2019 Trophy List

Flag First Last Passenger State Trophy
458 Robert Saunooke Alabama 1st Place
159 David Lovelady Alabama 2nd Place
123 Greg Smart Alabama 3rd Place
111 Thomas Hogland Alaska 1st Place
487 Karl Pyle Alaska 1st Place
902 Kenneth Brooks Alaska 3rd Place
9 James Bardin Arizona 1st Place
415 Jeffrey Klar Arizona 2nd Place
658 Aaron McKelvy Arizona 2nd Place
6 Kenneth Andrews Arkansas 1st Place
911 Van Huddleston Arkansas 2nd Place
125 Gerald Roberts Arkansas 3rd Place
593 Eric Jewell California 1st Place
79 John Hein California 2nd Place
412 Trina Williams California 3rd Place
632 Mary Halverson California 3rd Place
523 John King Colorado 1st Place
246 Brian McLaughlin Colorado 2nd Place
252 Kevin McLaughlin Colorado 2nd Place
87 Terry Fundenberger Dakotas 1st Place
685 Chad Bonsness Dakotas 1st Place
312 Jason Morris Dakotas 3rd Place
798 Dewey Morris Dakotas 3rd Place
400 Carlos Caycedo Florida 1st Place
27 Roger Buis Florida 2nd Place
787 Joao Mendonca Florida 3rd Place
233 Lee Martin Georgia 1st Place
333 Andy Andresen Georgia 2nd Place
531 Stephen Watson Georgia 3rd Place
562 Linda Crossman Georgia 3rd Place
341 Horace Green Hawaii 1st Place
851 Leigh Dubie Hawaii 2nd Place
236 Justin Varner Hawaii 3rd Place
12 Jerry Jones Idaho 1st Place
665 Doug Brinkman Idaho 2nd Place
380 Ron Pope Idaho 3rd Place
81 Bill Burnside Illinois 1st Place
126 Luke Rutledge Illinois 2nd Place
642 Kevin Braddy Illinois 3rd Place
296 Roger Swartout Indiana 1st Place
471 David Bjork Indiana 2nd Place
746 Jerry Stevens Indiana 3rd Place
103 Jason McLaren Iowa 1st Place
6 Kenneth Andrews Iowa 2nd Place
175 Chris Hopper Iowa 2nd Place
225 Abby Spaedt Kansas 1st Place
388 Chris Goldsberry Kansas 1st Place
101 Rocky Gibson Pam Moore Kansas 3rd Place
124 Aaron Doty Kentucky 1st Place
214 Wayne Pascoe Kentucky 1st Place
728 Art Garvin Kentucky 3rd Place
86 Glenn Copeland Louisiana 1st Place
895 Bill Ryan Louisiana 2nd Place
453 Dale Selman Louisiana 3rd Place
255 Bob Clement Michigan 1st Place
471 David Bjork Michigan 1st Place
236 Justin Varner Michigan 3rd Place
498 Todd Fagan Mid-Atlantic 1st Place
728 Art Garvin Mid-Atlantic 2nd Place
567 Erin Hoxie Mid-Atlantic 3rd Place
303 Steven Marsolek Minnesota 1st Place
256 Daniel Wilcox Minnesota 2nd Place
10 Mike Myren Minnesota 3rd Place
19 Jerry Read Mississippi 1st Place
22 John Morton Mississippi 1st Place
474 Bert Williams Mississippi 1st Place
126 Luke Rutledge Missouri 1st Place
178 Matt Foresman Missouri 2nd Place
449 Mark Zaricor Missouri 3rd Place
375 Ira Roadifer Montana 1st Place
511 Bob Mahoney Montana 1st Place
12 Jerry Jones Montana 3rd Place
96 Rick Harvey Nebraska 1st Place
350 Mark Johansen Nebraska 1st Place
659 Dennis Joynt Nebraska 3rd Place
680 Howard Phelps Nevada 1st Place
452 Benny Schultz Nevada 2nd Place
775 Brian Vail Nevada 3rd Place
150 David Schroeder New England 1st Place
257 Joseph Majsak New England 2nd Place
170 Gerry Arel New England 3rd Place
38 Jim Saul New Mexico 1st Place
312 Jason Morris New Mexico 2nd Place
9 James Bardin New Mexico 3rd Place
578 Ken Knox New York 1st Place
257 Joseph Majsak New York 2nd Place
532 Kyle McFarland New York 3rd Place
253 William Buskell North Carolina 1st Place
1 Dave Friedrich North Carolina 2nd Place
384 Stan Moore North Carolina 3rd Place
420 David Hart Ohio 1st Place
66 Brett Kluiber Ohio 2nd Place
100 Jason Wright Ohio 3rd Place
245 Robert Peters Oklahoma 1st Place
165 J R Miller Oklahoma 2nd Place
28 Larry Allen Oklahoma 3rd Place
397 David Kollen Oregon 1st Place
380 Ron Pope Oregon 2nd Place
18 Kenneth Tracy Oregon 3rd Place
37 Bradley Smith Pennsylvania 1st Place
212 Gordon Winston Pennsylvania 1st Place
26 Chris Comly Pennsylvania 3rd Place
595 Christian Rasmussen South Carolina 1st Place
576 David Dolinger South Carolina 1st Place
190 Ron Perlik South Carolina 1st Place
124 Aaron Doty Tennessee 1st Place
214 Wayne Pascoe Tennessee 1st Place
47 Mike Hall Tennessee 3rd Place
175 Chris Hopper Texas 1st Place
290 Shareef AsSadiq Texas 2nd Place
242 Mike Bowe-Rahming Texas 2nd Place
694 Michael Bash Utah 1st Place
49 Douglas Bowers Utah 2nd Place
528 Steven Jones Utah 3rd Place
48 Seth O'quinn Virginia 1st Place
211 Daniel Duvall Virginia 2nd Place
649 Steve Radloff Virginia 3rd Place
112 Loren Timmons Washington 1st Place
725 Merle Yonker Washington 1st Place
271 Jon Harrison Washington 3rd Place
498 Todd Fagan West Virginia 1st Place
699 Michael Sloan West Virginia 2nd Place
37 Bradley Smith West Virginia 3rd Place
212 Gordon Winston West Virginia 3rd Place
206 Russell Marsolek Wisconsin 1st Place
303 Steven Marsolek Wisconsin 2nd Place
255 Bob Clement Wisconsin 3rd Place
87 Terry Fundenberger Wyoming 1st Place
91 Charles "EZ" Butler III Wyoming 1st Place
685 Chad Bonsness Wyoming 1st Place

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