2017 Trophy List (limit 2 per person)

Flag First Last Passenger State Trophy
224 Don Leemhuis Alabama 1st Place
72 Dan Buis Alabama 2nd Place
400 Carlos Caycedo Alabama 3rd Place
105 Doug Blair Alaska 1st Place
441 Lamar Nichols Alaska 1st Place
274 Joanna Southwood Alaska 3rd Place
275 Thomas Southwood Alaska 3rd Place
20 Alexander Schmidt Arizona 1st Place
7 James Bardin Arizona 2nd Place
311 Yancey McCauley Arizona 3rd Place
312 Karen McCauley Arizona 3rd Place
333 Glenn Copeland Arkansas 1st Place
2 Kenneth Andrews Arkansas 2nd Place
3 Ken Cowart Arkansas 3rd Place
273 Robert Shelton California 1st Place
77 Shareef AsSadiq California 2nd Place
189 John Hein California 3rd Place
48 John King Colorado 1st Place
488 Abby Clabough Colorado 2nd Place
148 James Stovall Colorado 3rd Place
326 Stephen Vook Dakotas 1st Place
209 Paul Stone Dakotas 2nd Place
3 Ken Cowart Dakotas 3rd Place
30 Jim Saul Florida 1st Place
19 Jerry Read Florida 2nd Place
463 John Morton Florida 2nd Place
95 Minna Case Georgia 1st Place
300 Roger Buis Georgia 2nd Place
19 Jerry Read Georgia 3rd Place
463 John Morton Georgia 3rd Place
270 Kevin Blevins Hawaii 1st Place
141 J R Miller Hawaii 2nd Place
77 Shareef AsSadiq Hawaii 3rd Place
10 Jerry Jones Idaho 1st Place
527 Doug Brinkman Idaho 2nd Place
301 Ken Tracy Idaho 3rd Place
52 David Bjork Illinois 1st Place
274 Joanna Southwood Illinois 2nd Place
275 Thomas Southwood Illinois 2nd Place
494 Steve Schilling Indiana 1st Place
296 Roger Swartout Indiana 2nd Place
250 Mark Hornstein Indiana 3rd Place
498 Nathan Beck Jr. Iowa 1st Place
372 Nathan Miller Iowa 2nd Place
606 Jason McLaren Iowa 3rd Place
141 J R Miller Kansas 1st Place
447 Steve Seets Kansas 2nd Place
265 Art Johnson Kansas 3rd Place
2 Kenneth Andrews Kentucky 1st Place
503 Andrew Spencer Amanda Fraizer Kentucky 1st Place
412 Mark Warner Tammy Warner Kentucky 3rd Place
329 David Hathaway Louisiana 1st Place
97 Owen Quarles Louisiana 1st Place
221 Grady Brown III Louisiana 3rd Place
82 Dave Fournier Michigan 1st Place
81 Robert Elliott Michigan 2nd Place
147 Aaron Doty Michigan 3rd Place
506 Robert Reid Mid-Atlantic 1st Place
303 Armando Aviles Mid-Atlantic 2nd Place
452 Jose Perez Mid-Atlantic 2nd Place
534 Cholly Murphy Mid-Atlantic 2nd Place
260 Dale Claussen Minnesota 1st Place
33 Michael Richardson Minnesota 2nd Place
254 Steven Singleton Minnesota 3rd Place
403 Van Robinson Mississippi 1st Place
499 Faye Evans Mississippi 2nd Place
240 James Oakman Mississippi 3rd Place
150 Rob Mizner Missouri 1st Place
106 Fred Niblock Missouri 2nd Place
461 Richard Freund Missouri 3rd Place
462 Nicole Freund Missouri 3rd Place
131 Magnus Valente Montana 1st Place
397 Del Lonnquist Linda Darelius Montana 2nd Place
548 Kevin Belzer Montana 3rd Place
488 Abby Clabough Nebraska 1st Place
350 Mark Johansen Nebraska 2nd Place
265 Art Johnson Nebraska 3rd Place
362 Michael Moore Nevada 1st Place
109 Roger Van Santen Nevada 2nd Place
189 John Hein Nevada 3rd Place
8 Trevor Mackie New England 1st Place
145 Zac Rhoades New England 2nd Place
335 Donald Allen New England 3rd Place
7 James Bardin New Mexico 1st Place
96 Rick Harvey New Mexico 2nd Place
117 Randy Bishop New Mexico 2nd Place
219 Gary Rosen New York 1st Place
8 Trevor Mackie New York 2nd Place
335 Donald Allen New York 3rd Place
36 William Buskell North Carolina 1st Place
238 Michael Eddins North Carolina 2nd Place
324 Ron Perlik North Carolina 3rd Place
110 Brett Kluiber Ohio 1st Place
104 Bobby McGhee Ohio 2nd Place
304 Dave Hart Ohio 2nd Place
241 David Alderman Oklahoma 1st Place
443 Sherryl Archer Oklahoma 2nd Place
468 Dennis Archer Oklahoma 2nd Place
464 Howard Phelps Oregon 1st Place
352 Joshua Smith Oregon 2nd Place
132 Timothy Allen Oregon 3rd Place
9 Chris Comly Pennsylvania 1st Place
278 William Smith Tammy Smith Pennsylvania 2nd Place
217 Robert McCarthy Pennsylvania 3rd Place
5 Carl Griffis South Carolina 1st Place
486 Tim Bronson South Carolina 2nd Place
34 Gary Shimizu South Carolina 3rd Place
520 Jeri Garland Tennessee 1st Place
107 Shawn Long Tennessee 2nd Place
35 Mary Kaczmarski Tennessee 3rd Place
46 Jon Coomer Tennessee 3rd Place
68 Rich Rulau Texas 1st Place
121 Preston Bebee Texas 2nd Place
513 Steve McLaughlin Texas 3rd Place
441 Lamar Nichols Utah 1st Place
237 Tim Parchman Utah 2nd Place
301 Ken Tracy Utah 3rd Place
44 James Epley Virginia 1st Place
502 Robert Vincent Virginia 2nd Place
47 Mike Hall Virginia 3rd Place
10 Jerry Jones Washington 1st Place
132 Timothy Allen Washington 2nd Place
51 Cheryl Laudermilk Washington 3rd Place
115 Jeffrey Bourdage West Virginia 1st Place
153 Keith Hennigar West Virginia 1st Place
88 Brian Edwards West Virginia 3rd Place
285 Bob Clement Wisconsin 1st Place
82 Dave Fournier Wisconsin 2nd Place
232 Calvin Lunsford Wisconsin 3rd Place
375 Ira Roadifer Wyoming 1st Place
511 Bob Mahoney Wyoming 1st Place
131 Magnus Valente Wyoming 3rd Place

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