2016 Trophy List

Flag First Last Passenger State Trophy
19 Jerry Read Alabama 1st Place
175 Michael Jones Alabama 1st Place
287 Don Leemhuis Alabama 3rd Place
323 Rick Bailey Alabama 3rd Place
435 Kristin Abell Alaska 1st Place
224 Tom Hogland Alaska 2nd Place
Alaska 3rd Place
7 James Bardin Arizona 1st Place
111 John Andruszka Arizona 2nd Place
48 Doug Blair Arizona 3rd Place
102 Andrew Spencer Arkansas 1st Place
10 Ken Cowart Arkansas 1st Place
100 Kenneth Andrews Arkansas 1st Place
139 Shareef AsSadiq California 1st Place
163 John Hein California 2nd Place
266 Eric Jewell California 3rd Place
50 John King Colorado 1st Place
443 Mark Vanderbrook Colorado 2nd Place
463 Doug Rasmussen Colorado 3rd Place
462 Rebecca Rasmussen Colorado 3rd Place
3 Mike Myren Dakotas 1st Place
249 Thomas Smith Dakotas 2nd Place
56 Matt Foresman Dakotas 3rd Place
268 Dan Buis Florida 1st Place
137 Bobbi Aitken Florida 2nd Place
58 Michael Kasarda Florida 3rd Place
233 Lee Martin Georgia 1st Place
297 Carl Griffis Georgia 2nd Place
26 Larry Warren Georgia 3rd Place
33 Gary Shimizu Hawaii 1st Place
Hawaii 2nd Place
Hawaii 3rd Place
406 Duane Carlton Idaho 1st Place
312 Howard Phelps Idaho 2nd Place
436 Jim Warner Idaho 3rd Place
232 David Bjork Illinois 1st Place
143 Brad Bakke Illinois 2nd Place
71 Vicki Rossing Illinois 3rd Place
296 Roger Swartout Indiana 1st Place
341 Donald Hostetler Indiana 2nd Place
222 Tad Scott Indiana 3rd Place
123 Darren Thomas Iowa 1st Place
8 Bill Funnemark Iowa 2nd Place
279 Justin Volker Iowa 3rd Place
307 Jeff Miller Kansas 1st Place
34 Glenn Spelis Kansas 2nd Place
335 Thomas Hufford Kansas 3rd Place
209 John Bailey Kentucky 1st Place
9 Mark Scott Kentucky 1st Place
68 Rob Shirk Sharon Shirk Kentucky 3rd Place
229 Kenneth Trass Louisiana 1st Place
100 Kenneth Andrews Louisiana 2nd Place
276 Rich Rulau Louisiana 3rd Place
140 Robert Elliott Michigan 1st Place
3 Mike Myren Michigan 2nd Place
222 Tad Scott Michigan 3rd Place
231 Armando Aviles Mid-Atlantic 1st Place
267 Jose Perez Mid-Atlantic 1st Place
57 Tom Bussey Mid-Atlantic 3rd Place
369 Mark Vogelgesang Minnesota 1st Place
382 David Morton Minnesota 2nd Place
79 Dale Claussen Minnesota 3rd Place
19 Jerry Read Mississippi 1st Place
175 Michael Jones Mississippi 1st Place
323 Rick Bailey Mississippi 3rd Place
287 Don Leemhuis Mississippi 3rd Place
56 Matt Foresman Missouri 1st Place
128 Bob Bowman Missouri 2nd Place
136 Dee Rhoton Missouri 3rd Place
406 Duane Carlton Montana 1st Place
35 Cheryl Laudermilk Montana 2nd Place
555 Del Brand Montana 3rd Place
130 J R Miller Nebraska 1st Place
279 Justin Volker Nebraska 2nd Place
358 Russell Wright Nebraska 3rd Place
428 Chris Gosnell Nebraska 3rd Place
329 Robert Carlo Nevada 1st Place
330 Kelly Quinn Nevada 1st Place
227 Roland Quintero Nevada 3rd Place
421 Henry Mros III New England 1st Place
376 Gerry Arel New England 2nd Place
65 Roy Kjendal New England 3rd Place
7 James Bardin New Mexico 1st Place
310 Steve McLaughlin New Mexico 2nd Place
48 Doug Blair New Mexico 3rd Place
121 John M Bittner New York 1st Place
219 Gary Rosen New York 1st Place
376 Gerry Arel New York 3rd Place
364 William Buskell North Carolina 1st Place
33 Gary Shimizu North Carolina 2nd Place
303 Harden Ricci North Carolina 3rd Place
283 Philip Stribrny Ohio 1st Place
184 Brett Kluiber Ohio 2nd Place
178 Greek Souris Ohio 3rd Place
207 Donald Lundgren Oklahoma 1st Place
241 David Alderman Oklahoma 2nd Place
83 James Stovall Karen Stovall Oklahoma 3rd Place
2 Jerry Jones Oregon 1st Place
36 Paul Paniagua Oregon 2nd Place
113 Robert Shelton Oregon 3rd Place
381 Gerald Furniss Pennsylvania 1st Place
5 Chris Comly Pennsylvania 2nd Place
270 Kevin Blevins Pennsylvania 2nd Place
21 Jim Clement South Carolina 1st Place
297 Carl Griffis South Carolina 2nd Place
1 John Langan South Carolina 3rd Place
5 Chris Comly Tennessee 1st Place
142 Jon Coomer Tennessee 2nd Place
144 Shawn Long Tennessee 2nd Place
276 Rich Rulau Texas 1st Place
85 David Johanson Texas 2nd Place
205 Preston Bebee Texas 3rd Place
129 Richard Etchberger Utah 1st Place
312 Howard Phelps Utah 2nd Place
242 Lamar Nichols Utah 3rd Place
44 James Epley Virginia 1st Place
47 Mike Hall Virginia 2nd Place
53 Michael Jordan Virginia 3rd Place
2 Jerry Jones Kathy Jones Washington 1st Place
204 Scott Jones Washington 1st Place
402 Jason Jones Washington 1st Place
47 Mike Hall West Virginia 1st Place
381 Gerald Furniss West Virginia 2nd Place
250 John Cannon Laimon Cannon West Virginia 3rd Place
191 Bob Clement Wisconsin 1st Place
8 Bill Funnemark Wisconsin 2nd Place
369 Mark Vogelgesang Wisconsin 3rd Place
330 Kelly Quinn Wyoming 1st Place
329 Robert Carlo Wyoming 2nd Place
401 Magnus Valente Wyoming 3rd Place

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