Rescue building by the flag pole Martin County Fire Rescue Station 33 7555 SE Federal Hwy Hobe Sound FL 27.112172,-80.172132 None
911-1245 9-11 Memorial - Cairo FD Memorial artifact located in front of the Cairo Fire Department Cairo Fire Department 555 2nd Ave SE Cairo GA 30.875404,-84.200774 None
911-1246 9-11 Memorial Memorial to two individuals from Ringwood that perished on Sept 11th, 2001 Ringwood Public Library 30 Cannici Dr Ringwood NJ 41.087790,-74.266935 Park
911-1250 9-11 Community Memorial Memorial with artifacts adjacent to the Rocky Point Fire Department Rocky Point Fire Dept 49 NY-25A Shoreham NY 40.946897,-72.897367 Park
911-1253 Towers of Freedom 9/11 Military Monument Memorial pays tribute to those who lost their lives on 9/11 and to the men and women of the US Military. John J Burns Park 4990 Merrick Rd Massapequa Park NY 40.666128,-73.447422 Park
911-1288 9-11 Memorial The memorial consists of a battlefield cross with name plate for Ronald J Hemingway, USN 1LT, who was killed in the Pentagon attack. Wasilla High School 701 E Bogard Rd Wasilla AK 61.588494,-149.431649 School
911-1289 9-11 Memorial - Tallahasee A beam from the World Trade Center South Tower. 3500 lbs and 11 feet long. Acquired in 2011 from the Port Authority of NY. It is mounted on the flight path of Flight 93 on a pentagon shaped base. Fire Station 16 911 Easterwood Dr Tallahasee FL 30.450046,-84.22091 Park
911-1291 IN HONOR AND REMEMBRANCE 9/11 Memorial Plaque Woodmen of the World Plaque at the base of the flag pole in front of the fire station. Thomasville Fire and Rescue Station 1 100 S. Crawford St. Thomasville GA 30.837998,-83.978611 None
911-1307 9-11 Memorial - North Dighton FD This Memorial which includes an artifact was an Eagle Scout project by Kyle Medeiros working with the Fire Department Dighton Fire Department 132 Chase St, North Dighton, MA 02764 North Dighton MA 41.866044,-71.133213 None
911-1310 9-11 Memorial - Roxbury Never Forget plaque on a steel artifact Volunteer Fire Dept of Roxbury 42 State Rd Roxbury NY 40.565908,-73.890701 None
911-1317 9-11 Memorial - Osborn Hall Unique sculpture next to Osborn hall, artifact within an earth shape sphere UC Colorado Springs - Osborn Hall 1420 Austin Bluffs Pkwy Colorado Springs CO 38.89342,-104.800715 School
911-0248 9/11 Memorial This memorial is located on the southern edge of Finch Park, near the railroad tracks.
There is a steel artifact mounted on the back of the middle column, dedicated to the memory of Ramsey citizens who lost their lives in the attack.
315 Island Rd Ramsey NJ 41.061889,-74.143561 Park
911-0257 9/11 Memorial Memorial that consists of 3 granite pieces; one for Shanksville, The World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Located in front of Childrens' Park Mission Blvd and D Street Hayward CA 37.670396,-122.082144 None
911-0266 9/11 Memorial 9/11 Memorial with piece of steel from the towers by the Ross Valley FD 777 San Anselmo Ave, San Anselmo, CA 94960 San Anselmo CA 37.976695,-122.564091 None
911-0283 9/11 Memorial Just inside the entrance to the Memorial Park Mausoleum at the base of the flag pole 2600 Old Moultrie Road St. Augustine FL 29.848498,-81.326323 Cemetery
911-0284 9/11 Memorial plaque showing images from Pennsylvania, New York and Washington, DC. next to the flag pole at the entrance of the Hillsboro Memorial Cemetery 2323 W Brandon Blvd Brandon FL 27.937958,-82.321664 None
911-0298 9/11 Memorial 9/11 memorial in front of the Agawam Fire Department 800 Main Street Agawam MA 42.066261,-72.616285 None
911-0301 9/11 Memorial 9/11 memorial in Fort Allen Park 49 Eastern Promenade Portland ME 43.665003,-70.240701 None
911-0313 9/11 Memorial The 9/11 Memorial is a section of the North Tower from the World Trade Center, and is located along the bike path at the Beavercreek Station. 1152 N Fairfield Rd Beavercreek OH 39.723598,-84.059193 None
911-0320 9/11 Memorial - Tower of Remembrance at Shrine of St. Joseph A bell tolls every 46 minutes four times, once for each of the attacks on the North and South towers, the Pentagon and United Flight 93, which crashed in Pennsylvania. 1050 Long Hill Road, Stirling NJ Stirling NJ 40.682019,-74.490022 None
911-0324 9/11 Memorial Angel in Anguish by Brian P.Hanlon in Windward Beach Park 265 Princeton Ave Brick Township NJ 40.057470,-74.11115 None
911-0342 9/11 Memorial memorial is dedicated to the casualties of September 11, 2001 as well as the casualties of the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts after that event Highfield Ave and Kunk's Drive Johnstown PA 40.268334,-78.835592 None
911-0347 9/11 Memorial Jamestown Fire Department Memorial Museum a small garden with memorial consisting of a piece of iron that was from the site of New York City's World Trade Center. 50 Narragansett Ave Jamestown RI 41.496391,-71.370501 None
911-0357 Jennifer Lynn Kane Memorial Plaque A plaque on a peaceful bench overlooking Plymouth harbor is the site of a simple memorial plaque established in remembrance of Jennifer Lynn Kane, who was killed at the World Trade Center in New York on September 11, 2001. Plymouth MA 41.957659,-70.661074 None
911-0368 9/11 Memorial NY 9/11 memorial is located in the park south of the City Hall at 24 South Street. City Hall Park 24 South Street Auburn NY 42.929767,-76.565583 None
911-0374 9/11 Memorial The flagpole is flying the United States and POW flags. At the base of the flagpole is a bronze plaque. Garden of Memories Cemetery Cemetery Road Colbert OK 33.863100,-96.508933 None
911-0378 9/11 Memorial Pair of black granite markers with a etched pictures of the towers burning - Let us not forget 1216 E Park Ln Longview TX 32.501551,-94.722363 None
911-0387 9/11 Memorial Steel Beam as part of the First Responders Park W Main St and Collegeview Rd Westerville OH 40.125336,-82.944564 None
911-0401 9/11 Memorial Memorial to Department of Transportation employees killed in the WTC. Clifton Park Rest Area I-87 Northbound Clifton Park NY 42.877467,-73.776517 None
911-0419 9/11 Memorial A plaque at the base of flagpoles reads, “In memory of those who lost their lives in the fight for freedom 9/11-2001.” 124 W. Main St. Fredericktown MO 37.559831,-90.295792 None
911-0427 9/11 Memorial Carolina Field of Honor at Triad Park - Tower Artifact on walkway to center Obelisk 9652 W Market St Kernersville NC 36.121939,-80.034947 Park
911-0431 9/11 Memorial On the UNCC campus - 9/11 memorial outside Duke Centennial Hall - limited parking available 9330 Robert D. Snyder Rd Charlotte NC 35.312089,-80.740653 None
911-0432 9/11 Memorial Memorial in front of the MMR Fire Department 3132 Richardson Rd Sandwich - Otis Air National G MA 41.656683,-70.529983 Military Base
911-0439 Morris County 9/11 Memorial Morris County September 11th Memorial - Includes steel from the towers 460 W Hanover Ave Morristown NJ 40.832944,-74.52226 None
911-0446 9/11 Memorial Memorial sculpture in front of Keizer Fire District Bldg 661 Chemawa Rd NE, Keizer, OR 97303 Keizer OR 44.997056,-123.025105 None
911-0448 9/11 Memorial Global War on Terrorisum within the Soldiers Walk Veterans Memorial Park 551 Memorial Park Dr Arcadia WI 44.243134,-91.496767 None
911-0453 9/11 Memorial Monument at the Veterans Plaza in Traxler Park - Daylight hours 700 Traxler Park Rd Janesville WI 42.692488,-89.03148 Park
911-0455 9/11 Memorial Fountain Traffic Parking Island near Angier Town Hall and Police Dept 55 N Broad St West Angier NC 35.508027,-78.739527 None
911-0463 9/11 Memorial 9/11 Steel Artifact adjacent to Greenville Safety Building W6895 Parkview Dr Greenville WI 44.302226,-88.536181 None
911-0474 9/11 Memorial Steel artifact on the Bennington County Courthouse grounds 207 South St Bennington VT 42.876972,-73.197333 None
911-0478 9/11 Memorial Memorial in front of Clover Park baseball stadium (Mets spring training ballpark) 31 Piazza Dr. Port St. Lucie FL 27.324045,-80.404968 None
911-0483 9/11 Memorial 9/11 and Firefighter Memorial - Adjacent to Berlin Fire Department - includes steel artifact 1657 Berlin Turnpike Berlin CT 41.606140,-72.750125 None
911-0486 9/11 Memorial memorial in Memorial Mountain View Mortuary 3115 Bengal Blvd Cottonwood Heights UT 40.609788,-111.803696 None
911-0492 9/11 Memorial adjacent to the Granger Travel Plaza 1200 Bailey Ave Granger WA 46.344981,-120.180324 None
911-0496 9/11 Memorial Memorial with artifact Riverfront Park 300 N Harrison Algonquin IL 42.168655,-88.288673 None
911-0505 9/11 Memorial A three-foot steel beam is displayed on a patio outside the fire department's headquarters along with plaques honoring firefighters both at Ground Zero 115 Schelter Rd Lincolnshire - Riverwoods IL 42.194779,-87.939425 None
911-0524 9/11 Memorial - Tampa Premium Outlet Market Hall Food Court - Hallway near restrooms, 9/11 Ladder 18 artifact on loan from Spelman Family 2300 Grand Cypress Dr Lutz FL 28.190570,-82.390599 Private Property
911-0528 9/11 Memorial 9/11 Memorial and Artifact in front of the Oak Ridge High School 1450 Oak Ridge Turnpike Oak Ridge TN 36.017127,-84.26121 None
911-0533 Lauren's Garden 9/11 Memorial Fountain Located in Market Square Park, three granite walls in the fountain represent the three crash sites, New York, Washington, DC, and Pennsylvania. 301 Milam St Houston TX 29.762783,-95.36225 None
911-0564 9/11 Memorial Trade Tower artifact in front of the Louisa County Sheriff's Office 1 Woolfolk Ave Louisa VA 38.021948,-78.002215 None
911-0565 9/11 Memorial Placed between flag poles near Portsmouth City Hall, artifact from the tower 1 Junkins Ave Portsmouth NH 43.071155,-70.754651 None
911-0568 9/11 Memorial - We Will Never Forget Memorial in front of Sedona Fire District Fire Station 6 includes artifact from the towers 2860 Southwest Drive Sedona AZ 34.831645,-111.776792 None
911-0570 9/11 Memorial Pathway next to the Huey with story boards related to the event of 9/11 1051 N Houston St Bullard TX 32.149959,-95.328879 None
911-0573 9/11 Memorial 9/11 Memorial with artifact next to the Monticello Police Department 201 E South St Monticello IA 42.232522,-91.187504 None
911-0577 9/11 Memorial Memorial stone in front of the High Springs Fire Department Station 29 205 NW 1st Ave High Springs FL 29.827871,-82.599221 None
911-0581 9/11 Memorial - Twin Towers Memorial Park Simple memorial in park setting 8100 Block Camelback Rd Pleasant Hill CA 37.979017,-122.071445 None
911-0587 9/11 Memorial Base of flag pole in cemetery adjacent to Saint Margaret Church - daytime only Old Church Road Hibernia - Flemming Island FL 30.067447,-81.696214 Cemetery
911-0588 9/11 Memorial Inside small fire museum, Mon thru Fri, 08:30 to 16:30 artifact from the towers - Next door to Ocala Fire Rescue HQ 505 NW Martin Luther King Blvd Ocala FL 29.192356,-82.151974 Museum
911-0589 9/11 Memorial - Fire Station 44 VPSD Memorial in front of The Villages Public Safety Fire Station 44 3035 Morse Blvd The Villages FL 28.859786,-81.960989 None
911-0597 9/11 Memorial Memorial with artifact in front of the Vacaville Police Department 660 Merchant St Vacaville CA 38.350133,-121.994862 None
911-0598 9/11 Memorial Memorial Plaque in Mineral Springs Park E Quitman St and S Aberdeen St Iuka MS 34.808534,-88.188362 None
911-0611 War on Terror - 9/11 Memorial Veterans Memorial - War on Terror conflict panel with Twin Tower image etched at the bottom. 521 Cedar St Richmond Hill GA 31.946734,-81.305901 None
911-0612 9/11 Memorial Plaque Memorial Plaque at the base of flag pole (Next to Jolly Rogers Estates sign) US1 and Pirates Road (approx 75 yards S on Pirates Rd) Little Torch Key FL 24.665365,-81.387987 None
911-0616 9/11 Memorial - MDFR Station 3 Memorial with artifact in front of Miami Dade Fire Department Station 3 3911 SW 82nd Ave Miami FL 25.734112,-80.327324 None
911-0661 9/11 Memorial Memorial with artifact by the Ware Fire Department 200 West St Ware MA 42.252498,-72.256888 None
911-0664 9/11 Memorial Memorial with artifact on the east lawn next to the Jackson Twp offices 95 W Veterans Hwy Jackson Township NJ 40.111471,-74.350557 None
911-0689 9/11 Memorial small memorial plaques in New Hope Park W New Hope Rd and S Dixieland Rd Rogers AR 36.311951,-94.14384 None
911-0697 9/11 Memorial - Library VICTORII - Sculpture made from the foundation wall of the orig WTC 11 E Church St Bethlehem PA 40.618590,-75.378683 None
911-0707 9/11 Memorial Artifact and Flag of Honor inside USS Alabama Park Museum - Admission required Battleship Memorial Park 2703 Battleship Parkway Mobile AL 30.681623,-88.015694 Park
911-0714 9/11 Memorial - Cheyenne Mtn Air Force Station Memorial with artifact - by 21st Security Forces Bldgs 1 Norad Rd Cheyenne Mtn CO 38.744355,-104.844865 Military Base
911-0728 9/11 Memorial - Somers Fire Department Small Memorial area adjacent to the Somers Fire Department in memory of those who died on 9/11 400 Main St Somers CT 41.984081,-72.463842 None
911-0731 9/11 Memorial - National Cemetery at Crown Hill Heroes of Public Safety Memorial - includes President George W Bush proclamtion on Sept 11, 2001 - Use Boulevard Pl entrance 3400 Boulevard Pl Indianapolis IN 39.816187,-86.170999 Park
911-0751 Citizens of Los Altos Remember September 11, 2001 plaque Memorial plaque on rock at Patriot Corner by the Garden House 400 University Ave Los Altos CA 37.374887,-122.119529 None
911-0752 Campbell 9/11 flag memorial plaque A 9/11 memorial by city hall in downtown Campbell. Civic Center Dr and N Central Ave Campbell CA 37.288007,-121.943652 None
911-0756 IN HONOR AND REMEMBRANCE 9/11 Memorial Plaque Woodmen of the World Plaque - mounted on flag pole base on the grounds of the Riverfront Amphitheater 123 N A St Fort Smith AR 35.392151,-94.429941 None
911-0758 9/11 Memorial Flagpole Some walking required, behind the Old Main Bldg (east side) memorial plaque and flag pole - possible parking avail at Inn at Carnall Hall 459 Campus Dr Fayetteville AR 36.068382,-94.170803 School
911-0760 9/11 Memorial - Paris Fire Dept Station 2 Memorial and artifact in front of Station 2 1097 M.L.K. Jr Blvd Paris KY 38.204477,-84.275399 None
911-0770 9/11 Memorial Plaque - Hero's Park Memorial plaque next to north parking lot of Heroes Park - Hours Dawn to Dusk 25420 Jeronimo Rd Lake Forest CA 33.623672,-117.687006 Park
911-0780 9/11 Memorial Plaque Memorial plaque mounted on fence on pathway to the "Giant Globe" at the Waterfront Park - Dawn to Dusk daily 230 Front St SE Salem OR 44.938568,-123.0443 Park
911-0781 9/11 Memorial - Cowlitz 2 Fire and Rescue Memorial with artifact by the flag pole - Cowlitz 2 Fire & Rescue Headquarters Station 21 701 Vine St Kelso WA 46.142908,-122.906966 None
911-0793 9/11 Memorial Memorial to Medal of Courage recipient Mark Whitford as well as first responders who made the ultimate sacrifice - 17181 Minos Conaway Rd Lewes - Nassau DE 38.752071,-75.202077 None
911-0799 9/11 Memorial - Global War on Terrorism NE Corner of the Cavalry Parade Field near the museum Arnold Ave and Sheridan Ave - Cavalry Parade Field Fort Riley KS 39.063608,-96.782385 Military Base
911-0800 9/11 Memorial - Olathe West High School (inside) Memorial artifact inside the Olathe West High School Commons area - main entrance. Summer hrs, Mon through Thurs, 0800 to 1600 2200 W Santa Fe St Olathe KS 38.885167,-94.853611 School
911-0810 9/11 Memorial - Green Bay Police Department (inside) Memorial with artifact inside the Green Bay PD lobby area - open 24/7 - on temporary display until a permanent home is found. Green Bay Police Department 307 S Adams St Green Bay WI 44.511139,-88.016278 Office
911-0812 9/11 Memorial - Firehouse Park Memorial with artifact in Firehouse Park - Concrete obelisk with artifact attached pointing east toward New York E Wall St and N Main St Janesville WI 42.683510,-89.023636 Park
911-0819 9/11 Memorial - Rock Island Arsenal Simple Memorial to those who made the ultimate sacrifice - Base day pass restrictions apply. Pass office open normal business hours. Rodman and Golf Lane Rock Island Arsenal IL 41.518417,-90.538194 Military Base
911-0824 9/11 Memorial Landscaping - US 176 "We Will Not Forget" rocked landscaped area on US 176 - CAUTION is advised as shoulder is hardpacked and this is on a highway grassy area. 2404 US-176 Jonesville SC 34.807819,-81.678028 Other
911-0827 9/11 Memorial - Mt Morris Veterans Park Memorial with artifact located in the Mt Morris Veterans Park 195 Main St Mt Morris NY 42.718466,-77.869373 None
911-0837 9/11 Memorial Flag Pole Flag pole situated in the median of US 2 Highway - use CAUTION when parking on none paved shoulder US 2 - approx 1/4 mile north of Kirkpatrick Rd Elk WA 48.063833,-117.343139 Other
911-0858 9/11 Memorial - Acton Public Safety Facility Memorial with artifact in front lawn of the Acton Public Safety Facility (Police and Fire Depart) 371 Main St Acton MA 42.480400,-71.445085 None
911-0864 9/11 Memorial - St James the Apostle Church Located in the back of the church by the Parish Office entrance, a cross made with steel from the WTC. Mounted on a pedestal supported by 3 columns, 2 in the form of WTC Towers 1 and 2, the third in the form of the Pentagon. 14 Gleneida Ave Carmel Hamlet NY 41.424134,-73.677826 Private Property
911-0868 9/11 Memorial Fallen Heroes Memorial Park - Two 12-foot sections of rusted rail from the WTC PATH tracks, reassembled and spiked to wooden ties. 601 Argyle St Hamburg IA 40.600381,-95.660917 None
911-0873 9/11 Memorial - Nashua Fire Rescue Memorial with artifact in front of Nashua Fire Headquarters 70 E Hollis St Nashua NH 42.759598,-71.455793 None
911-0876 9/11 Memorial - Auburn City Fire Department Memorial with artifact by the Auburn Fire Headquarter Bldg - Left side next to the bay doors 550 Minot Ave Auburn ME 44.082417,-70.247861 None
911-0890 9/11 Memorial - Papaianni Park "Edison Remembers" - Memorial located within Papaianni Park - Daily hours 8am-7pm 100 Municipal Blvd Edison NJ 40.524867,-74.397166 Park
911-0897 9/11 Memorial Plaque - Warren County Courthouse Memorial Plaque mounted on square boulder under an oak tree in front of the Warren County Courthouse 3 E Main St. Front Royal VA 38.917807,-78.193221 None
911-0899 9/11 Memorial - NW Regional Library Memorial with artifact outside on the west side, near the entrance to the library 3151 N University Drive Coral Springs FL 26.270073,-80.249031 None
911-0904 9/11 Memorial - Lakenenland Sculpture Park 9/11 Metal Art sculpture - Free Admission - Sandy roads but manageable, use care 2800 M-28 Marquette MI 46.490389,-87.152306 Park
911-0907 9/11 Memorial - Lamar County Fire Station (inside) Memorial artifact located inside Lamar County Fire Station - daytime suggested when staff is present 107 Country Kitchen Rd Barnesville GA 33.028732,-84.171961 Office
911-0910 9/11 Memorial - Snellville City Hall grounds Memorial with artifact on the Snellville City hall grounds - front lawn 2342 Oak Rd SW Snellville GA 33.857026,-84.014388 None
911-0927 9/11 Memorial - Cliff Gennarelli-Paramus Sports-Plex Memorial with artifact located in the central part of this sport complex - This Memorial requires 2 photos, as the Garden Memorial is about 150ft from the parking area over a small bridge. Garden State Plaza Pkwy Paramus NJ 40.919954,-74.082662 Park
911-0932 9/11 Memorial - Benco Steel property Hickory's Benco Steel - reported to be the very first 9/11 memorial built in the US - Dedicated 3 months after the attack. 2700 US-70 Hickory Township NC 35.699176,-81.282792 None
911-0940 9/11 Memorial - Ridley Park Never Forget Memorial in Ridley Parks' Spirit of America Park Felton St and W Sellers Ave Ridley Park PA 39.877073,-75.323496 None
911-0948 9/11 Memorial - MD Civil Air Patrol Memorial with artifact - M-F 8-5 - Check in with representative at the build on the right after coming through the gate. 3085 Hernwood Rd Woodstock MD 39.354836,-76.853321 Military Base
911-0949 9/11 Memorial - Woolwich Municipal Bldg Memorial with artifact in front of the Woolwich Municipal Building 120 Village Green Dr Woolwich Township NJ 39.736305,-75.325119 None
911-0959 9/11 Memorial - Sacred Heart Catholic Church Must call to schedule visit - limited hours - Memorial artifacts inside 309 Stover Ave SW Albuquerque NM 35.078751,-106.652594 Private Property
911-0960 9/11 Memorial Memorial monument in the central open space of Bethany College Bethany College 1st St and Swensson Lindsborg KS 38.579683,-97.672917 None
911-0969 9/11 Memorial Plaque - Gazebo Center of the Gazebo floor is a memorial plaque to those that lost their lives September 11th 14 Haviland Lane Rye NY 40.981889,-73.684899 None
911-1016 9/11 Memorial Stone with a memorial plaque, south end of the Park Ridge Train Station. Limited parking Park Ridge Train Station 1 Hawthorne Ave Park Ridge NJ 41.032867,-74.035809 None
911-0252 Points of Hope 9/11 Sculpture The steel sculpture is about 15 feet tall and sits in the center of a compass made of cobblestones. A short walk from the parking lot is required to visit this location 11901 Beach Blvd Jacksonville FL 30.29170,-81.510741 School
911-1026 9/11 Memorial 450 Celestial Way Juno Beach FL 26.872996,-80.052360 None
911-1044 9/11 Memorial - Huron County FF Memorial 9/11 memorial artifact adjacent to the Huron County Firefighter Memorial Sculpture 185 Shady Lane Dr Norwalk OH 41.224425,-82.607858 Park
911-1082 9/11 Memorial A very short and easy to miss black memorial is displayed on bricks in the shape of a pentagon can be found in front of Patterson Town Hall Patterson Town Hall 1142 NY-311 Patterson NY 41.513639,-73.604722 None
911-1096 9/11 Memorial - Duck Pond Several stones, two of which are reminiscent of the twin towers and an steel I-beam artifact 24 Park St Demarest NJ 40.956189,-73.962838 Park
911-1098 Sgt Coughlin 9/11 Memorial A small memorial at the flagpole in Coughlin Field is dedicated 'In memory of Sgt. John Coughlin Cresskill HS Class of 1976". Coughlin Field 100 3rd St Cresskill NJ 40.937152,-73.965234 Park
911-1099 9/11 Memorial - Veterans Memorial Park A polished monument base in the shape of a pentagon has a steel artifact mounted on top . SW corner - N Dean St and Demarest Ave Englewood NJ 40.896751,-73.972915 Park
911-1100 9/11 Memorial - Englewood Cliffs FD A steel artifact is displayed between granite twin towers in front of the Englewood Cliffs Fire Department Englewood Cliffs Fire Dept 475 Sylvan Ave Englewood Cliffs NJ 40.878710,-73.951599 None
911-1101 9/11 Memorial - Midland Park FD Memorial with artifact in front of the Midland Park Fire Department Midland Park Fire Department 45 Witte Dr Midland Park NJ 40.993415,-74.147146 None
911-1113 9/11 Memoriial - Social Club A steel artifact and plaque in front of the North Rockland Social Club North Rockland Social Club 77 Thiells Rd Stony Point NY 41.228682,-74.005777 Private Property
911-1116 Westfield 9/11 Memorial Plaza The Glass Spire along with 12 pillars that are dedicated to the 12 Westfield victims

NOTE: Suggest parking in the bank parking lot as there is no street parking.

N Ave W and E Broad St Westfield NJ 40.649649,-74.349976 Park
911-1123 9/11 Memorial - Schriever SFB Memorial with artifact in a park like setting Schriever SFB Enoch Rd and Falcon Pkwy Schriever AFB, Colorado Springs CO 38.808851,-104.534054 Military Base
911-1131 9/11 Memorial - Cody's Corner Memorial located in a small park like area named in honor of Michael Cody who maintained the area for many years Purple Heart Park Silver Lake - Scotchtown Rd & Mud Mills Rd Middletown NY 41.465359,-74.387451 Park
911-1133 9/11 Memorial Swansea FD Two railroad ties from the subway station below the twin towers.  These are erected to show the towers standing side by side and also to signify as a reminder that we all stood together on Sept 12th.  The ties are mounted in a pentagon shaped base that is built on top of a gray stones from Pennsylvania.  Swansea Fire Station 1 137 Main St Swansea MA 41.749651,-71.192598 None
911-1135 9/11 Memorial Plaque Plaque is located on the side of the building by the main entrance of the funeral home Burcham Tobias Funeral Home 119 E Main St Fairborn OH 39.8217165,-84.0188345 Private Property
911-1146 Annandale 9/11 Memorial The 9/11 memorial by the Fire Department has two artifacts from the WTC on top of a pentagon shaped granite monolith Clinton Township Fire Department 68 Beaver Ave Annandale NJ 40.640803,-74.884363 None
911-1158 9/11 Memorial 298 Schuyler Avenue North Arlington NJ 40.786983,-74.123867 Park
911-1169 9/11 Memorial Steel The Healing Garden Clove Rd and Targee St Staten Island NY 40.608009,-74.089708 Park
911-1173 9/11 Memorial Monument dedicated to the memory of those that lost their lives on 9/11 East Lawn Memorial Park 4300 Folsom Blvd Sacramento CA 38.561517,-121.451017 Cemetery
911-1189 Plainville 9/11 Memorial Plainville Municipal Complex 194 South St Plainville MA 42.009054,-71.340242 None
911-1201 Global War on Terror Memorial of Remembrance Memorial Park Park Pl and Main St Carbondale PA 41.572246,-75.50257 Park
911-1206 9/11 Memorial Plaque Community Park 131 North 5th Street Mifflinburg PA 40.919297,-77.051418 Park
911-1212 9/11 World Trade Center Memorial AL Perkiomen Post 184 744 Gravel Pike Upper Hanover Township PA 40.423042,-75.525360 Private Property
911-1223 9-11 Memorial - Cy Fair FD The base on which this Twin Tower Artifact sits is made up of 343 Stones that represent the 343 FDNY Firefighters and Paramedics who perished on 9-11-01. Cy-Fair Fire Department - Station 11 18132 West Rd Cypress TX 29.907922,-95.696518 None
911-1224 9-11 Memorial 9/11 Memorial Artifact located in the lobby of the Little Elm Public Safety Center Building.
Business Hours, Monday - Friday
Little Elm Public Safety Center 88 W Eldorado Pkwy Little Elm TX 33.158801,-96.939678 Office
911-1227 9-11 Memorial 9/11 artifact displayed in front of the Plano Firefighters Association Bldg Plano Firefighters Association 1506 Municipal Ave Plano TX 33.020232,-96.697431 None
911-1255 9-11 Memorial The steel in Clarkson’s World Trade Center Memorial is from 55th floor of the World Trade Center's south tower. Clarkson University 8 Clarkson Ave Potsdam NY 44.660694,-74.999368 School
911-1257 9-11 Memorial This memorial includes an artifact from the WTC - located in front of the Lakewood FD Lakewood Fire Department 14601 Madison Ave Lakewood OH 41.477073,-81.799326 None
911-1266 9-11 Memorial A steel artifact with a memorial plaque dedicated to local resident Joseph B. Vilardo can be found next to the playground Lake Musconetcong Park 46 Musconetcong Ave Stanhope NJ 40.908917,-74.70275 None
911-1269 9-11 Memorial A steel artifact and memorial is located just outside the Hackensack Fire Department - HQ Hackensack Fire Department - HQ 215 State St Hackensack NJ 40.885221,-74.044193 None
911-1277 9/11 Memorial - Staten Island 9/11 Memorial Plaque dedicated to the memory of firefighter Robert J Cordice who made the supreme sacrifice. FDNY Battalion 21 & Engine 152 256 Hylan Blvd, Staten Island NY 40.611786,-74.070503 None
911-1309 9-11 Memorial - Lowell Dedicated at Lowell's Liberty Tree Park in August, 2021, this black granite monument features two large towers with the words “NEVER FORGET” Liberty Tree Park 23 Arcand Dr Lowell MA 42.6464,-71.312945 Park
911-1311 War on Terror-9/11 Memorial Veterans Park - The War on Terror conflict panel - etched photo narrative of 9/11 Tom Ryan Park Tom Ryan Park Park Drive and Town Square Drive Blaine MN 45.165852,-93.20964 Park
911-1313 9-11 Memorial Stone - Town Hall Memorial Stone on the front lawn of the Stony Point Town Hall Stony Point Town Hall 74 E Main St Stony Point NY 41.228837,-73.984843 None
911-1318 9-11 Memorial - Sunnyside Memorial to 9/11 located on the traffic island east of Veterans Park E Edison Ave and S 9th St Sunnyside WA 46.323657,-120.008648 None
911-0255 9/11 Memorial A memorial plaque located just as you enter the cemetery - Gravel drive Hwy 221 and Cemetery Rd Choteau MT 47.812300,-112.16259 None
911-0261 Oak Hill Memorial Park 9/11 Memorial Located in the Oak Hill Memorial Park - The foundation for this memorial is in the shape of an airplane. It is surrounded by grass which has the numbers "93" inset. 300 Curtner Ave San Jose CA 37.302875,-121.861308 Cemetery
911-0264 9/11 Memorial North County Fire Dept flagpole with granite plaques on each side. One side of the flagpole is engraved with the words of the Firefighters’ Poem in memory of the 343 members of FDNY. 315 E Ivy St Fallbrook CA 33.383600,-117.248933 None
911-0274 9/11 Memorial Located in the NW corner of Devendorf Park, a large rock with September 11, 2001 etched into it along with a piece of steel from the Towers Mission St and 6th Ave Carmel CA 36.555551,-121.920797 None
911-0312 9/11 Memorial - First Responders Park in the center of Old Hilliard, memorializes those who died on 9/11 and pays tribute to the 403 First Responders who died making the ultimate sacrifice for their community. 4010 Main St Hilliard OH 40.033641,-83.159546 None
911-0321 9/11 Memorial Steel from the towers - located in the Mercer County Park across from the Ranger Headquarters 334 S Post Rd West Windsor Township NJ 40.263186,-74.642594 None
911-0325 9/11 Memorial The memorial consists of three symbolic components: a timeline walkway of the day’s events; a stone base carved with the names of the Monmouth County residents who lost their lives and an eagle sculpture with a beam from one of the fallen towers. 460 Ocean Blvd Atlantic Highlands NJ 40.407745,-74.004738 None
911-0332 First Responders 9/11 Memorial Black granite monument, west side of the Raymond M. Sullivan Public Safety Complex contains symbols representing the police, firefighters, and the emergency medical services. 1212 Carew St Springfield MA 42.133713,-72.57193 None
911-0335 9/11 Memorial artifact from WTC adjacent to large clock "Time to Remember" on the SW corner of the Somerset County Courthouse lawn N Bridge St and Main St Somerville NJ 40.568336,-74.611493 None
911-0336 9/11 Memorial 9/11 Memorial monument with a piece of steel from the twin towers by the Pequannock Municipal Building Pequannock Twp Bldg 530 Newark Pompton Turnpike Pequannock Township NJ 40.964680,-74.29441 None
911-0343 Flight 93 Memorial Chapel and Garden spiritual memorial and perpetual tribute in honor of the Heroes of Flight 93, and all others who perished September 11, 2001. 1717 Coleman Station Rd Friedens PA 40.013444,-78.953695 None
911-0345 9/11 Memorial 9/11 Memorial adjacent to the Raymond M Blasco, MD Memorial Library includes steel artifact from the towers 160 E Front St Erie PA 42.136628,-80.085843 None
911-0367 9/11 Memorial The Absecon 9/11 Memorial was completed in 2016. It features granite reproductions of the World Trade Center, as well as a piece if I Bar from the 39th floor. There are memorial markers for Flight 93 and the Pentagon as well. 500 Mill Road Absecon NJ 39.433139,-74.506028 None
911-0371 9/11 Memorial This 9/11 memorial like many others has parts from the World Trade Center. It is a sculpture with two tall elements, like the twin towers.There are plaques describing events. the memorial, plaques and benches were donated by several individuals. Church Street Cortland NY 42.599150,-76.177567 None
911-0389 9/11 Memorial - Rescue Dog Steel Beam with Rescue Dog found on the campus of Farmingdale State College 2350 Broadhollow Road Farmingdale NY 40.755155,-73.427558 School
911-0390 Hunter Mountain Ski Resort 9/11 Memorial Located in grassy area between Ski Bowl Rd and Dolans Lake Ski Bowl Rd Hunter NY 42.204250,-74.205212 None
911-0399 9/11 Memorial Memorial built by the Mount Kisco Volunteer Fire Department on the north side of the Public Library 100 Main St Mt. Kisco NY 41.207132,-73.726969 None
911-0412 9/11 Memorial Sculpture of Pair of Firefighers rushing to the Towers br> by Sculptor John Parsons (1955-2022) of Derby, Kansas 3500 Never Forget Lane Clovis CA 36.788703,-119.715169 Park
911-0424 9/11 Memorial 13 foot, 1,500 pound section of the Trans-Hudson subway that ran beneath the World Trade Centers in NYC. Walnut Grove Rd. Middletown CT 41.559287,-72.669506 None
911-0434 9/11 Memorial Just to the right of Door 3 on the Yarmouth Fire Dept Building 520 Buck Island Rd West Yarmouth MA 41.660704,-70.253866 None
911-0436 9/11 Memorial A piece of steel is included with this memorial in front of the Brewster Fire Station 1671 Main St Brewster MA 41.757306,-70.090372 None
911-0440 9/11 Memorial Decatur 9/11 Memorial in Nelson Park 2301 S Lake Shore Dr Decatur IL 39.831722,-88.922224 None
911-0444 9/11 Memorial A piece of steel between granite sculpture of the twin towers on one side and first responders and K9 sculpture on the other St James Pl - Boardwalk Atlantic City NJ 39.357079,-74.425588 None
911-0450 War on Terror 9/11 Memorial Taylor County Veterans Memorial Park 925 N Jefferson St. Perry FL 30.123830,-83.58158 None
911-0451 9/11 Memorial - Pentagon Group Burial Marker Arlington National Cemetery - Section 64 - Two photos required Patton Circle Arlington VA 38.873467,-77.060914 Cemetery
911-0472 9/11 Memorial - Park Ave Memorial in median in the 400 block of W Park Ave 415 W Park Ave Long Beach NY 40.588414,-73.676337 None
911-0490 9/11 Memorial Firefighters Memorial Park W Oakey Blvd and Redwood St Las Vegas NV 36.151290,-115.238308 None
911-0494 9/11 Memorial Woolsey Park - Steel artifact Sculpture 221 Washington Crossing Pennington Rd Titusville NJ 40.309029,-74.822892 None
911-0499 9/11 Memorial Five stones represent each branch of service. The tri-sided stone in the middle represents fallen soldiers on one side, the equipment used in the wars on another side, and symbols for the 9/11 terrorists attack E Williams and Hazel St Danville IL 40.133466,-87.628328 None
911-0510 9/11 Memorial Memorial features a pentagonal-shaped brick to represent the Pentagon, two lights on sides for the World Trade Center’s twin towers. The landscaping that surround it represents the Pennsylvania field Seibert Rd and Park Dr. Shiloh IL 38.558514,-89.897681 None
911-0525 9/11 Memorial 9/11 Memorial and Artifact on NW Corner, Ivy Tech Community College 200 Daniels Way Bloomington IN 39.167907,-86.59737 None
911-0540 9/11 Memorial 9/11 Memorial inside the American Police Hall of Fame & Museum - Limited hours 6350 Horizon Dr. Titusville FL 28.526560,-80.78358 Museum
911-0541 9/11 Memorial - Ontario Fire & Rescue By the fire station driveway, two engraved markers honor 9/11 victims 444 SW 4th St Ontario OR 44.023553,-116.969076 None
911-0544 9/11 Memorial - Inside the National Navy SEAL Museum Museum access: Tuesday-Saturday 10AM-4PM, Sunday 12PM-4PM 3300 N Hwy A1A Fort Pierce FL 27.495325,-80.30035 Museum
911-0548 Bladensburg September 11, 2001 Memorial Walk Bladensburg Memorial Grove Park, wide brickyard and pathway with contemplative benches facing a long arcing row of memorial blocks. 4571 Bladensburg Rd. Bladensburg MD 38.938900,-76.94017 None
911-0560 9/11 Memorial Located at the entrance to the Sarasota Police Department, 9/11 memorial that includes an artifact from the towers 2099 Adams Ln Sarasota FL 27.334735,-82.528458 None
911-0561 9/11 Memorial Next to the Fireman's Memorial at the Connecticut Fire Academy, an artifact from the towers 34 Perimeter Rd Windsor Locks CT 41.946319,-72.686025 None
911-0563 9/11 Memorial Sherwood Island State Park - Sherwood Point - Hours 8 to 8 daily Sherwood Island Connector Westport CT 41.110290,-73.330244 Park
911-0575 9/11 Memorial Near City Hall - fountain in memory of September 11, 2001 and the live that were touched NE 1st St and NE State Rd 24 Gainesville FL 29.652340,-82.323386 None
911-0583 9/11 Memorial Remembrance Plaque at base of flag pole in front of Rio Vista City Hall 1 Main St Rio Vista CA 38.155117,-121.690096 None
911-0586 9/11 Memorial In Memory of Those Who Lost Their Lives Plaque - Veterans Memorial Park 7400 SW 41 Place Gainesville FL 29.617317,-82.420308 None
911-0601 9/11 Memorial - FDNY 343 Cross FDNY 343 Cross next to driveway of Garland Fire Station 7 2545 Naaman School Rd Garland TX 32.938312,-96.610146 None
911-0606 Strength of America Statue in front of the Firefighters Memorial Belmont Firehouse Museum. Names of those lost in the 9/11 attacks surrond the statue. 900 SE 35th Ave Portland OR 45.516360,-122.62809 None
911-0648 9/11 Memorial Memorial with artifacts in front of the Salem County Fire Academy 135 Cemetery Rd Mannington Twp - Salem County NJ 39.630990,-75.357692 None
911-0660 ALL GAVE SOME - SEPTEMBER 11,2001 - SOME GAVE ALL Plaque Located at the Southern Nevada Highway Patrol Headquarters, part of the Fallen LEO Memorial 4615 W Sunset Rd. Las Vegas NV 36.071201,-115.205406 None
911-0666 9/11 Memorial - Fairfield Fire Department Memorial with artifact next to the Fairfield Fire Department bay doors 140 Reef Rd Fairfield CT 41.138968,-73.256412 None
911-0670 9/11 Memorial Memorial with artifact in front of the new Marshalltown Police and Fire facility. 909 S 2nd St Marshalltown IA 42.037296,-92.916402 None
911-0678 Jackson County Remembers Memorial at the base of the flagpole next to the Jackson County Courthouse 226 Main St Jackson OH 39.052240,-82.637025 None
911-0684 9/11 Memorial Patriot Garden This is a memorial to those lost in 9/11/2001 terrorist attacks. The monument includes steel beam from the World Trade Towers. 900 Rte 9W Fort Montgomery NY 41.335750,-73.982389 None
911-0698 9/11 Memorial - Mahopac Volunteer Fire Dept Nicely done memorial of NY skyline and 343 Shield - North end of the Mahopac Volunteer Fire Dept parking lot 741 US-6 Mahopac NY 41.376996,-73.72628 None
911-0713 9/11 Memorial Mural NEVER FORGET mural on Ursa Fire District garage door 105 S Warsaw St Ursa IL 40.073963,-91.366675 None
911-0719 9/11 Memorial - Carteret Fire Department 911 Never Forget Memorial in front of the Carteret Fire-Rescue Company #3 240 Roosevelt Ave Carteret NJ 40.575777,-74.217623 None
911-0721 9/11 Memorial - East Northport Fire Department Memorial with artifact in front of the East Northport Fire Department 1 9th Ave East Northport NY 40.878934,-73.3259 None
911-0723 Patriots and Hero's Park - 9/11 Memorial Patriots and Hero's Park - 9/11 Memorial - Dog and Firefighters, first responders Transit Rd & Freeman Rd Williamsville NY 42.952831,-78.696434 None
911-0726 9/11 Memorial Memorial artifact inside Mid America Museum of Aviation and Transportation - limited hours 2000 W 2nd St Liberal KS 37.038394,-100.951425 Museum
911-0734 9/11 Memorial - St Joseph Regional Medical Center Hospital Memorial artifact inside main lobby of St Joseph Hospital. 05:00 to 20:00 hrs 5215 Holy Cross Pkwy Mishawaka IN 41.707182,-86.17371 Private Property
911-0739 9/11 Memorial Memorial in park setting with artifact - Harrison and Railroad Ave 201 Railroad Ave Loveland OH 39.269071,-84.25818 None
911-0747 9/11 Memorial - San Diego Airport 9/11 Memorial in traffic island near flag pole 2340 Stillwater Rd San Diego CA 32.730154,-117.192588 None
911-0763 9/11 Memorial Plaque - WVM Community College Walking required to this memorial in a rock garden on the campus with benches dedicate to Nicole Miller and Mark Bingham, students of WVC and victims of 9/11 14000 Fruitvale Ave Saratoga CA 37.263834,-122.010082 School
911-0766 9/11 Memorial Memorial Bench with 9/11 plaque under the static display in Veterans park - limited hours 7am - 9pm Railroad Ave and Powerhouse Dr Rock Springs WY 41.600051,-109.205549 Park
911-0769 9/11 Memorial Flagpole Plaque - Phoenix-Mesa Airport Memorial plaque at the base of the flag pole outside of the PhxMesa Gateway Ticketing Bldg - Limited parking 6033 S Sossaman Rd Mesa AZ 33.306493,-111.669472 Airport
911-0779 9/11 Memorial Plaque Memorial plaque located on walkway island in the parking lot between City Hall and the Library 200 Civic Center Mission Viejo CA 33.596361,-117.659528 None
911-0797 9/11 Memorial - S.A.F.R. The base is in shape of the Pentagon. The numbers on the concrete on the west side represent the aircraft numbers, the east side numbers are line of duty deaths of public service workers that day. Located next to the Sable Altura Fire Rescue Bldg. W Goldden Dr and W Fox Trail Aurora CO 39.736694,-104.676798 None
911-0801 9/11 Memorial - Woodbrook Park Approx 75 yard hike to memorial plaques that honor those that lost their lives Woodbrook Park - W 123rd Terrace Olathe KS 38.903278,-94.755944 Park
911-0805 IN HONOR AND REMEMBRANCE 9/11 Memorial Plaque Woodmen of the World Plaque - mounted on flag pole base in front of Rails & Trails Museum 100 Truman St Booneville MS 34.655243,-88.562164 None
911-0811 9/11 Memorial - Bench and Flag LCFD Flag Memorial Bench Patriot Drive and American Drive Little Chute WI 44.295833,-88.314346 None
911-0813 9/11 Memorial - Dubuque Fire Training School Unique memorial to America United on 9/11/2001 - Fire Training School grounds 14928 Public Safety Way Dubuque IA 42.484542,-90.77776 None
911-0814 9/11 Memorial - Edick-Hamlink VFW Eagle Scout project, 9/11 Memorial adjacent to the Edick-Hamlink VFW Post 369 5931 Scenic Ave Mexico NY 43.474893,-76.233485 None
911-0817 9/11 Memorial - Keystone Valley Fire Department Memorial with artifact in front of the Keystone Valley Fire Department 329 W 1st Ave Parkesburg PA 39.959208,-75.918359 None
911-0830 9/11 Memorial Plaque - MSC SouthEast Memorial Plaque - Minnesota State College Southeast, Red Wing Campus 308 Pioneer Rd Red Wing MN 44.534946,-92.524785 None
911-0840 9/11 Memorial Memorial Stone "September 11, 2001" American Flag and/or "The Day God Cried" plaque by the 19th Hole Restaurant 2476 Dunbar Road Lake Tansi TN 35.876273,-85.056846 None
911-0848 9/11 Memorial - Cranberry Twp Volunteer Fire Company Memorial with artifact in front of the Cranberry Twp Volunteer Fire Company 20727 Rte 19 Cranberry Township PA 40.712245,-80.104411 None
911-0850 9/11 Memorial - Richard Presser Park People's September 11th Memorial Mural - The decorated tiles make up the fallen tower on its side with the smoke turning into doves - Limited parking - parking lot approx 350ft SW 218 N Central Ave Hartsdale NY 41.024012,-73.793043 Park
911-0852 9/11 Memorial - Dickson City Municipal Bldg (lobby) Memorial with artifact inside the Dickson City Municipal Building in the lobby - 901 Enterprise St Dickson City PA 41.462422,-75.616239 Office
911-0867 9/11 Memorial - Firefighter Museum Memorial artifact inside the Nebraska Firefighters Museum and Education Center 2343 E. 1st St. Kearney NE 40.670725,-99.045439 Museum
911-0871 9/11 Memorial - Veterans Park Twin Towers, Flight 93 in Pentagon shaped base in Veterans Park Bridge St and Main St Salem NH 42.788389,-71.20025 Park
911-0874 9/11 Memorial Mural Mural of Firefighter carrying American Flag with bowed head on the Garden Street entrance to Wilfred's Barber Shop & Salon 90 W Pearl St Nashua NH 42.759664,-71.465903 None
911-0884 9/11 Memorial - Avondale Fire Co Memorial with artifact by the Avondale Fire Department 23 Firehouse Way Avondale PA 39.820874,-75.774677 None
911-0885 9/11 Memorial Bench - Veterans Memorial 9/11 bench as part of the Bordentown City Veterans Memorial Farnsworth Ave and Railroad Ave Bordentown NJ 40.147775,-74.713228 None
911-0893 9/11 Memorial Grove Memorial with artifact on the exit driveway of Hamilton Veterans Park, North Entrance - In memory of four citizens from the area - 6AM–8PM daily Klockner Rd Hamilton Township NJ 40.215728,-74.666128 Park
911-0902 9/11 Memorial - Coweta County Fire Department Memorial artifact near the flag pole - in front of the Coweta County Fire Department 483 Turkey Creek Rd East Newnan GA 33.353389,-84.769396 None
911-0914 9/11 Memorial - Georgia Public Safety Training Center Memorial with artifact located inside display case inside the Public Safety Training Center - ID must be present to enter - M-F Business hours 1000 Indian Springs Drive Forsyth GA 33.059350,-83.96262 Office
911-0922 9/11 Memorial - Bridgeport Volunteer Fire Dept At the base of the Firefighter memorial by the flag pole, a small metal Fireman’s Maltese Cross with 343 cut into it with NYFD and 9/11-01 on it. 108 Spiller Ave Bridgeport AL 34.948476,-85.715922 None
911-0958 9/11 Memorial - Albuquerque Fire Station 20 Memorial next to the Albuquerque Fire Station 20 Corona and Wyoming Ave Albuquerque NM 35.179589,-106.560273 None
911-0962 Together We Rise 9/11 Memorial Memorial across the street, east side, from the Alamance County Courthouse 21 Court Square Graham NC 36.069188,-79.39974 None
911-0968 9/11 Memorial - Harmon Ave Black granite memorial - Black stone benches with the names of the victims from Pelham 14 Harmon Ave Pelham NY 40.910563,-73.809044 None
911-0973 9/11 Memorial - Town of Ramapo an enclosed steel artifact in the Town of Ramapo city office courtyard 237 NY-59 Suffern - Town of Ramapo NY 41.111344,-74.110262 None
911-0977 9/11 Memorial - Old Tappan Rd monument dedicated by the Volunteer Fire Association of Tappan 16 Old Tappan Rd Tappan NY 41.022319,-73.947973 None
911-1002 9/11 Memorial 9/11 Memorial Display inside the Musuem - Consult website for hours and admission 9285 Warwick Blvd Newport News VA 37.019564,-76.453523 Museum
911-1028 9/11 Memorial - Granville Fire Dept 320 Main St Granville WV 39.645094,-79.986397 None
911-1031 9/11 Memorial - New Bern Fireman's Museum 9-11 Memorial next to the New Bern Fireman's Museum.
Museum hours: 10AM – 3PM, Wednesday - Saturday - Admission fee
420 Broad St New Burn NC 35.108583,-77.041000 None
911-1040 9/11 Memorial - Lebanon Fire Depart Memorial Artifact located next to the flag pole by the Lebanon Fire Department. 975 Lasley Dr Lebanon IN 40.029796,-86.451142 None
911-1042 9/11 Memorial - Princeton First Aid & Rescue Squad Memorial with artifact next to the flag pole in front of the Princeton First Aid and Rescue Squad building 2 Mt Lucas Rd Princeton NJ 40.361312,-74.665104 None
911-1046 Yonkers Will Never Forget Yonkers 9/11 memorial is located on the banks of the Hudson looking downriver towards NYC 1 Pier Pointe St Yonkers NY 40.933633,-73.904444 Park
911-1051 9/11 Memorial - ASOM Located inside the museum, 9/11 memorial with several artifacts, a piece of the ext wall from the pentagon and steel from the the towers. Airborne and Special Operation Museum 100 Bragg Blvd Fayetteville NC 35.055920,-78.885319 Museum
911-1056 Paul Tegtmeier Memorial Memorial in memory of Paul A. Tegtmeier and all those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001 Hackett Hill Park 79 East Market Street Hyde Park NY 41.787470,-73.924140 Park
911-1060 9/11 Memorial - Florence FD Station 3 3125 Ted Bushelman Blvd Florence KY 39.009333,-84.644000 None
911-1063 9/11 Memorial Plaque - Dewitt Cemetery City of Dewitt Cemetery 600 N Bridge St Dewitt MI 42.846797,-84.567372 Cemetery
911-1069 9/11 Memorial - Cherry Hill FD Memorial with artifact in front of the Cherry Hill Fire Department Cherry Hill Fire Department 1100 Marlkress Rd Cherry Hill NJ 39.904500,-74.976893 None
911-1079 9/11 Memorial - Norfolk VFD Small steel artifact and memorial can be found in front of Norfolk Volunteer Fire Department - 'Dedicated to honor and remember those who lost their lives due to the attacks on 9-11-2001. We Will Never Forget.' Norfolk Volunteer Fire Department 20 Shepard Rd Norfolk Historic District CT 41.992877,-73.199320 None
911-1083 9/11 Memorial - Greenwich FD A large steel artifact can be found outside the Greenwich Fire Department - DO NOT BLOCK THE DRIVEWAY Greenwich Fire Department: Station 4 266 Glenville Rd Greenwich CT 41.038447,-73.665062 None
911-1085 9/11 Memorial - Freedom Memorial Park Freedom Memorial Park Hay St and Bragg Blvd Fayetteville NC 35.055828,-78.887148 Park
911-1088 9/11 Memorial - Mount Laurel FD Several artifacts in front of this Fire Department make up this memorial so that we "Never Forget" 69 Elbo Ln Mt Laurel Township NJ 39.939036,-74.923194 None
911-1089 9/11 Memorial Mural Antique Toy and Firehouse Museum 3456 Patterson Rd Bay City MI 43.638831,-83.873558 Museum
911-1109 9/11 Memorial - New Milford FD Memorial with artifact at the New Milford Fire Department New Milford Fire Department 680 Trenton St New Milford NJ 40.932107,-74.024684 None
911-1130 MA Fallen Heroes South Shore Memorial This memorial with artifact in front of Lucky's, formally the Holbrook American Legion. It was left after the post closed several years ago. Lucky’s 777 777 Plymouth St Holbrook MA 42.144112,-70.985988 Private Property
911-1138 9/11 Memorial - Lest We Forget Memorial located on post, outside Clark Hall 10720 Mt Belvedere Blvd Fort Drum NY 44.046267,-75.803383 Military Base
911-1140 9/11 Memorial - Parkersburg Monument honors the victims of 9/11 located at Parkersburg's Government Square east lawn. Dedicated on the 20th Anniversary. 3rd St and Market St Parkersburg WV 39.264267,-81.562650 None
911-1148 Never Forget Memorial use parking lot - 36.716226, -76.251012 Chesapeake Municipal Center 307 Albemarle Dr Chesapeake VA 36.716910,-76.249969 None
911-1153 9/11 Memorial Sundial The "gnomon" of the sundial is an artifact from the WTC. The base is in the shape of the Pentagon with plaques placed to mark the time of each of the attacks.. Veterans Park 60 Main St Hampton NJ 40.707370,-74.955940 Park
911-1165 In Honor of Queens Firefighters St Michaels Cemetery 7202 Astoria Blvd East Elmhurst NY 40.766317,-73.897333 Cemetery
911-1182 9/11 Memorial 100 Heritage Dr Scott Air Force Base IL 38.539717,-89.863955 Military Base
911-1187 9/11 Memorial Plaque Mansfield Common 2 West Street Mansfield MA 42.024459,-71.216751 Park
911-1190 Spencer 9/11 Memorial Prouty Memorial Park 191 Main St Spencer MA 42.246239,-71.990449 Park
911-1193 Hampton NH 9/11 Memorial Hampton Fire / Rescue 140 Winnacunnet Rd Hampton NH 42.93759,-70.832454 None
911-1204 Franklin & Marshall College 9/11 Memorial Dietz Hall 637 College Avenue Lancaster PA 40.046617,-76.319739 Private Property
911-1225 World Trade Center Memorial The memorial is a nearly two-ton steel beam from one of the World Trade Center Towers. UH is the first and only university in Texas to have a piece of “Ground Zero” displayed publicly. Student Center South - University of Houston 4455 University Dr. Houston TX 29.719551,-95.339977 School
911-1230 9-11 Never Forget Memorial Exhibit Included in the exhibit is a 14 foot long steel I beam from the WTC. Tommy Franks Museum 507 S. Main Street Hobart OK 35.022986,-99.09332 Museum
911-1239 Tampa 9-11 Memorial (Santiago St) Memorial located in traffic medium - Available parking may be available at West Stovall St. Patriots Corner 2913 W Santiago St Tampa FL 27.918914,-82.490713 None
911-1244 9-11 Memorial Located on the 3rd floor of the casino is Don Laughlin's Classis Car Museum. In a corner is a small display honoring the victims and the first responders at the World Trade Center. Don Laughlin's Riverside Resort Hotel and Casino 1650 S Casino Dr Laughlin NV 35.166548,-114.571307 Museum
911-1265 9-11 Memorial A small stone memorial is in front of the Hackettstown Municipal Building Hackettstown Municipal Building 215 W Stiger St Hackettstown NJ 40.85322,-74.834939 None
911-1267 9-11 Memorial A small stone memorial can be found outside the front door of the museum Aviation Hall of Fame 400 Fred Wehran Dr, Teterboro NJ 40.852558,-74.055451 Museum
911-1273 9-11 Memorial Memorial with artifacts, dedicated on the 20th Anniversary of the attack Thomas West Park Duncan Ave and Delsea Dr Westville NJ 39.866790,-75.125483 Park
911-1274 9-11 Memorial - Lest We Forget Memorial with artifact by the flag pole in front of the emergency squad building Greenwich Township Emergency Squad 515 N Main St Stewartsville NJ 40.699041,-75.117258 None
911-1292 9-11 Memorial - Fort Montgomery This memorial includes a pentagon shaped flagpole base, a red 343 memorial plaque on the wall, and a memorial marker and a large steel artifact. Fort Montgomery Fire District 865 Rte 9W Fort Montgomery NY 41.33311,-73.986251 None
911-1298 9-11 Memorial - Westport Steel artifact on pentagon shaped base in front of the Westport Fire Department Westport Fire Department 54 Hixbridge Rd Westport MA 41.570869,-71.08683 None
911-1299 9-11 Memorial - Smithton Two pillars with the words "Never Forget" St John Catholic Cemetery 615 S Main St Smithton IL 38.40267,-89.992428 Cemetery
911-0272 9/11 Memorial On the front porch of the Linden-Peters FD a memorial that includes an I-Beam from the Towers 17725 CA-26 Linden CA 38.016456,-121.099063 None
911-0275 9/11 Memorial Memorial next to the Flag Pole in front of the Avalon FD includes a piece of steel from the Towers 420 Avalon Cyn Rd Avalon CA 33.339650,-118.32898 None
911-0276 9/11 Memorial - Unity Monument Dedicated to the victims of September 11, 2001, including those who lost their lives and those who lost their loved ones. 2271 Temple Ave Signal Hill CA 33.798443,-118.158903 None
911-0278 9/11 Memorial A piece of steel from the Towers is incorporated into this memorial in front of the Community Center. 6516 Washington St Yountville CA 38.401840,-122.36043 None
911-0288 We Remember - 9/11 Memorial Located in Sauk Valley Community College in front of the West Mall bldg - large bronze plaque measuring 59” x 89” honoring those men and women during the events of 11 September, including the Pentagon smoldering after being struck by the terrorist pl 173 IL-2 Dixon IL 41.817998,-89.598508 None
911-0290 9/11 Memorial This memorial found in front of the Rensselaer Fire Dept includes 2 pieces of steel from the World Trade Center 1060 W Clark St Rensselaer IN 40.941160,-87.167597 None
911-0291 9/11 Memorial September 11th, 2001 memorial located in Central Park 119 E Canal St Warsaw IN 41.242310,-85.85421 None
911-0294 9/11 Memorial A 20-foot beam from the remains of the destroyed World Trade Center is part of memorial found at Fire District 12 Firehouse 19375 LA-36 Covington LA