2024 Trophy List

Flag First Last State Trophy
1703 Faye Evans Alabama 1st Place
1901 James Oakman Alabama 1st Place
1001 Mike Shell Alabama 3rd Place
Alaska 1st Place
Alaska 2nd Place
Alaska 3rd Place
610 James Branton Arizona 1st Place
186 Patrick Bingman Arizona 1st Place
384 John Boettcher Arizona 3rd Place
1179 Billy Peek Arkansas 1st Place
701 Leighton Lowell Arkansas 2nd Place
770 Rusty Dailey Arkansas 2nd Place
670 Scott Evey California 1st Place
1059 Mark Crane California 2nd Place
288 Eric Jewell California 3rd Place
233 Bernard Jene Colorado 1st Place
1144 John King Colorado 2nd Place
488 Chris Goldsberry Colorado 3rd Place
119 Dale Ronfeldt Dakotas 1st Place
Dakotas 2nd Place
Dakotas 3rd Place
6 John Anderson Florida 1st Place
668 Jeff Chauncey Florida 2nd Place
272 Elmer Dake Florida 3rd Place
666 Lee Martin Georgia 1st Place
244 Dawson Lampp Georgia 2nd Place
419 Teresa McNichols Georgia 3rd Place
840 Jake Zhorne Hawaii 1st Place
573 Felicia Ticas Hawaii 1st Place
572 Paul Ticas Hawaii 1st Place
464 Ryan Kwiek Hawaii 1st Place
683 Howard Phelps Idaho 1st Place
187 Terry Scholes Idaho 2nd Place
Idaho 3rd Place
241 Jerry Mann Illinois 1st Place
88 Vicki Rossing Illinois 2nd Place
839 John Martens Illinois 3rd Place
433 Andrea Kaluza Indiana 1st Place
279 Paul Clark Indiana 2nd Place
644 Matthew Kimes Indiana 3rd Place
1017 Dave Wells Iowa 1st Place
119 Dale Ronfeldt Iowa 2nd Place
241 Jerry Mann Iowa 3rd Place
1144 John King Kansas 1st Place
415 Jeffrey Klar Kansas 2nd Place
276 Crystal Sabas Kansas 3rd Place
132 Mike Bash Kentucky 1st Place
712 Robert Loeffler Kentucky 2nd Place
868 John Hall Kentucky 3rd Place
122 Jim Hicks Louisiana 1st Place
1022 Will St John Louisiana 1st Place
67 Johnnie Worthington Louisiana 3rd Place
888 Thomas Snowden Michigan 1st Place
179 Richard Griffith Michigan 2nd Place
1775 Wayne Reeves Michigan 3rd Place
107 Mark Frantzen Mid-Atlantic 1st Place
484 Michael Yetter Mid-Atlantic 1st Place
92 Steven Martin Mid-Atlantic 3rd Place
511 Bob Bowman Minnesota 1st Place
551 Mike Myren Minnesota 2nd Place
Minnesota 3rd Place
992 Mark Nichols Mississippi 1st Place
1069 Lonnie Hotard Mississippi 2nd Place
1070 Antoinette Hotard Mississippi 2nd Place
601 Joseph Smith Mississippi 3rd Place
276 Crystal Sabas Missouri 1st Place
306 Mark Zaricor Missouri 2nd Place
Pending... Missouri 3rd Place
114 Steve Hodges Montana 1st Place
1509 Wayne Fallis Montana 2nd Place
432 Rebecca Birket Montana 3rd Place
415 Jeffrey Klar Nebraska 1st Place
516 Leanna Schlesiger Nebraska 2nd Place
114 Steve Hodges Nebraska 3rd Place
408 Steve Power Nevada 1st Place
858 Cory Ure Nevada 2nd Place
616 Diana Provost Nevada 3rd Place
696 Gus Provost Nevada 3rd Place
705 Alexander Alpert New England 1st Place
833 David Knowles New England 2nd Place
600 Ken Knox New England 3rd Place
1 Ben Ernst New Mexico 1st Place
861 Chris Lumaghini New Mexico 2nd Place
577 Craig Gillett New Mexico 3rd Place
600 Ken Knox New York 1st Place
26 Chris Comly New York 2nd Place
1001 Mike Shell New York 3rd Place
1513 Greg Gentry North Carolina 1st Place
234 Jeff Hallquist North Carolina 2nd Place
68 Phil Lockhart North Carolina 3rd Place
1903 Raymond McLaughlin North Carolina 3rd Place
255 Greg Camp Ohio 1st Place
185 Joe Mulhair Ohio 2nd Place
340 Art Garvin Ohio 3rd Place
701 Leighton Lowell Oklahoma 1st Place
770 Rusty Dailey Oklahoma 1st Place
758 Robert Peters Oklahoma 3rd Place
330 John Williams Oregon 1st Place
445 Edward Haynes Oregon 1st Place
683 Howard Phelps Oregon 3rd Place
10 Rocky Sheaffer Pennsylvania 1st Place
26 Chris Comly Pennsylvania 2nd Place
294 Hugh McCloskey Pennsylvania 3rd Place
199 Scott Shane South Carolina 1st Place
576 David Dolinger South Carolina 2nd Place
290 Wesley Mcintire South Carolina 3rd Place
567 James Burriss South Carolina 3rd Place
838 Brian Edwards Tennessee 1st Place
122 Jim Hicks Tennessee 2nd Place
601 Joseph Smith Tennessee 3rd Place
760 Jason Setzer Texas 1st Place
1191 Tom Fraser Texas 2nd Place
495 Maxie Hill Texas 3rd Place
797 William Lothrop Utah 1st Place
187 Terry Scholes Utah 2nd Place
858 Cory Ure Utah 3rd Place
129 Marc Sherman Virginia 1st Place
890 William Simpson Virginia 1st Place
266 Dean Sherick Virginia 3rd Place
681 David Schroeder Washington 1st Place
301 Michael Dietsch Washington 2nd Place
1140 Hunter Timmons Washington 2nd Place
54 Jason Wright West Virginia 1st Place
868 John Hall West Virginia 2nd Place
555 John Wilson West Virginia 3rd Place
753 Marcus Radloff Wisconsin 1st Place
25 Lynn Behrens Wisconsin 2nd Place
679 Anthony Rassel Wisconsin 3rd Place
917 Doug Buchanan Wyoming 1st Place
590 Dennis Joynt Wyoming 2nd Place
Wyoming 3rd Place

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