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Statue of Liberty List

This is a list of all Statues of Liberty currently in the Tour of Honor database. There is currently a total of 296.

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ID Name Description Address City State GPS Restrictions
ID Name Description Address City State GPS Restrictions
SL200 Birmingham (Vestavia Hills) Liberty Park just off I-459, next to Birmingham Area BSA Council Office - although listed on the Cheyenne site, it is a replica made for the Liberty National Life Insurance Co in 1958 516 Liberty Parkway Birmingham AL 33.48232,-86.70725 Park
SL001 Birmingham - BSA - (Linn Park) Located on the east side of the bldg facing Linn Park - 801 Richard Arrington Junior Blvd North Birmingham AL 33.52129,-86.80939 Park
SL201 Jasper - VFW Liberty Liberty replica in front of VFW Post 4850 Veterans Drive Jasper AL 33.84023,-87.23659 None
SL202 La Fayette Liberty Statue of Liberty on private property - Sidewalk in front of house 200 Co Rd 50 La Fayette AL 32.897594,-85.398487 Private Property
SL203 Oakman Memorial Statue of Liberty replica adjacent to Vet's Memorial Main St & Old York Rd Oakman AL 33.718156,-87.386594 None
SL204 Red Bay (Yard Art) - Liberty Statue of Liberty replica - Private Residence 4th Ave SW - West side of town Red Bay AL 34.44275,-88.15384 Private Property
SL205 Benton - Liberty Yard art - Driveway entrance to church 1-30 Frontage Road Benton AR 34.60268,-92.54147 Private Property
SL002 Fayetteville - BSA Replica Washington Regional Medical Center in front of Wound Care Clinic on North Street 3215 N. North Hills Blvd Fayetteville AR 36.11025,-94.15975 None
SL207 Hardy (North) - Liberty Yard Art Statues - There are three yard art liberties within 300 yards of each other, located on three properties adjacent to each other on Tucker Rd.

Hardy is considered a single visit for the purposes of scoring regardless if one or all three are photographed.

North - 36.302867, -91.503576
Center - 36.302258, -91.504337
South - 36.3004, -91.504337

Tucker Rd and US 62 Hardy (1) AR 36.302867,-91.503576 Private Property
SL210 Haskell - Liberty Statue of Liberty Hwy 67 Haskell AR 34.51468,-92.67305 None
SL211 Jonesboro - Liberty Replica in front of East Arkansas Broadcasting Bldg 407 W Parker Rd Jonesboro AR 35.80685,-90.7109 None
SL212 Paragould - Liberty John Paulding Sculpture - War Memorial - Statue of Liberty - courthouse lawn Court and S 3rd St Paragould AR 36.056074,-90.488818 None
SL003 Pine Bluff - BSA Replica Pine Bluff Memorial Gardens, off 10th Avenue between Georgia & State Streets on Esplanade opposite South Side Civic Center 200 E 8th Ave Pine Bluff AR 34.21947,-92.00108 None
SL213 Sheridan - Liberty Yard Art Hiway 270 Sheridan AR 34.3174603,-92.2868664 Private Property
SL214 Sherwood - Amy Sanders Branch Library Statue of Liberty replica on Amy Sanders Branch Library grounds 31 Shelby Road Sherwood AR 34.834372,-92.206653 None
SL221 Strong - Liberty N Concord St. and US Hwy 82 Strong AR 33.11054,-92.35641 None
SL238 Mesa - Liberty Statue of Liberty on a stone pedestal 1564 N Alma School Rd Mesa AZ 33.442994,-111.856532 None
SL215 El Monte - Liberty El Monte Statue of Liberty - in front of City offices 11333 Valley Blvd El Monte CA 34.07104,-118.03055 None
SL216 Santa Clara (N Valley Bap Church) - Liberty Statue of Liberty replica next to church entrance 3520 De La Cruz Blvd Santa Clara CA 37.386532,-121.9443 Private Property
SL313 Ault - Liberty Carving Liberty Park 1st St and 1st Ave Ault CO 40.582241,-104.735405 Park
SL004 Colorado Springs - BSA Replica City Hall, Kiowa St. and Nevada Ave. 107 North Nevada Avenue Colorado Springs CO 38.83551,-104.82124 None
SL217 Cripple Creek - Liberty Statue of Liberty replica - 3 1/2 miles NE of Cripple Creek CO Hwy 67 Cripple Creek CO 38.78215,-105.13428 Private Property
SL005 Estes Park - BSA Replica Park Elementary School, Community Dr. and Graves Ave. 1505 Brodie Avenue Estes Park CO 40.36824,-105.49795 School
SL006 Fort Collins - BSA Replica City Park, near Sheldon Dr. and City Park Dr. 1526 City Park Dr Fort Collins CO 40.58432,-105.10337 Park
SL007 Greeley - BSA Replica NE Corner of the Weld County Courthouse - 9th Street and 9th Avenue 901 9th Ave Greeley CO 40.42376,-104.69288 None
SL008 Gunnison - BSA Replica Leslie J. Savage Library at Western State College of Colorado, 600 N. Adams, north wall of the main floor. Originally in Crawford. Thanks to Mr. Dahl of K Dahl Glass Studios, Inc. for finding her. 600 N. Adams Gunnison CO 38.54935,-106.91838 School
SL009 Johnstown - BSA Replica Letford Elementary School, Charlotte and Jay Avenues 2 North Jay Avenue Johnstown CO 40.3361,-104.91935 School
SL010 Kremmling - BSA Replica South side of Town Square - West side of the Kremmling Area Chamber Of Commerce 203 Park Ave Kremmling CO 40.05917,-106.39322 None
SL011 LaJunta - BSA Replica City Park 10th St. and Colorado Ave. LaJunta CO 37.97838,-103.54332 Park
SL012 Longmont - BSA Replica Roosevelt Park, adjacent to the St. Vrain Memorial Building Recreation Center facing Coffman St 700 Longs Peak Ave Longmont CO 40.1711,-105.104 Park
SL013 Loveland - BSA Replica Stands in road divider on West Eisenhower Ave, near Loveland Lake. Replaced in 1985. 399 W Eisenhower Blvd Loveland CO 40.40712,-105.08077 None
SL014 Pueblo - BSA Replica County Courthouse, Court St. and 10th St. 215 West 10th Street Pueblo CO 38.27635,-104.60946 None
SL015 Sterling - BSA Replica BSA Replica in front of the Logan County Courthouse 315 Main St Sterling CO 40.62401,-103.20931 None
SL270 Strasburg Gardens Liberty Wagner St. And Westview Ave Strasburg CO 39.739467,-104.326466 Private Property
SL016 Trinidad - BSA Replica County Courthouse, First St. and Maple St. 200 E. 1st St Trinidad CO 37.1684,-104.50362 None
SL017 Walsh - BSA Replica West Oak St and N Neveen St West Oak St and N Neveen St Walsh CO 37.38815,-102.28096 None
SL248 Freedom Park Liberty - Danbury Lee Mac Ave and Triangle St Danbury CT 41.391709,-73.434791 None
SL218 Dover American Legion - Liberty Statue of Liberty replica in front of American Legion Post 2 835 Bay Road Dover DE 39.14713,-75.50097 None
SL250 Apalachicola Liberty This landscape liberty is next to the driveway facing 4th St 4th St and Ave F Apalachicola FL 29.727681,-84.985959 Private Property
SL219 Bartow - Liberty Statue of Liberty replica Just north of the Bartow Public Library on S Broad Bartow FL 27.87475,-81.84312 None
SL220 Clermont - Liberty Statue of Liberty replica outside House of President's 123 US Hwy 27 Clermont FL 28.56306,-81.74395 None
SL222 Milton - Liberty Statue of Liberty replica - Rockwell Plaza 5675 US Hwy. 90 Milton FL 30.602502,-87.086507 None
SL223 Mt Dora Lake house - Liberty Pair of Statue of Liberties - marking corner bounderies 3131 Lakeshore Drive Mount Dora FL 28.797027,-81.67563 Private Property
SL224 Mt Dora - Liberty Statue of Liberty replica - across from house - Latest streetview from 2011 - Last visited during 2022 Tour 408 Lake Dora Road Mt Dora FL 28.801404,-81.648139 Private Property
SL225 Ocala - Liberty Statue of Liberty replica in Veterans Memorial Park 2510 E Silver Springs Blvd Ocala FL 29.186392,-82.101371 Park
SL018 Orlando - BSA Replica Replica located on the south side of Lake Ivanhoe Magnolia & Orange Avenue Orlando FL 28.55977,-81.37681 None
SL333 Orlando Liberty - Fun Spot Statue of Liberty sits on corner in front of Fun Spots roller coaster called White Lightning - Admittance to the park not required Grand National Dr & Fun Spot Way Orlando FL 28.46644,-81.456752 None
SL226 Seminole - Liberty Statue of Liberty replica in front of American Legion Post 252 11433 Park Blvd N, Seminole FL 27.8434,-82.79743 None
SL227 St Leo University Liberty "For Those Who Serve" sculpture in Dempsey Plaza student community center 33701 SR 52 St Leo FL 28.337768,-82.256955 School
SL334 St. Cloud Liberty 811 Lakeshore Blvd. St. Cloud FL 28.258404,-81.278585 Private Property
SL228 Tampa - Am Legion Cemetery - Liberty Statue of Liberty next to gate of Am Legion Cemetery - Limited Parking - Busy Stree 3810 W Kennedy Blvd Tampa FL 27.94467,-82.50689 Cemetery
SL019 Atlanta - BSA Replica Near the State Capitol on the east side, this BSA replica sits in Liberty Plaza Capitol Ave SW and MLK Drive Atlanta GA 33.748977,-84.387235 None
SL229 Blue Ridge - Liberty Statue of Liberty replica - Just south of Fannin County Courthouse W Main St Blue Ridge GA 34.86389,-84.32693 None
SL242 Cairo - Liberty 2068 GA-93 Cairo GA 30.836518,-84.185488 Private Property
SL230 Chamblee (Buford Hwy) - Liberty Statue of Liberty replica - Private Residence Buford Dr Chamblee GA 33.876497,-84.293058 Private Property
SL231 McCrae - Liberty Statue of Liberty replica Golden Isles Pkwy and 3rd Ave McCrae GA 32.06829,-82.90072 None
SL232 Stockbridge - Liberty Simmons Park next to City Hall S Lee St and N Henry Blvd Stockbridge GA 33.543121,-84.228798 Park
SL330 Tallapoosa - Liberty This statue is generally found on the eastern side of the park - Some walking is required. Helton Howland Memorial Park 2853 US-78 Tallapoosa GA 33.737911,-85.263601 Park
SL233 Tallulah Falls - Tallulah Gorge Overlook - Liberty Statue of Liberty replica - No streetview avail for this location - Statue is present as of July 27, 2022 GA-15 - Tallulah Gorge Scenic Loop Tallulah Falls - Clarksville GA 34.728779,-83.3829 None
SL020 Bloomfield - BSA Replica Courthouse 100 Courthouse Sq Bloomfield IA 40.75117,-92.41465 None
SL022 Cedar Falls - BSA Replica At the entrance to Veteran's Park Waterloo Rd and 14th St Cedar Falls IA 42.52617,-92.44243 Park
SL023 Cedar Rapids - BSA Replica Relocated from Green Square Park, to the upstream (north) end of May's Island in the middle of the Cedar River 50 2nd Ave Bridge Cedar Rapids IA 41.97739,-91.67166 Park
SL024 Clarence - BSA Replica Clarence Community Park 1st and Smith St Clarence IA 41.88687,-91.06677 Park
SL025 Clinton - BSA Replica Eagle Point Park - by basketball courts 3900 N 3rd Clinton IA 41.896955,-90.176408 Park
SL206 Clinton - Freedom Tree Liberty Dedicated in September 2016, this Statue of Liberty replica was donated by the Larry May family. Millcreek Parkway and Main Avenue Clinton IA 41.873532,-90.203563 Park
SL251 Cresco Liberty 704 6th Ave E, , IA 52136 Cresco IA 43.377540,-92.106675 Private Property
SL026 Decorah - BSA Replica NW corner of the Winneshiek County Courthouse lawn 201 West Main Decorah IA 43.30315,-91.78821 None
SL027 Des Moines - BSA Replica Iowa State Capitol grounds, NE corner East 12th Street and E Grand Ave Des Moines IA 41.59216,-93.60205 None
SL326 Dubuque Liberty This liberty sits on the corner of a major intersection behind Herbst Upholstery Great River Rd and Locust St Conn Dubuque IA 42.494592,-90.663177 None
SL028 Dubuque - BSA Replica Washington Park, between West 6th & 7th West 6th & 7th Dubuque IA 42.4993,-90.66789 Park
SL029 Fairfield - BSA Replica This Lady Liberty, a boy scout donation, stands in front of the Jefferson County Courthouse. 51 West Briggs Ave Fairfield IA 41.00887,-91.96302 None
SL030 Fort Madison - BSA Replica Central Park - the corner of 9th Street and Ave F 9th Street and Ave F Fort Madison IA 40.63223,-91.31368 Park
SL031 Grundy Center - BSA Replica Grundy County Courthouse Square 706 G Ave Grundy Center IA 42.36121,-92.77309 None
SL234 Hospers (Reinders Memorial Statue) - Liberty Frederick Reinders Statue of Liberty 213 Main St Hospers IA 43.072262,-95.904696 None
SL032 Independence - BSA Replica Courthouse, 331 1st Street East 331 1st Street East Independence IA 42.47022,-91.88906 None
SL033 Iowa City - BSA Replica Statue of Liberty - entrance drive to Iowa City High School (The original statue has been moved inside the High School) 1900 Morningside Drive Iowa City IA 41.658795,-91.508347 School
SL235 Lawler - Liberty Statue located in Memorial Park Iowa 24 and S Diagonal St Lawler IA 43.06749,-92.14825 Park
SL034 Leon - BSA Replica West lawn of the Decatur County Courthouse facing North Main Street, town square 207 N Main St Leon IA 40.74064,-93.74671 None
SL035 Mason City - BSA Replica NW corner Central Park N Washington Ave and 1st St NW Mason City IA 43.15253,-93.20253 Park
SL036 Mt. Pleasant - BSA Replica stands in front of the Henry County Courthouse. 100 E Washington St Mt. Pleasant IA 40.96523,-91.5531 None
SL037 Muscatine - BSA Replica In front of City Hall, 215 Sycamore Street 215 Sycamore Street Muscatine IA 41.42271,-91.04488 None
SL038 Waterloo - BSA Replica Soldiers and Sailors Park 600 Cedar St Waterloo IA 42.49574,-92.33855 Park
SL039 Waverly - BSA Replica South lawn of the Bremer County Courthouse 415 E Bremer Ave Waverly IA 42.72623,-92.46508 None
SL040 West Liberty - BSA Replica City Hall 409 N Calhoun St West Liberty IA 41.57154,-91.26366 None
SL041 West Point - BSA Replica Center of City Square between Ave E and Ave D between 4th and 5th St 309 5th St West Point IA 40.71737,-91.45311 None
SL042 Woodbine - BSA Replica East lawn of the Woodbine Carnegie Public Library 58 5th St Woodbine IA 41.73685,-95.70333 None
SL043 Caldwell - BSA Replica Caldwell Memorial Park, near Grant Street Grant & Harrison Caldwell ID 43.66197,-116.69434 Park
SL236 Sandpoint Liberty Statue of Liberty replica - on concrete pier Lake Pend Oreille Sandpoint City Beach Park Sandpoint ID 48.27174,-116.538849 Park
SL044 Benton - BSA Replica Statue of Liberty replica in front of Library 502 S Main St Benton IL 37.991476,-88.920234 None
SL237 East Peoria - Grange Road - Liberty Statue of Liberty on private property - On Grange Rd approx 1/3rd mile N of Centennial Dr Grange Road East Peoria IL 40.708175,-89.483735 Private Property
SL289 Galena - Libertys Pair of Lady Liberties on either side of residential driveway 120 N Bench St, , IL 61036 Galena IL 42.417161,-90.428113 Private Property
SL045 London Mills - BSA Replica Village Veteran Park, along the bank of the Spoon River 204 2nd St London Mills IL 40.71291,-90.26601 Park
SL046 Warsaw - BSA Replica In the center of Ralston Park, just off 4th Street 430 N 4th St Warsaw IL 40.36309,-91.43591 Park
SL047 Waukegan - BSA Replica Replica in driveway in front of the Waukegan Police Department 101 N West St Waukegan IL 42.360976,-87.834927 None
SL286 Dale - Lady Liberty 105 N Washington St Dale IN 38.170382,-86.989799 Private Property
SL048 Dupont - BSA Replica Camp Louis Ernst, B.S.A., 75 feet west of Indiana SR 7 on the fence line facing the highway. 8916 State Hwy 7 Dupont IN 38.870508,-85.518999 None
SL049 Gary - BSA Replica City Hall, 401 Broadway 401 Broadway Gary IN 41.60405,-87.33746 None
SL316 Greenfield Liberty 25 S Morristown Pike Greenfield IN 39.785328,-85.755281 Private Property
SL288 Liberty - Lady Liberty 1212 State Rte 101 Liberty IN 39.613998,-84.9339945 None
SL050 Madison - BSA Replica Jefferson County Courthouse, Northwest corner 300 E Main St Madison IN 38.73612,-85.37704 None
SL239 New Albany (Police Station) - Liberty Statue of Liberty in front of the Criminal Justice Bldg) SE corner of Spring Street and Scribner Drive New Albany IN 38.28481,-85.82595 None
SL051 Peru - BSA Replica Miami County Courthouse, Courthouse square, south side 16 E Main St Peru IN 40.75418,-86.06848 None
SL052 Plymouth - BSA Replica East side lawn of the Marshall County Courthouse 211 W Madison St Plymouth IN 41.34388,-86.31116 None
SL053 South Bend - BSA Replica Old Courthouse, 101 South Main Street 101 South Main Street South Bend IN 41.6758,-86.25218 None
SL241 Terre Haute (VFW) - Liberty Statue of Liberty replica in front of Lawton Brunham VFW 1111 Veteran Square Terre Haute IN 39.46908,-87.399448 None
SL054 Coffeyville - BSA Replica In front of the high school 1110 West 8th St Coffeyville KS 37.03666,-95.63224 School
SL055 Colby - BSA Replica Fike Park, Corner of Franklin & East 8th Street North Franklin & East 8th St Colby KS 39.40058,-101.04578 Park
SL056 El Dorado - BSA Replica County Courthouse, 205 West Central, Grounds, northwest corner. Replaced in 1988. Original in Butler County Historical Society Museum. 205 West Central El Dorado KS 37.81721,-96.85233 None
SL243 El Dorado - Liberty Statue of Liberty replica Corner of N Main and E 3rd Ave El Dorado KS 37.82134,-96.84957 None
SL057 Garden City - BSA Replica Finney County Courthouse, 8th Street (east) side 425 N 8th St Garden City KS 37.96897,-100.87537 None
SL058 Garnett - BSA Replica NW corner of Anderson County Courthouse Square 100 E 4th Ave Garnett KS 38.28079,-95.24197 None
SL059 Glen Elder - BSA Replica Statue of Liberty in the Middle of Wilson Neff Park 113 Mill St Glen Elder KS 39.49866,-98.30765 Park
SL060 Harlan - BSA Replica Roadside Park, US 281, 5 miles from Gaylord Harlan KS 39.62716,-98.78581 Park
SL061 Hays - BSA Replica Hays Public Library, 1205 Main 1205 Main Hays KS 38.87345,-99.32974 None
SL062 Hillsboro - BSA Replica Hillsboro Memorial Park, Birch Street Memorial Dr Hillsboro KS 38.34612,-97.20765 Park
SL063 Independence - BSA Replica In front of Independence Memorial Hall Civic Center 410 N Pennsylvania Ave Independence KS 37.22725,-95.70635 None
SL064 Kingman - BSA Replica Kingman Elementary & Junior High School, North Main Street 607 North Spruce St Kingman KS 37.64661,-98.11294 School
SL065 La Crosse - BSA Replica City Park, South Main Street at 4th St 322 US-183 La Crosse KS 38.52708,-99.30937 Park
SL066 Leavenworth - BSA Replica City Hall grounds, Northeast corner of 5th & Shawnee 100 North 5th St Leavenworth KS 39.31904,-94.91536 None
SL067 Liberal - BSA Replica 519 North Kansas 519 North Kansas Liberal KS 37.04331,-100.92211 None
SL302 Lyons - Liberty 400 W Main St Lyons KS 38.347616,-98.207654 Private Property
SL244 Marion (Yard Art) - Liberty Statue of Liberty replica - front yard Hwy77 & 170th St - Marion KS 38.319194,-96.968474 Private Property
SL068 Medicine Lodge - BSA Replica Medicine Lodge Grade School, 320 North Walnut, Southwest corner 320 North Walnut Medicine Lodge KS 37.28426,-98.57749 School
SL069 Overland Park - BSA Replica Shawnee Mission North High School, 7401 Johnson Drive 7401 Johnson Drive Overland Park KS 39.02157,-94.67335 School
SL070 Parsons - BSA Replica Parsons Middle School, Southwest corner, 28th & Main 2719 Main Street Parsons KS 37.34067,-95.27833 School
SL071 Pratt - BSA Replica Original BSA Liberty Replica - in front of BS building 623 E 3rd St Pratt KS 37.643718,-98.731932 None
SL072 Russell - BSA Replica Lincoln Park, Corner of 4th & Lincoln Streets 4th & Lincoln Streets Russell KS 38.88897,-98.86262 Park
SL073 Salina - BSA Replica West entrance to Oakdale Park, 320 East Ash 320 East Ash Salina KS 38.83546,-97.60375 Park
SL074 St. John - BSA Replica City Park Square, Northeast corner, 4th & Broadway 4th & Broadway St. John KS 38.00231,-98.76057 Park
SL075 Topeka - BSA Replica State Capitol - NW Corner 6425 SW 6th Ave Topeka KS 39.04955,-95.67852 None
SL076 Troy - BSA Replica Doniphan County Courthouse, Southwest grounds 120 East Chestnut St Troy KS 39.78595,-95.08946 None
SL077 Washington - BSA Replica County Courthouse, C Street & 3rd 214 C Street Washington KS 39.81771,-97.05107 None
SL078 Wichita - BSA Replica Roosevelt Middle School, 2100 East Douglas 2100 East Douglas Wichita KS 37.68594,-97.31122 School
SL323 Steampunk Liberty The Lady Liberty is located in the yard of Gary Pendergrass' Steampunk Village. Steampunk is a form of fantasy art form that uses ideas and designs inspired 19th century industrial steam powered machinery.

The Pendergrass Steampunk Art is open to the public during daylight hours. Sign reads "Welcome, Be Careful and Safe". Be mindful this is in a residential area.

3831 West 17th St North Wichita KS 37.7159167,-97.3882601 Private Property
SL245 Olive Hill - Liberty Olive Hill Historical Society Liberty US 60 and Whitt St Olive Hill KY 38.302284,-83.172517 None
SL262 Carencro Liberty 4475 NW Evangeline Thruway Carencro LA 30.346036,-92.042573 Private Property
SL266 Henderson Levee Rd Liberty 1377 Henderson Levee Rd Henderson LA 30.308643,-91.766471 Private Property
SL246 Maurepas - Liberty Statue of Liberty on private property 22067 hwy 22 Maurepas LA 30.278076,-90.709053 Private Property
SL079 Fall River - BSA Replica BSA Statue of Liberty - entrance to JFK Memorial Park Bradford Ave and Broadway Fall River MA 41.696057,-71.168431 Park
SL080 Lawrence - BSA Replica Lawrence Public Library lobby (inside) 51 Lawrence St Lawrence MA 42.71063,-71.16247 Other
SL249 Daggett - Nathan - Liberty yard art on private property County Rd 557 Daggett-Nathan MI 45.5801159,-87.718644 Private Property
SL254 Highland Liberty This Liberty sits in a peaceful park like setting in the middle of small pond surrounded by a walking path. 468 S Milford Rd, Highland, MI 48357 Highland MI 42.635151,-83.617536 Park
SL252 Holly Statue of Liberty replica Statue of Liberty on private property 854 Milford Rd Holly MI 42.780047,-83.62507 Private Property
SL081 Mackinac Island - BSA Replica Mackinac Island Marina Lake Shore Dr Mackinac Island MI 45.850498,-84.615495 None
SL258 Troy Liberty 885 Rochester Rd Troy MI 42.541440,-83.134292 Private Property
SL082 Duluth - BSA Replica BSA Replica - located between the Great Lakes Aquarium and Amzoil Arena S 5th Ave W Duluth MN 46.77946,-92.0995 None
SL296 Grand Rapid Liberty - US 169 18206 US-169 Grand Rapids MN 47.140619,-93.559924 Private Property
SL083 Hibbing - BSA Replica In front of City Hall, 401 East 21st Street 401 East 21st Street Hibbing MN 47.42641,-92.93691 None
SL256 Lindstrom Memorial - Liberty Statue of Liberty replica with Chicago Vets memorial Lake Blvd and Linden St Lindstrom MN 45.389664,-92.849733 None
SL257 Long Prairie Liberty Statue of Liberty replica on site of Veteran's Memorial Park Central and 1st St Long Prairie MN 45.973822,-94.863678 Park
SL084 Boonville - BSA Replica Cooper County Courthouse, Main St & High 200 Main St Boonville MO 38.97738,-92.74394 None
SL085 Butler - BSA Replica Butler Grade School 4 High St Butler MO 38.25878,-94.34053 School
SL086 Cape Girardeau - BSA Replica Freedom Corner of Capaha Park, Broadway and West End Boulevard Broadway and North West End Blvd Cape Girardeau MO 37.31017,-89.53556 Park
SL087 Columbia - BSA Replica City Parks & Recreation, 1 South 7th Street, - Inside the entrance lobby of Gentry Building 1 South 7th Street Columbia MO 38.95134,-92.32985 Office
SL088 Concordia - BSA Replica Central Park, Seventh Street at Gordon Street S Main St and SW 6th St Concordia MO 38.98285,-93.56857 Park
SL259 Diamond - Liberty Statue of Liberty on private property 748 W Market St Diamond MO 36.995285,-94.321788 Private Property
SL260 Greenville Memorial - Liberty WW1 Veterans Memorial on courthouse lawn 108 Walnut St Greenville MO 37.126917,-90.45078 None
SL089 Jefferson City - BSA Replica SW corner of the Capitol 201 West Capitol Ave Jefferson City MO 38.57822,-92.17231 None
SL090 Kansas City - BSA Replica Meyer Boulevard & Prospect Avenue - Busy roadway - Park in nearby parking lot E Meyer Blvd and Prospect Ave Kansas City MO 39.00728,-94.55616 Other
SL091 Kansas City (north) - BSA Replica North Kansas City High School, Circular promenade near Iron, Howell, & East 23rd Streets 620 East 23rd Ave Kansas City (north) MO 39.1456,-94.57238 School
SL092 Lamar - BSA Replica SE corner of Courthouse lawn 1004 Gulf St Lamar MO 37.49454,-94.27635 None
SL261 Lee's Summit (Private Residence) - Liberty yard art on private property 2598 Lee's Summit Road Lee's Summit MO 38.959722,-94.385417 Private Property
SL093 Lexington - BSA Replica County Courthouse, 1001 Main Street 1001 Main Street Lexington MO 39.18536,-93.88306 None
SL094 Liberty - BSA Replica 200 Blk of W Mill St, in front of Franklin Elementary 201 West Mill St Liberty MO 39.24457,-94.42208 None
SL095 Malden - BSA Replica Intersection of Business Highway 25 & Downing Street N Douglass St and Downing St Malden MO 36.56564,-89.97089 None
SL096 Marshall - BSA Replica Indian Foothills Park, North entrance 1507 E Eastwood St Marshall MO 39.12414,-93.16942 Park
SL097 Memphis - BSA Replica County Courthouse, Corner of Monroe & Market Streets 117 South Market St Memphis MO 40.45799,-92.16984 None
SL098 Mexico (Courthouse lawn) - BSA Replica SW corner (appears to be BSA - recently updated square) N Washington & W Jackson Mexico MO 39.172385,-91.883392 None
SL099 Salisbury - BSA Liberty - BSA Replica BSA Liberty in park at S Broadway and E 9th St 800 block S Broadway Salisbury MO 39.416923,-92.801225 Park
SL100 Sedalia - BSA Replica County Courthouse 415 South Ohio Sedalia MO 38.7076,-93.228 None
SL101 Slater - BSA Replica SE corner of school on Elm St. 515 Elm St Slater MO 39.22338,-93.06469 School
SL102 Springfield - BSA Replica County Courthouse, in front of entrance 940 N Boonville Ave Springfield MO 37.21762,-93.29166 None
SL103 St. Joseph - BSA Replica Smith Park, Frederick Ave to Francis, 9th to 12th 1001 Francis St St. Joseph MO 39.76718,-94.84668 Park
SL104 Columbus - BSA Replica In the middle of Main Street, downtown - Busy roadway - Park in nearby parking lot Main St and 7th St N Columbus MS 33.49552,-88.42554 Other
SL290 Lamar Liberty 921 US-72 Lamar MS 34.945973,-89.383504 Private Property
SL105 Great Falls - BSA Replica Gibson Park, Park Drive & 2nd Avenue North Park Dr N and 2nd Ave N Great Falls MT 47.5075,-111.30625 Park
SL106 Lewistown - BSA Replica Prospect & Main Streets 408 NE Main St Lewistown MT 47.071,-109.41446 None
SL285 Polson MoA Liberty Statue of Liberty replica proudly standing above the entrance to the museum. Miracle of America Museum 36094 Memory Ln Polson MT 47.680174,-114.115891 Museum
SL325 Laurinburg - Liberty Statue of Liberty replica in front of the NG Armory.

Plaque reads:
In Honor of the Brave Troops in the National Guard and all other Branches of the Military Service who Protect and Uphold the Cause of Liberty

National Guard Armory 1520 S Main St Laurinburg NC 34.757235,-79.472799 None
SL265 Mt Airy - Yard Art - Liberty Statue of Liberty replica - Private Residence W Pine St - approx 5 miles west of town Mt Airy NC 36.503309,-80.691953 Private Property
SL107 Wilmington - BSA Replica City Hall, Front lawn, northeast corner of Third & Princess Streets - Note: Limited Parking 102 North 3rd St Wilmington NC 34.23688,-77.94595 None
SL108 Fargo - BSA Replica Main & 2nd Streets - This replica, installed in 2020, of the original statue replaces the one donated to the City of Fargo by the BSA in 1950. Status of the original is unknown as of this writing.

Designated parking lot, gps: 46.871326, -96.783094 (Dike East Park) is approx 300yds from this statue.

Main Ave and 2nd St N Fargo ND 46.87368,-96.78005 None
SL109 Alma - BSA Replica Courthouse Square 706 2nd St Alma NE 40.09953,-99.36276 None
SL264 Bayard -Yard Art - Liberty Fellow Tour of Honor rider, Abby Spaedt, Flag 59, invites riders to visit her Statue of Liberty yard art.

Don't pet the dogs if outside. Doberman bites.

541 2nd Ave Bayard NE 41.756404,-103.321681 Private Property
SL110 Beatrice - BSA Replica in front of Gage County Museum 101 N 2nd St Beatrice NE 40.2664,-96.75244 None
SL111 Chadron - War Memorial Park - BSA Replica BSA Liberty in War Memorial Park 9th and Shelton St Chadron NE 42.821944,-102.9975 Park
SL112 Columbus - BSA Replica Pawnee Park, 33rd Avenue, near swimming pool 560 33rd Ave Columbus NE 41.42126,-97.3697 Park
SL113 David City - BSA Replica David City Park near Kansas St and S 4th St S4th St and Kansas St David City NE 41.2454,-97.12909 Park
SL114 Falls City - BSA Replica Richardson County Courthouse Lawn (SW corner) Stone St and E 17th St Falls City NE 40.06195,-95.60269 None
SL115 Fremont - BSA Replica Masonic Park, 77 & Highway 30 161 US-30 BUS Fremont NE 41.45131,-96.49598 Park
SL116 Gering - BSA Replica U & 10th, by Wyo-Braska Museum of Natural History 10th St and U St Gering NE 41.83002,-103.66015 None
SL117 Grand Island - BSA Replica In Pier Park, had been relocated in the city Pier Pk Grand Island NE 40.91825,-98.33761 Park
SL118 Hastings - BSA Replica On 12th St, had been relocated in the city N Denver Ave Hastings NE 40.59755,-98.38812 None
SL119 Lincoln - BSA Replica located about 20 yards from NE4 3200 Veterans Memorial Drive Lincoln NE 40.796484,-96.673467 Other
SL267 Maskell - Liberty Maskell (NBSA) Main Street Maskell NE 42.6878579,-96.9826063 None
SL120 Norfolk - BSA Replica Central Park, 510 Pasewalk Avenue 510 Pasewalk Avenue Norfolk NE 42.026,-97.41453 Park
SL121 North Platte - BSA Replica E 100 3rd St, has the only torch that lights up E 100 3rd St North Platte NE 41.13569,-100.76328 None
SL315 Ponca Liberty Caution: Gravel driveway. Use care when parking. Entrance may be locked with cable barrier but statue is easily viewed from entrance. 59086 NE-12 Ponca NE 42.565120,-96.725297 Private Property
SL122 Scottsbluff - BSA Replica 10th & North 27th St, across from William Frank Park Broadway and E 27th St Scottsbluff NE 41.87333,-103.66237 Park
SL268 Butler PD Statue of Liberty Statue of Liberty replica located at the Butler Police Dept 10 High St Butler NJ 41.00159,-74.3393 None
SL269 Clarksboro - Liberty yard art on private property Platt's Farm Market 75 W Cohawkin Rd Clarksboro NJ 39.806148,-75.229782 Private Property
SL277 Hackettstown Liberty 2 Main St Hackettstown NJ 40.858482,-74.839326 Private Property
SL272 Vineland (Historical Society) - Liberty Statue of Liberty replica on Museum grounds 108 S Seventh St Vineland NJ 39.484799,-75.021352 None
SL273 Truth or Consequences - Liberty Statue of Liberty replica Dianne Hamilton Military Musuem - S Broadway St Truth or Consequences NM 33.12165,-107.26611 Park
SL274 Buffalo (Patriots and Hero's Park) - Liberty Statue of Liberty replica as part of memorial park Freeman and Transit Rd Buffalo NY 42.952837,-78.695868 Park
SL275 Derby (Veteran's Memorial) - Liberty Statue of Liberty - Centerpiece of Vet Memorial Erie Rd and Schuyler Dr Derby NY 42.702848,-78.977182 None
SL276 Hudson - Liberty Statue of Liberty on private property Columbia and Green St Hudson NY 42.246197,-73.771735 Private Property
SL123 Le Roy - BSA Replica Wolcott Street, Opposite Woodward Memorial Library 7 Wolcott St Le Roy NY 42.97639,-77.98779 None
SL332 Middletown Liberty - Cody's Corner Purple Heart Park Silver Lake - Scotchtown Rd & Mud Mills Rd Middletown NY 41.465417,-74.387556 Park
SL278 Statue of Liberty - NY Harbor Liberty Island Statue of Liberty - Photograph of this icon will be accepted from walkway next to the harbor in Liberty State Park - Suggested GPS: 40.691449, -74.054678 Liberty Island New York NY 40.689226,-74.044585 Park
SL124 Niagara Falls - BSA Replica Rainbow Bridge Plaza 413 Main St Niagara Falls NY 43.08854,-79.06344 None
SL125 Olean - BSA Replica War Vets Park - by the entrance to the swimming pool - Unable to confirm statue remains at this location at this time intersection of Front St. and East State St. Olean NY 42.07919,-78.42164 Park
SL126 Oneonta - BSA Replica Neawha Park 24 Bertus Lauren Dr Oneonta NY 42.45063,-75.05792 Park
SL279 Perry - Liberty Statue of Liberty - front yard of private residence 148 S Main St Perry NY 42.713487,-78.007642 Private Property
SL127 Schenectady - BSA Replica Liberty Park off State St., across from the Schenectady County Community College

Moved to Union St and Erie Blvd (42.816126, -73.941914), approx 1/2 mile, when the park was being renovated. Citizen group currently calling for statue to be returned to her home where originally installed.

Union St and Erie Blvd Schenectady NY 42.816126,-73.941914 Park
SL128 Utica - BSA Replica Median between Elm Street & Pleasant Street 2017 - OUT FOR REPAIRS Utica NY 43.08534,-75.24728 None
SL280 Allensburg - Liberty Statue of Liberty on private property - approx 1/4 miles east of 1st Stop Store US-50 - Approx 3060 US - 50 Allensburg OH 39.204987,-83.770669 Private Property
SL281 Chillicothe (Elks Lodge) - Liberty Statue of Liberty in front of the bldg 42 W 2nd St Chillicothe OH 39.334223,-82.983724 None
SL283 Coolville - Liberty Yard Art Approx 2 miles south of US-50 on Ohio-7 (South of Coolville OH 39.19158,-81.83359 Private Property
SL129 Ironton - BSA Replica 301 South 3rd St 301 South 3rd St Ironton OH 38.53605,-82.684 None
SL255 Lees Creek - New Vienna - Liberty Statue of Liberty on private property - On OH-729 between 64 & 12 1135 OH-729 Lees Creek - New Vienna OH 39.369261,-83.688936 Private Property
SL287 Mt Gilead - Yard Art - Liberty Yard art next to pond - private property US 42 and Ohio 115 Mount Gilead OH 40.5157,-82.83805 Private Property
SL208 Smithfield - Fort Friendship Liberty This liberty is part of the the Fort Friendship Veterans Memorial located in the Jefferson County Park - Be advised access road is hard parked. Use caution Friendship Park Rd. Smithfield OH 40.287366,-80.768840 Park
SL155 Camp Miakonda Liberty Just outside of the camp entrance - BSA Statue of Liberty Camp Miakonda near 5600 W Sylvania Ave Toledo OH 41.691408,-83.678339 Private Property
SL130 Blackwell - BSA Replica Memorial Swimming Pool, 1400 South Main Street 1400 South Main Street Blackwell OK 36.79071,-97.28281 None
SL131 Chickasha - BSA Replica Memorial Park in front of Shanoan Springs Residence 2500 S 12th St Chickasha OK 35.02479,-97.9475 Park
SL328 Clinton - Liberty 712 S 13th St Clinton OK 35.505655,-98.976225 Private Property
SL132 Cushing - BSA Replica City Park, 900 block of South Little Street - located on the island 805 E 5th St Cushing OK 35.97562,-96.764 Park
SL133 Edmond - BSA Replica North Boulevard & 2nd Street - Park in nearby parking lot - Statue is on median of very busy road. 200 S Blvd Edmond OK 35.65309,-97.4782 Park
SL134 Enid - BSA Replica Garfield County Courthouse, Grand & Broadway Streets - No longer in storage, this Liberty has been repaired and proudly sits on her pedestal in front of the Garfield County Courthouse. 114 W Broadway Ave Enid OK 36.39689,-97.87866 None
SL291 Enid - Liberty Statue of Liberty replica Woodring Airport - Veterans Garden Enid OK 36.38529,-97.78531 None
SL292 Lindsay - Liberty at the entrance toward the Lindsay Chamber of Commerce North Main and Cherokee St Lindsay OK 34.83707,-97.60275 None
SL135 Miami - BSA Replica Ottawa County Courthouse, Corner of A Street & Central S.E. - has been relocated to the entrance of the new building 102 East Central Ave Miami OK 36.874309,-94.875833 None
SL136 Muskogee - BSA Replica Spaulding Park - South side on pedestal in the pond Dorchester Ave and S G St Muskogee OK 35.74167,-95.35949 Park
SL263 War Memorial Park Liberty Located within the Muskogee War Memorial Park

Limited Hours
Friday & Saturday 10AM - 6PM
Sunday 1PM-6PM

Muskogee War Memorial Park 3500 Batfish Rd Muskogee OK 35.792674,-95.310428 Museum
SL137 Oklahoma City - BSA Replica Oklahoma County Courthouse, Near corner of Park & Hudson - facing Hudson Ave (west side) 249 N Hudson Ave Oklahoma City OK 35.46922,-97.51926 Park
SL327 Ponca City Liberty N Union St and N Osage St Ponca City OK 36.727780,-97.085509 Private Property
SL293 Shawnee - Veterans Park - Liberty Woodland Veterans Park - Statue of Liberty Replica corner of Highland and Broadway Shawnee OK 35.332532,-96.923175 Park
SL138 Tahlequah - BSA Replica Cherokee Nation Capitol, Corner of Keetoowah & Muskogee 101 Muskogee Ave Tahlequah OK 35.91248,-94.97116 None
SL139 Tulsa - BSA Replica Northwest corner of the Sidney Lanier grade school property, located on Harvard Avenue between 17th and 19th streets 1727 South Harvard Ave Tulsa OK 36.13676,-95.94019 School
SL140 Wewoka - BSA Replica County Courthouse, 100 block of Wewoka Avenue 110 S Wewoka Ave Wewoka OK 35.15813,-96.49122 None
SL141 Burns - BSA Replica Washington Park - street view not avail - SW Corner N Burch and E Adams Burns OR 43.588494,-119.05214 Park
SL142 Medford - BSA Replica Hawthorne Park, Near Almond & Main 413 W Main St Medford OR 42.32311,-122.87687 Park
SL143 Berwick - BSA Replica Located on the front lawn of the Jackson Mansion 344 N Market St Berwick PA 41.0574,-76.23555 None
SL144 Bloomsburg - BSA Replica Bloomsburg Memorial Elementary School, West 5th & South Market Streets 500 Market St Bloomsburg PA 40.9988,-76.4554 School
SL145 Ellwood City - BSA Replica Lincoln High School, 5th & Crescent Avenue 501 Cresent Ave Ellwood City PA 40.85724,-80.28687 School
SL297 Mt Gretna - Liberty Statue of Liberty - side yard of private residence PA-117 & 3rd Ave Mt Gretna PA 40.250512,-76.469087 Private Property
SL298 Kinzua Bridge Liberty Statue of Liberty replica in the Bridge Museum 296 Viaduct Road Mt Jewett PA 41.75953,-78.58702 Museum
SL146 New Castle - BSA Replica Owen Penfield Fox Park, Mill & Grove Streets 201 Grove St New Castle PA 40.99749,-80.34443 Park
SL299 Pleasant Hills Liberty Statue of Liberty replica in cemetery Jefferson Memorial Cemetery Pleasant Hills PA 40.32898,-79.97434 Cemetery
SL300 Shady Grove Liberty Statue of Liberty replica in front of private property 1518 Buchanan Trail E Shady Grove PA 39.780019,-77.679823 Private Property
SL324 Tionesta - Liberty The Lady Liberty statue is a short hike, approx 250 yards from the parking area near the Sherman Lighthouse, on the Peace Park walking trail. She was installed in June, 2020 Lighthouse Island 1 Highland Street Tionesta PA 41.487461,-79.457852 Private Property
SL147 York - BSA Replica Kiwanis Park, North Newberry Street & Parkway Boulevard, On island in lake 648 N Newberry St York PA 39.96851,-76.74114 Park
SL153 Columbia - BSA Replica - Realtors Park Original Boy Scouts of America plaque is no longer attached. Intersection of Barnwell, Blossom & Devine Streets Columbia SC 33.99758,-81.0212 None
SL301 Sioux Falls - Liberty Statue located in McKennan Park S 2nd St - Between E21st and E26th Sioux Falls SD 43.532062,-96.723072 Park
SL303 Memphis - Liberty Statue of Liberty replica Corner of Winchester Rd and Kirby Pkwy Memphis TN 35.04907,-89.84356 Private Property
SL304 Pall Mall - Alvin C York Park - Liberty Statue of Liberty replica across the street from the Alvin York home historic site 2700 N York Hwy Pall Mall TN 36.542166,-84.959371 None
SL305 Ridgley - Liberty Statue of Liberty by police station King St - behind City Hall Rigley TN 36.264835,-89.486791 None
SL306 Alto (South of Town) - Liberty Statue of Liberty - front yard of private residence 11659 US-69 S Alto TX 31.614306,-95.045064 Private Property
SL148 Austin - BSA Replica BSA Replica - W14th St Acess to Capitol area 11th St and North Congress Ave Austin TX 30.276038,-97.740647 None
SL149 Big Spring - BSA Replica City Hall, Southwest corner of Third & Nolan Streets 310 E 3rd St Big Spring TX 32.25358,-101.47357 None
SL150 Dallas - BSA Replica Fair Park, North side of Hall of State. The statue was relocated in 1978 and restored in 1991 3800 Parry Ave Dallas TX 32.78147,-96.76116 Fairgrounds
SL308 Diboll - Liberty Statue of Liberty replica - median between Park and N Temple Dr 377 US-59 Diboll TX 31.189085,-94.781697 Park
SL309 El Paso - Liberty Replica in 9-11 memorial setting 9500 Gateway N Blvd El Paso TX 31.883548,-106.439085 None
SL310 Groesbeck - Liberty yard art outside of town approx 4.5 SW of town on hwy 14 Groesbeck TX 31.490335,-96.560305 Private Property
SL311 Huntington Memorial - Liberty Statue of Liberty (9-11 Memorial) Main St between Magnolia and Cedar Huntington TX 31.282804,-94.574519 None
SL312 Livingston - Liberty 14507 US 190 Livingston TX 30.719535,-94.704251 Private Property
SL331 Navasota VFW Liberty Veterans of Foreign Wars - Post 4006 1575 W Washington Ave Navasota TX 30.379211,-96.107896 Private Property
SL151 Port Arthur - BSA Replica Stilwell Plaza - in front of Gates Library 317 Stilwell Blvd Port Arthur TX 29.87904,-93.92754 None
SL271 Veterans Memorial Park Liberty Statue of Liberty replica in Veterans park generally behind the Huey 7626 Gulfway Dr Port Arthur TX 29.953778,-93.878137 Park
SL247 Quicksburg - Liberty 397 Caverns Rd Quicksburg VA 38.714115,-78.666560 Museum
SL152 Richmond - BSA Replica Richmond National Battlefield (Chimborazo) Park, 32nd & East Broad St. 3215 E Broad St Richmond VA 37.52558,-77.41323 Park
SL314 Carrolls - Liberty Statue of Liberty replica Old Pacific Hwy and Vision Dr Carrolls WA 46.08654,-122.867884 Private Property
SL329 Everett-Mill Creek - Liberty 2003 132nd St SE Everett - Mill Creek WA 47.878463,-122.205677 Private Property
SL154 Seattle - BSA Replica Alki Point, 2700 Blk, Alki Ave S.W. 2726 Alki Ave SW Seattle WA 47.57938,-122.41063 None
SL318 Galloway Liberty Statue of Liberty replica Wisconsin 49 & County Rd C Franzen WI 44.713486,-89.264125 None
SL317 Freedom - Liberty Statue of Liberty replica in park like setting intersection of CR S & CR E Freedom WI 44.38645,-88.288866 Park
SL156 Madison - BSA Replica Warner Park, near the Corner of Northport & Sherman Avenue - on the westside just past the Warner Park Comunity Recreation Center 1625 Northport Dr Madison WI 43.130855,-89.370186 Park
SL319 Neenah - Liberty Statue of Liberty replica Corner of S Commercial and E Wisconsin Neenah WI 44.18625,-88.46159 None
SL209 Watertown Liberty Marine Corps League Aero Park 907 Boomer St Watertown WI 43.173996,-88.716987 Park
SL320 Wrightstown - Liberty Statue of Liberty replica with Liberty Bell (Catholic School) 400 block of Main Street Wrightstow WI 44.328946,-88.165316 School
SL157 Fairmont - VFW 629 - BSA Replica in front of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 629 802 Fairmont Ave Fairmont WV 39.475038,-80.151746 None
SL321 Lesage - Liberty replica on private property 6650 Ohio River Rd Lesage WV 38.490021,-82.301093 Private Property
SL158 Cheyenne - Relocated - BSA Replica Lions Park - North end of Parking lot - walking path Kennedy Rd and Martin Esquibel St Cheyenne WY 41.16057,-104.83196 Park
SL159 Rawlins - BSA Replica Former Court House Lawn on 5th St and W Spruce 521 West Cedar St Rawlins WY 41.79036,-107.24097 None
SL160 Torrington - BSA Replica County Courthouse, N.E. corner of 21st Avenue & East A Street 201 E 21st Ave Torrington WY 42.06521,-104.18272 None
SL322 Wheatland - Liberty WWII Memorial - Platte County Courthouse 800 9th St Wheatland WY 42.055509,-104.953018 None

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