2022 Trophy List

Flag First Last State Trophy
22 John Morton Alabama 1st Place
558 Bert Williams Alabama 1st Place
123 Larry Downing Alabama 3rd Place
1207 Jarrett Finley Alaska 1st Place
181 Christopher Ross Alaska 2nd Place
275 Tom Southwood Alaska 3rd Place
777 John Andruszka Arizona 1st Place
28 Jeffrey Uth Arizona 2nd Place
840 Jake Zhorne Arizona 2nd Place
884 Patty Rentschler Arizona 2nd Place
936 Cheryl Bartlett Arizona 2nd Place
6 Gerald Roberts Arkansas 1st Place
46 Gary Allmond Arkansas 2nd Place
923 Stephen Diets Arkansas 3rd Place
601 Shaymus Banks California 1st Place
616 Christopher Seawood California 2nd Place
746 Eric Jewell California 3rd Place
639 John King Colorado 1st Place
1018 Richard Freeman Colorado 2nd Place
124 Steven Jones Colorado 3rd Place
605 Daren Heidebrink Dakotas 1st Place
731 Wolf Wendell Dakotas 2nd Place
91 Charles R Butler III Dakotas 3rd Place
307 Terry Fundenberger Dakotas 3rd Place
522 Jeff Chauncey Florida 1st Place
73 David Manning Florida 2nd Place
819 Hollie Knapp Florida 3rd Place
666 Lee Martin Georgia 1st Place
519 James Barr Georgia 2nd Place
211 Jeremy Bardin Georgia 3rd Place
289 Leigh Dubie Hawaii 1st Place
2 DJ Stadtler Hawaii 2nd Place
Hawaii 3rd Place
91 Charles R Butler III Idaho 1st Place
307 Terry Fundenberger Idaho 1st Place
685 Chad Bonsness Idaho 1st Place
365 Kevin KB Braddy Illinois 1st Place
88 Vicki Rossing Illinois 2nd Place
644 Matthew Kimes Illinois 3rd Place
886 Shelley Sylvester Indiana 1st Place
921 Freda Dean Indiana 2nd Place
132 Mike Bash Indiana 3rd Place
599 David Bjork Iowa 1st Place
103 Jason McLaren Iowa 2nd Place
241 Jerry Mann Iowa 3rd Place
530 Lee Kibbee Kansas 1st Place
387 Jeff McDowell Kansas 1st Place
722 Jon Dooley Kansas 3rd Place
886 Shelley Sylvester Kentucky 1st Place
79 David Broadway Kentucky 2nd Place
1117 Alexander Schmidt Kentucky 2nd Place
895 Bill Ryan Louisiana 1st Place
632 Dale Selman Louisiana 1st Place
15 Ken Cowart Louisiana 3rd Place
625 Dawn Griffith Michigan 1st Place
644 Matthew Kimes Michigan 2nd Place
899 Richard Eastman Michigan 3rd Place
221 James Boscoe Mid-Atlantic 1st Place
371 Rick Eve Mid-Atlantic 2nd Place
484 Michael Yetter Mid-Atlantic 3rd Place
690 Mike Myren Minnesota 1st Place
303 Steven Marsolek Minnesota 2nd Place
206 Russ Marsolek Minnesota 3rd Place
1221 Johnnie Huddleston Mississippi 1st Place
1222 Branda Huddleston Mississippi 1st Place
1223 Kenneth Dupree Mississippi 1st Place
1224 Karen Dupree Mississippi 1st Place
1000 John Meisenheimer Missouri 1st Place
276 Crystal Sabas Missouri 2nd Place
511 Bob Bowman Missouri 3rd Place
12 Jerry Jones Montana 1st Place
493 Michael Brennan Montana 2nd Place
898 Kevin Lynch Montana 3rd Place
350 Mark Johansen Nebraska 1st Place
114 Steve Hodges Nebraska 2nd Place
919 Dana D'Arcy Nebraska 3rd Place
386 Jerry White Nevada 1st Place
133 Carla Cavanagh Nevada 2nd Place
414 Douglas Graves Nevada 2nd Place
366 Joshua Klein New England 1st Place
658 Joe Burns New England 2nd Place
63 Gerry Arel New England 3rd Place
520 William Guthrie New Mexico 1st Place
127 Warren Yonker New Mexico 1st Place
506 Merle Yonker New Mexico 1st Place
255 Kevin Baker New York 1st Place
366 Joshua Klein New York 2nd Place
26 Chris Comly New York 3rd Place
651 Alphonzo Murray North Carolina 1st Place
130 William Quay North Carolina 2nd Place
265 Jim Sharp North Carolina 2nd Place
780 Davonna Brouhard North Carolina 2nd Place
132 Mike Bash Ohio 1st Place
32 Bobby McGhee Ohio 2nd Place
420 David Hart Ohio 2nd Place
47 Mike Hall Oklahoma 1st Place
758 Robert Peters Oklahoma 2nd Place
919 Dana D'Arcy Oklahoma 3rd Place
415 Jeffrey Klar Oregon 1st Place
762 Jenny Ladd Oregon 2nd Place
772 Susie Biggs Oregon 2nd Place
343 Rob Carlo Pennsylvania 1st Place
26 Chris Comly Pennsylvania 2nd Place
848 PV Paliath Pennsylvania 3rd Place
100 Greg Gentry South Carolina 1st Place
68 Phil Lockhart South Carolina 2nd Place
535 Jessie Jones South Carolina 2nd Place
79 David Broadway Tennessee 1st Place
1117 Alexander Schmidt Tennessee 1st Place
401 Matthew Braisted Tennessee 3rd Place
831 James Jackson Texas 1st Place
701 Leighton Lowell Texas 2nd Place
770 Rusty Dailey Texas 2nd Place
57 George Stanfield Utah 1st Place
191 Dave Matthews Utah 1st Place
12 Jerry Jones Utah 3rd Place
2 DJ Stadtler Virginia 1st Place
443 Roger Nisbett Virginia 2nd Place
129 Marc Sherman Virginia 3rd Place
529 Byron Constance Virginia 3rd Place
890 William Simpson Virginia 3rd Place
1154 Steven Leingang Virginia 3rd Place
1191 Tom Fraser Virginia 3rd Place
415 Jeffrey Klar Washington 1st Place
301 Michael Dietsch Washington 2nd Place
10 Loren Timmons Washington 2nd Place
235 Frank Orlando Washington 3rd Place
868 John Hall West Virginia 1st Place
282 Jason Wright West Virginia 2nd Place
555 John Wilson West Virginia 3rd Place
241 Jerry Mann Wisconsin 1st Place
269 Bob Clement Wisconsin 2nd Place
599 David Bjork Wisconsin 2nd Place
114 Steve Hodges Wyoming 1st Place
627 Paul Muirbrook Wyoming 1st Place
675 Howard Segal Wyoming 1st Place

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