2018 Trophy List

Flag First Last Passenger State Trophy
183 Ron Perlik Alabama 1st Place
47 Mike Hall Alabama 2nd Place
1 William Buskell Alabama 3rd Place
164 Tom Hogland Alaska 1st Place
243 Gary Serra Alaska 2nd Place
220 Mark Wood Alaska 3rd Place
767 Andy Andresen Alaska 3rd Place
99 Alexander Schmidt Arizona 1st Place
10 Jim Bardin Arizona 2nd Place
111 John Andruszka Arizona 3rd Place
109 Gerald Roberts Arkansas 1st Place
4 Kenneth Andrews Arkansas 2nd Place
374 Arthur Novak Arkansas 3rd Place
617 Eric Jewell California 1st Place
57 John Hein California 2nd Place
49 Doug Bowers California 3rd Place
386 John King Colorado 1st Place
657 Mike Bash Colorado 1st Place
538 Brian McLaughlin Colorado 3rd Place
539 Kevin McLaughlin Colorado 3rd Place
294 Stephen Vook Dakotas 1st Place
582 Terry Fundenberger Dakotas 2nd Place
91 Charles R "EZ" Butler III Dakotas 3rd Place
83 Roger Buis Florida 1st Place
343 Rob Carlo Florida 2nd Place
108 Dave Friedrich Florida 3rd Place
666 Lee Martin Georgia 1st Place
83 Roger Buis Georgia 2nd Place
108 Dave Friedrich Georgia 3rd Place
64 Shareef AsSadiq Hawaii 1st Place
200 Michael Bowe-Rahming Hawaii 1st Place
614 Horace Green Hawaii 1st Place
12 Jerry Jones Idaho 1st Place
143 Ken Tracy Idaho 2nd Place
327 Kevin Tracy Idaho 2nd Place
530 David Bjork Illinois 1st Place
88 Vicki Rossing Illinois 2nd Place
269 Craig Phillips Illinois 3rd Place
296 Roger Swartout Indiana 1st Place
606 Bob Etheridge Indiana 2nd Place
3 Brett Kluiber Indiana 3rd Place
68 Jason McLaren Iowa 1st Place
303 Steven Marsolek Iowa 2nd Place
206 Russell Marsolek Iowa 3rd Place
141 Steve Carter Kansas 1st Place
447 Kurt Anderson Kansas 1st Place
26 Michael Kolbek Kansas 3rd Place
48 Jon Coomer Kentucky 1st Place
65 Mary Kaczmarski Kentucky 1st Place
606 Bob Etheridge Kentucky 3rd Place
19 Jerry Read Louisiana 1st Place
22 John Morton Louisiana 1st Place
286 Bert Williams Louisiana 1st Place
124 Aaron Doty Michigan 1st Place
293 James Lumpkin Michigan 1st Place
8 Jeff Bourdage Michigan 3rd Place
193 Kenneth Trass Mid-Atlantic 1st Place
130 Jesse Hanson Mid-Atlantic 2nd Place
113 Charles Snyder Dianne Fuhrman Mid-Atlantic 3rd Place
74 Mike Myren Minnesota 1st Place
206 Russell Marsolek Minnesota 2nd Place
303 Steven Marsolek Minnesota 2nd Place
349 James Oakman Mississippi 1st Place
584 Robinson Van Mississippi 1st Place
95 Minna Case Mississippi 3rd Place
31 Matt Foresman Missouri 1st Place
51 Fred Niblock Missouri 2nd Place
136 Dee Rhoton Missouri 3rd Place
150 Magnus Valente Montana 1st Place
406 Kevin Belzer Montana 2nd Place
372 Bob Clement Montana 3rd Place
576 Teri King Nebraska 1st Place
577 Ken Dahlke Nebraska 1st Place
582 Terry Fundenberger Nebraska 3rd Place
330 Kelly Quinn Nevada 1st Place
73 Matthew McAtee Nevada 2nd Place
601 John Polus Nevada 3rd Place
134 Bradley Smith New England 1st Place
98 Gordon Winston New England 1st Place
128 Trevor Mackie New England 3rd Place
476 Yancey McCauley New Mexico 1st Place
477 Karen McCauley New Mexico 1st Place
344 Brian Thorn New Mexico 3rd Place
98 Gordon Winston New York 1st Place
134 Bradley Smith New York 1st Place
128 Trevor Mackie New York 3rd Place
1 William Buskell North Carolina 1st Place
34 Gary Shimizu North Carolina 2nd Place
279 William Van Sickle North Carolina 3rd Place
3 Brett Kluiber Ohio 1st Place
343 Rob Carlo Ohio 2nd Place
469 Timothy Topp Sr Rebecca Topp Ohio 3rd Place
81 Jim Mulcahy Oklahoma 1st Place
493 Jeff Salyer Oklahoma 2nd Place
587 Robert Peters Oklahoma 3rd Place
356 Ron Pope Oregon 1st Place
478 Leon Brunken Oregon 2nd Place
75 Timothy Allen Oregon 3rd Place
227 Chris Comly Pennsylvania 1st Place
162 John M Bittner Pennsylvania 2nd Place
219 Gary Rosen Pennsylvania 2nd Place
486 Tim Bronson South Carolina 1st Place
567 Carl Griffis South Carolina 1st Place
232 Raymond Piatt South Carolina 3rd Place
216 Robert Long Tennessee 1st Place
48 Jon Coomer Tennessee 2nd Place
65 Mary Kaczmarski Tennessee 2nd Place
559 Rich Rulau Texas 1st Place
385 Steve McLaughlin Texas 2nd Place
461 David Elizondo Texas 3rd Place
552 Howard Phelps Utah 1st Place
99 Alexander Schmidt Utah 2nd Place
143 Ken Tracy Utah 3rd Place
327 Kevin Tracy Utah 3rd Place
204 Eric Bray Virginia 1st Place
130 Jesse Hanson Virginia 2nd Place
40 John Cannon Laimon Cannon Virginia 3rd Place
12 Jerry Jones Washington 1st Place
317 Cheryl Laudermilk Washington 2nd Place
254 Jon Harrison Washington 3rd Place
82 David Fournier West Virginia 1st Place
153 Keith Hennigar West Virginia 1st Place
214 Wayne Pascoe West Virginia 1st Place
74 Mike Myren Wisconsin 1st Place
372 Bob Clement Wisconsin 2nd Place
5 Tad Scott Wisconsin 3rd Place
291 George Stanfield Wyoming 1st Place
597 Dave Matthews Wyoming 1st Place
407 Ed Followell Wyoming 3rd Place

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